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- kyle reese - 11-18-2017


Originally Posted by D.T. View Post

Castle sadly playing guitar on a mattress in an empty bedroom?

"You know, Frankie...we really are The Last of Us."

- avian - 11-18-2017

Halfway point. Pretty good so far, but still too long for its own good. There's no reason it should take three episodes to get to Frank and Microchip teaming up against the government when that's the premise of the show. And if the Wilson storyline is their take on Do Not Fall In New York City, then there's no reason it should need to be a lengthy subplot and not just a single episode, considering it worked perfectly well as twenty-two odd pages of comic book.

Speaking of, first thing on the cutting room floor should've been Wilson's MAGA mentor. I understand wanting to disavow Trump, but do it in one scene, do it with Frank killing some skinheads, don't drag it out with a more and more absurd straw man. "Not only is he a racist and a homophobe, but he lied about being in Vietnam! And he's a poor housekeeper!" God only knows what would happen if this were twenty-three episodes. We'd find out he listened to Nickelback and his favorite paintings were by Thomas Kinkade.

It all just seems a little condescending to me, like if Black Panther ended up having several scenes about the evils of drug dealing in the inner city. Yes, this is a right-leaning character with an appeal to military audiences, but does that have to be touched on so anviliciously?

- slim - 11-18-2017

A"Welcome back, Frank."

Come on-- props for ending the first ep on that line... Excellent start, I thought. I know, judging by the Marvel/Netflix record that I'm in for some slow stretches and pacing issues, but I found even the slower parts here worthwhile.

My problem is that my wife digs the Punisher so I gotta watch it with her on her schedule and can't just drunkenly binge the fuckin thing... So I guess I'll check back in with you assholes next week sometime.

- the nz natural - 11-18-2017

A[quote name="Slim" url="/community/t/155441/the-punisher-netflix/200#post_4407311"]"Welcome back, Frank."[/quote]

Not gonna lie - popped huge for that.
Just finished it and you all know the Marvel Netflix drill by now - 8 eps of story stretched thin across 13. Sags like a motherfucker in the middle and more or less comes together with some great moments on the home stretch (ep 11 was fist-pump city).
Individual mileage may vary as always, but will save conversation for when mo' folks are done.

- doc happenin - 11-18-2017

ALove all y’all. I do.

But good christ, don’t you guys have jobs? Or hobbies? Fucking hell, it came out yesterday!

- bluelouboyle - 11-18-2017

AWell NZ natural lives in Australia and it's after 10pm there. So he's had all Saturday. But yeah, that would be too punishing for me. Plus two kids...

- Shreds - 11-18-2017

I'm three episodes in and I'm not impressed.

Doesn't have any of the urgency of the Punisher scenes in Daredevil season 2. When do they get to the fireworks factory?

- MrSaxon - 11-18-2017



When I first started watching this show, I wasn't expecting there to be a subplot about The Punisher as a substitute father, and husband fixing things around the house for Microchip's family. I mean, I GET that a thirteen episode show needs to throw in more stuff than a comic book series but... still. Between watching Frank Castle chew through the criminal underworld with multiple weapons, and him fixing broken garbage disposals whilst having meet-cute conversations with a possible love interest.... I know what I used to pick up Punisher comic books for, and it was the former rather than the latter.

The gun heist at the end was pretty decent. More of that please, and less of the other stuff.

- MrSaxon - 11-18-2017


Originally Posted by Shreds View Post

Doesn't have any of the urgency of the Punisher scenes in Daredevil season 2.

I'm four episodes in and starting to feel the lack of momentum too.

- Evi - 11-18-2017

If you think that's bad, wait til episode five. I just finished it and there is literally not a single scene that doesn't feel like filler. The show started off so well but with the Frank stuff getting maybe 40% of the screen time per episode I can already feel my interest waning. If they need to have subplots they should be more like the weird shit with Jigsaw and his brother in Punisher: Warzone.

- moltisanti - 11-18-2017


Originally Posted by Evi View Post

If you think that's bad, wait til episode five. I just finished it and there is literally not a single scene that doesn't feel like filler.

Are you sure you don't mean six? Five had all the woodsy action. Six is, six is a grind.

- bigbrother - 11-18-2017

Just started episode seven and I could really use a Punisher massacre soon. We all figured the show wouldn't be Frank killing scum 24/7 but it's feeling like the Thomas Jane movie stretched out to television series length. The whole show should have been like the opening five minutes. Frank tracking down the remaining cartels, Dogs of Hell, and whoever the other group was for most of the series with Micro's help. Then uncover the boring conspiracy in the last three episodes when Frank thinks most of his work is done. It would be like a videogame with Frank killing a bunch of mini-bosses before wiping out the  end level corrupt government guys.

- moltisanti - 11-18-2017

I'll put seven in the good pile. The dinner scene between the colonial and his date had an Ennisish quality to it.

Even still I gotta get some fresh air for a while.

- atomtastic - 11-18-2017

Why can't they just make straight to streaming movies for these things? It would have to be cheaper to produce 2 hours instead of 16, right?

- andronicus - 11-18-2017

Finished it last night but waited to digest it a bit before commenting.


Had some good stuff and a few things I really enjoyed but way too much filler...pretty typical for Netflix Marvel, I guess.  Wasn't terrible but there were a few things that really, really, bothered me.  Episode 11, to be specific.

After spending so much time with the vets earlier in the series and showing that Anvil was hiring lost souls who were looking for a new place in society after mustering out.  I found the massacre at Micro's hideout of the Anvil mooks by Frank to be....poorly handled.  Was there some line of throw away dialogue that I missed that identified that team as a bunch of baddies like the one that DHS took down earlier.  All I could think of during that scene was the group that Lewis was with when Russo gave his recruitment speech.  Seemed really ham-fisted to me.

- d.t. - 11-18-2017

AFour episodes in. This is so fucking boring. I don't care about the lady cop. I don't care about Castle's group therapy friend. I don't need to see the same goddamned nightmare sequence 47 times when it was clear as day where it was going the first time.

ABC Studios is more than half the problem, I'll wager. They've got to stop approaching these shows like they're fucking Tuesday night network TV series that need to be stretched for 8 years or until ratings die.

- racj82 - 11-18-2017

AMan, I just cant ride with most of the complaining these shows and movies generate.

There is some good and some I can do without. None of it is bad. I'm not really bored. I'm not worried about the body count. There can only be so much of that before it becomes monotonous.

I actually enjoy Frank's various scenes with everyone. Him bickering with micro like a married couple, kinder moments with the family, etc. He has a shocking amount if charm when he actually likes someone.

I'm just enjoying the ride. Not all sublpots, characters, etc will be winners but there isn't much bad here for me to bitch about. Thank God I enjoy most of the side characters. There are many but I don't mind them. Of course I love all the Frank stuff the most.

- the nz natural - 11-18-2017

A[quote name="Doc Happenin" url="/community/t/155441/the-punisher-netflix/200#post_4407355"]Love all y’all. I do.

But good christ, don’t you guys have jobs? Or hobbies? Fucking hell, it came out yesterday![/quote]

I had my Saturday free for a change.

- moltisanti - 11-19-2017

Wrapped it up. Strong last three episodes. It's a shame that these Netflix programs are so in love with their season-long "arcs." The Punisher, more than any of them, would have benefited from a couple one-shot "Villain of the week" outings to break up the monotony of the middle entries. 

Frank dragging Russo's face across the glass was gloriously demented.

- MrSaxon - 11-19-2017

Yeah, I agree. The last three episodes feel like an actual Punisher show. The problem is that you have to wade through everything before it.

* I might have liked Billy Russo more if he hadn't been called Billy Russo. I also wish they'd been a bit more obvious about how much his looks meant to him. Still, the final showdown was pretty good and, as Molt says, I liked Frank pushing his face down that mirror. Typical of Netflix to give us Jigsaw and then not really give him to us at all.

* On the subject of Russo, he gives himself away to both Punisher and Madani in the stupidest way possible, simply because the show decides it's time for everyone to know he's a bad guy.

* What's up with that ending? Frank's war is over??? I kind of know how all those "Batman would never retire!" people felt at the end of TDKR now.

* Too many flashbacks to his wife. Yes, he loved her. WE GET IT.

* God, they're totally going to bring in the person who *actually* killed his his family, if this gets another season, aren't they? It's the only reason Billy isn't revealed as the person who pulled the trigger at the fairground. I hope this doesn't happen. I'm kind of sick of everything relating back to his family now. This is The Punisher, not Death Wish.

* I swear that Madani became a worse and worse character as the show progressed.

* I liked the Microchip / Punisher relationship here. Which is odd, because I don't like the comic version of Microchip. The whole Microchip family thing was awful, though.

Probably would watch another season thanks to the lead performance and those last three episodes but please either shorten the number of episodes, or get a story that doesn't need about eight episodes of filler.

- bradito - 11-19-2017

ATwo episodes in. Punisher and Karen hug.

- smugbug - 11-19-2017

Marvel and Netflix:  "We have ALL these subplots we've been dying to use. Oh, wait, we can put them ALL in The Punisher! That's EXACTLY what we'll do!"

*they celebrate amongst themselves*

Meanwhile they cast incredibly thin actors who I'm suppose to believe can survive massive amounts of bodily trauma and are suppose to be, I quote, "bad ass".

I'm going to listen to some Metallica and AC/DC now.

- atomtastic - 11-19-2017

Netflix's The Punisher?

- DerekM - 11-19-2017


Originally Posted by smugbug View Post

Meanwhile they cast incredibly thin actors who I'm suppose to believe can survive massive amounts of bodily trauma and are suppose to be, I quote, "bad ass".

You're right.  Jon Bernthal didn't even attempt to bulk up for the role.  He just signed up and said "Where do I shift my eyes like I'm coming down from a meth binge?"

- MrSaxon - 11-19-2017

I didn't have any particular problems with Bernthal's physique, but Ben Barnes didn't look like any soldier I've ever met (and, having lived on a military base as a child, I met quite a few). He looked like a slight wind could have blown him over.

- atomtastic - 11-19-2017

I would like it if season two opens up with a doctor peeling off Russo's bandages and saying "It's a medical miracle. Your face is completely healed and looked just like it did before."

- MrSaxon - 11-19-2017

You might want to spoiler-tag that, just for those who haven't yet finished the season. (And, yeah, I know people probably shouldn't visit threads for seasons they've not finished that get released in one chunk but still...)

- smugbug - 11-19-2017

Originally Posted by MrSaxon View Post

I didn't have any particular problems with Bernthal's physique, but Ben Barnes didn't look like any soldier I've ever met (and, having lived on a military base as a child, I met quite a few). He looked like a slight wind could have blown him over.

No problem with Bernthal. But yeah, Ben Barnes and that HS chick. C'mon.

- MrSaxon - 11-19-2017

It's also really odd to have the treatment of soldiers as a running theme throughout the show and nobody mentions Captain America (or that he's now been branded as a war criminal).

- bradito - 11-19-2017

AI'm still bummed that Karen doesn't work for The Daily Bugle. That's -- that's Marvel's New York Times. Come on, you guys.

- smugbug - 11-19-2017

The subplots that are both interesting and relevant of the Marvel U would be great, not these tracked on new additional subplots.   I am at a total loss as to why they went this direction.

- Felix - 11-19-2017

Haven't seen the series but did Karen mention Matt or what happened in New York?

- MrSaxon - 11-19-2017

Nope. Other than a brief reference to how Karen and Frank know one another, it's pretty much like the rest of MCU (including the Netflix shows) doesn't exist.

- slim - 11-19-2017

ANot even the Punisher's Marvel U titles (starting with the 1985 mini and on) intersected with superhero stuff all that much. I'm fine without a bunch of gratuitous references to "the Incident" and whatnot. It is nice to have Karen there as tie-in, which I think is enough.

I guess I'm going easy on comic properties this weekend, because I think this is very good four episodes in. There's been enough action to keep me on the hook and I'm just not finding the "slow" parts as slow as a lot of you are.

Liking hipster Micro way, way more than I expected to. The asshole oneupmanship between him and Frank is the kind of humor that goes perfectly with the Punisher.

Not minding the other subplots all that bad either. There's a fairly decent procedural thing going on, though it doesn't hurt that I think the DHS lady is cute as hell. And I like the treatment of veterans here-- the military stuff in this show is way more convicing than, say, the law stuff in DD. As side character stories, what we have here is so much more compelling than anything we got with Jessica Jones's idiot neighbors or Danny's idiot childhood friends, it's not even funny. And Luke's show threw away its best secondary character.

Time enough, I'm sure, for this whole thing to turn bad on me. But so far this feels very Punisher to me, even if it could use like 30% more punishing fools.

- smugbug - 11-19-2017

Crowd pleasing moment that had me cheer out loud. In E10.

Castle to Karen, who is being held by Lewis:  Karen, I bet you can name every item in that purse....

Karen: "nods" and places hand in purse

Karen shoots Lewis in the foot.

Me: pumps fist in air.

Thats a good moment.