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So Blofeld... - z-man - 01-24-2003

Are you a Kappa Sig?

- blofeld - 01-25-2003

AEKDB, my brother.

- blofeld - 01-25-2003

I did not want to post the super-secret response to that question when it is posed in the ritual ceremony... But if you want me to prove it, PM me the question...

- blofeld - 01-25-2003

But you'll have to respond in the proper manner, or else I'll KNOW you're not...

- z-man - 01-25-2003

No, no, I'm not. But I almost was. I was blackballed. Canyabelieveit?

- kronos - 01-25-2003

Frat boyZZZZ...

- blofeld - 01-25-2003

Stupid blackballing. In my 4-years in the frat house we only blackballed one guy ... for having punched 2 other brothers in the face (while he was a pledge.) The first time we had a long talk, and the blessings of the "victim" we urged him to get some help with his anger issues. The second time.... He was gone. That, I feel, was a justifiable blackballing.

- ctdelude - 01-25-2003

So this isn't a thread for that incredible question: boxers or briefs?