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Any Chewers in Oklahoma? - yt - 06-19-2002

Just curious if there are any Tulsa-based Chewers.

- clarence beaks - 06-19-2002

Finally had enough of Hollywood, huh?

- general logan - 06-19-2002

Kid Ego I think.

I grew up in Tulsa, and visit often.

- adam price-qatsi - 06-19-2002

whoa, i was under the assumption that i was the one and only. yeah man, i'm from OKC.

- yt - 06-20-2002

Not moving there, I'm going to be there on Saturday.

- kid ego - 06-26-2002

Damn...I just missed this thread totally.

Been here for a while...

- django - 06-27-2002

Hell and MMD come to Oklahoma this Friday actually...

- yt - 06-27-2002

Well, it was hot, but the barbecue was finger lickin' good!

- dave davis - 06-27-2002

did the wind come whippin' down the plain?

- momotaro - 07-10-2002


I'm in Tulsa as well.

- yt - 07-10-2002

I was there a couple of weeks ago. Too bad I didn't figure all this out sooner. Ah well...

Dave, yeah, and the wavin' wheat sure smelled sweet!

- wesley pipes - 07-10-2002

Spent my formative years growing up in OKC. Lived there from the time I was 1 until I was almost 20. Not a bad place to live, but a better place to visit.

- mz. d'kay1369 - 07-10-2002

i just moved from that hell hole (OKC) just under a year ago. i can tell you some great places to hang out.....