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Happy Birthday to the Girlcreeture's huge, hairy balls!! - johnny butane - 07-09-2002

And believe me, I would know!

- billjohnson - 07-09-2002

Happy birthday Creech!

- Nick Nunziata - 07-09-2002

Feast on bloodcake and rape the innocent, it's your day... BEAST.

Happy, for Christ!

- blofeld - 07-09-2002

Happy Birthday, Creetch.

- blunt - 07-09-2002

Happy Birthday to you, Creetch.

- clarence beaks - 07-09-2002

Happy happy, GC!

- adam warren - 07-09-2002

Happy Birthday.

- hellblazer - 07-09-2002

Happy B-day and many more, GC!

- gravedigger - 07-09-2002

Happy to you!

- Richard Dickson - 07-09-2002

<img src="" alt="" />
Both of us say happy birthday!

- girlcreeture - 07-09-2002


Poxy Von Sinister:
<img src="" alt="" />
Both of us say happy birthday!


Thanks all! I am home sick today which sucks, but it means I can play all day with yeeew

- billylove - 07-09-2002

Happy B-Day to your smelly, scraggly, bug infested, hair, gaingly, and downright disgusting ball sack.

- girlcreeture - 07-09-2002

You know, I'm never shaving those balls again if they get this sort of reaction all the time.

Also, this is what I got for my birthday, I am literally sending the payment for her NOW

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I am so lucky!

- kronos - 07-09-2002

Shave them with a dull blade.

Happy happy GC!

- rath/brendan - 07-09-2002

Have a happy birthday from your local Ohio sociopath. I hope to see you and your hairy balls at CHUDEast, whenever the fuck it happens.

- coyote - 07-09-2002

Happy Birthday to the other parts of you, GC.

Now, why is that doll signifigant?

- diva - 07-09-2002

Today, I'll tell some dead baby jokes in your honor. Happy B-Day, old maid!

- dj dylan - 07-09-2002

You have balls? Happy birthday creetch.

- dan whitehead - 07-09-2002

Hippo Birdy Two Ewes

- girlcreeture - 07-09-2002

Thanks babies! Keep the dead baby jokes a'flowing Diva!

And Coyote, there really isn't any signifigance to the doll aside from the fact that I've coveted the damn thing for far too long and never thought I could afford her (she's 'spensive).

- will - 07-09-2002

Creetch, 49,800 Yen for that is okay. Hech, you could collect that just bu having everybody on this site that has a "yen" for you to mail them in. Heh!

Now I am sure you will love what Johnny gets you, but this is what I'd give you for your birthday.

<img src="" alt="" />

- girlcreeture - 07-10-2002


- blofeld - 07-10-2002

You'd give her a smudge of smog drifting over a California hillside?

- will - 07-10-2002



I tried to tell you long ago, but you were blinded by the fast talking "Shady Johnnie." Let's see him buy you one! Hah!

Sorry, you will have to live on love and mutual respect and the fun of finding and buying a house and having little chewers. Wait, what am I saying???

- will - 07-10-2002


You'd give her a smudge of smog drifting over a California hillside?

No, I believe that is the new high milage LP Bently. Ah, no polution. Yeah! Its actualy beneficial to the enviroment, ah yeah. The more you drive it the cleaner the air gets. Only about $375,000- to $400,000 new, but easily worth it don't you think?

- voltes5 - 07-10-2002

<img src="" alt="" />

- raoul duke - 07-10-2002

I can't really top Voltes so I'll just wish you a Happy Birthday.

- girlcreeture - 07-10-2002

Voltes! Cool! You rock!

What the Hell is that furry thing?!

- voltes5 - 07-10-2002

I think it's a hamster that's really, really wasted; or it could be one of your partying hairy balls. wink I was actually searching for the dancing Blockbuster hamster with no such luck so I had to make do with that lil' dude. By the way, I hope you're feeling a lot better tonight, sweetie!

- greg hansen - 07-10-2002

In a perfect world... I don't know who would enjoy this more, you or Johnny.

<img src="" alt="" />

But, HAPPY HAPPY anyways!

- swykk - 07-10-2002

A very Happy Birthday to you, Creeture!

- frost - 07-10-2002

Happy berfday!

- charlie brigden - 07-10-2002

Happy Birthday, Creetch!!

- diva - 07-10-2002


Happy berfday!

I think you mean "barf-day." I happen to know the creetch has a penchant for tequila.

- girlcreeture - 07-10-2002

Actually, if you treat the Tequila right, it will treat YOU right.

And I mean treat that shit right by not poisoning it with other substances. Only time I ever yakked on Tequila was when I foolishly drank other things and smoked other things, I was punished accordingly.