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KrakenHeads: Day of the Devil - Nick Nunziata - 04-08-2007

- Richard Dickson - 04-08-2007

Now this one I like. The black and white look is particularly effective.

- iandonnell - 04-08-2007

This is great. Evocative art... it looks maddening, in a good way.

- xagarath ankor - 04-08-2007

Oh... wow.
I'm really taken with this, I must admit.

- jeremy jochman - 04-08-2007

Fucking awesome. About the only negative thing I could say is that some of the panel flow didn't make sense. In a way, it helps with the madness/confusion of the story (what little I've seen), but all-in-all I can't wait to read it!

Sorry, but I never noticed the link for Night Falls on Destiny before. Big fan and thanks much for the lengthy taste. Seriously, I'd buy all three of these books you're working on.

- steven lapcevic - 04-09-2007

Love the artwork throughout, but that final panel in particular is fantastic!

- Nick Nunziata - 04-09-2007

Steve, show them your version of the piano lady! I'm thinking that's a perfect pin-up for the back of the comic.

- steven lapcevic - 04-09-2007

- Nick Nunziata - 04-20-2007

Another comic sample goes up today. Hope you folks saw this one.

- Nick Nunziata - 08-13-2007

This one will now be in color.

- Nick Nunziata - 09-06-2007

Gotta share, because I love this page so much:

- horrid - 09-06-2007

Holy hell that's impressive.

- bubwilliams - 09-06-2007

That is pretty fucking awesome looking.

- subotai - 09-06-2007


- jason p. thompson - 09-06-2007

That's what happened to my family...

Good stuff!

- steven lapcevic - 09-06-2007

Looking awesome!

- Nick Nunziata - 09-10-2007

We're going with an E.C. Comics color style to counteract the mean and edgy tone of the thing. Example:

- alex riviello - 09-10-2007


- bubwilliams - 09-10-2007

Looks great.