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Pick up?
The creeture and I are flying out to L.A. on the 14th of August, and as it stands now we have no ride out of LAX.

So, here's the question; If there are any LA chewers out there that want to have first dibs at violating the creeture and I when we land, please drop me a line at We'll need a ride to Ryan's place in Studio City, and the plane lands at *gulp*..4:30pm.
Heh...good freakin' luck there Butane...

I may be down there that early, but I don't think so yet (State Farm Are Whores)...If so I'll let you know. Other than for that, why'nt you put this up in the LA EVENTS thread, too?
Alas I work till 5.

And yes good luck finding someone.

There always the taxicabs!

Um maybe.
Y'know - I might be able to do this. I'll check with Billy when I get back on the 10th.
Jason, if you could, you'd be the baddest of the bad asses. It'd be great to see your face as the first familiar one in L.A....and a little strange, as well.
Hey Johnny, I'm getting off work early that day, I could probably get there by 5 (allowing 2 hrs for traffic between Camp Pendleton and LAX). Let me know, man.
So, when are you guys coming to visit your fan base in Houston, HMMMM?
We have crash space. Hell, we have crash space for Austin and Dallas folk, too wink
Sanjuro, if you don't mind driving us to Studio City, that'd be great. I don't want to put anyone out, save for Ryan since we're staying with him, so...
Guess I should be watching hell freeze over?

Oh, wait, it's 88 degrees in August in Texas. That's close.

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