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West Side Story Pre-Release Discussion (Spielberg ... 2020?) sponsored by Overlord
(09-24-2020, 03:35 PM)mola ram Wrote: Really? I swear you can't even bring up Temple of Doom these days without someone saying it's racist. Maybe I've just been spending too much time on twitter.

my recollection of TEMPLE OF DOOM before.... THE INTERNET... was that it was generally seen as the too-outrageous and too-dark entry of the three movies

in my experience, that general take was mostly parroted on during the AICN days

I first saw glimpses of TEMPLE OF DOOM while visiting an old relative for some family gathering.  I think it was playing on TV.  And my reaction was "oh no!  scary and gross!!!"

And obviously I had seen the movie in full once I became more interested in movies.  And I generally enjoyed it while thinking all the conventionally accepted criticisms of the movie. Having grown up owning LAST CRUSADE on VHS, it was a long-time favorite by default.

It wasn't until I rewatched the movie on bluray with a friend on his huge projector about a decade ago that I just FULLY turned around to the delightfully unhinged and mean energy of the movie. I think Willie Scott is great!

I actually think within the general acceptance of the fact that the movie is super regressive in terms of its optics (given the genre that Spielberg and Lucas were inspired by), there has been a strong positive reappraisal toward the movie for a specific time in Spielberg's career. Problematic fave and all that.

(09-24-2020, 03:46 PM)fatherdude Wrote: To me the relative success of READY PLAYER ONE is impressive because it doesn't belong to a giant brand. 

the success of the book, along with its basic premise and geek dressings probably didn't hurt either

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