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BUDDY COP Draft (Character Version) - Sign Up and Discussion
OK, listen up.  We're doing another character draft, kinda like we did with the 'Heist Draft'.  You're going to be drafting the characters themselves, not the actors (with one exception, noted below).  For these characters, we're drawing from the following media:
- films (foreign and domestic)
- television (foreign and domestic)

Live action, cartoon, color or black & doesn't matter.  Everything is fair game.  The only real rule is that every character must come from a different source; you can't draft two (or more) characters from the same movie or television show.

Genre is up to you.  Making a straight action film?  Sounds good.  Making an existential treatise on law enforcement?  Go nuts.  Making a spoof?  Have at it.  It's all up to you.

You're going to be casting various specific parts.  Some are required, some are optional.  Either way, you're drafting 10 people.

Cop 1
Cop 2
The Boss of the Cops
Main Henchman

Cop 1's partner/spouse/love interest
Cop 2's partner/spouse/love interest
Cop 1's child
Cop 2's child
The Cop's Crazy Parent/Relative
The Cop Who's There to Die
The Cop Who's a Pain in the Ass
The Cop Who's There for Comic Relief
The FBI/CIA Contact
The Politician who wants results
The Snitch
Secondary Villain
Henchman #2
Henchman #3
The 'Villain' Who is Revealed to Be a Good Guy
The 'Good Guy' Who is Revealed to Be a Villain
The Big Name Cameo: this is where you can actually draft a currently living actor to cameo in any role for one scene.  Note that this actor CAN also be playing one of the characters in the film (required or optional).

During the sign up process, I'm fully willing to entertain suggestions for additional roles which can be drafted (required or optional).

When you're done, write up your story and pitch it to the rest of us.

Sign up below.  Let's target Monday, May 18th, as a start date.

List of participants (to be continuously updated)
1. Judas
2. Pither
3. Molt
4. Richard
5. Atom
6. HP
7. Hunter
8. Bailey
9. Ratty
10. Arjen
11. Dent
12. Boris
13. Hot Sandwich
14. Turing
15. Simbob
16. OneManMust
17. Boone
18. Fat Elvis

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