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After the conversation that we had on the Discord, I picked up the Qatis trilogy on bluray. Really excited to check that out.

Also I'm waiting for the next sale to finally pick up the Wong Kar Wai collection. This was an exact exchange i had with a B&N Employee.

Me: Are these all teh criterions you have.
Employee: *slightly disinterested* Yes, sir. Is there anything specific you want?
Me. Do you have the Wong Kar Wai set?
Employee: *eyes suddenly light up* Oh.... Well, follow me sir.
*we go to the back of the store*
Employee: *uses his key to open a security box* We don't keep this out there since it's more of our "high-valued" product
Me: Well...I am a classy bitch.
"God moves in mysterious ways," they said. Maybe he is on your side, the way it all worked out. Remembering other Christmases, wishing for something, something important, something special. And this is it, baby boy Frankie Bono. You're alone now. All alone. The scream is dead. There's no pain. You're home again, back in the cold, black silence

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