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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Post Release Discussion brought to you by Overlord
This is the point where I sneak back on the boards purely to thank Nooj and other who explained what was going on with the depth of field effects in this film. I literally thought I had mis-purchased a 3D film ticket for a while. I'd adjusted by the end.

Carry on.
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you're welcome!
As a confirmed 3D fan, I was initially confused as well. But the difference between glasses-on and glasses-off clarified it for me. It's a brilliant and original technique.
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I liked it as well. It took some getting used to but it ended up being very effective once you dialed in on it.

God I loved this movie.
This was a lot of fun, but for all the complaints over the years about superhero movies ending with an inchoerent fog of CGI pixels, the final Kingpin fight was the first time I've felt I was looking at literally just a swirl of CGI colors.
What about Speed Racer?
"I'd rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on Earth."--Steve McQueen
(01-28-2019, 12:57 PM)schwartz Wrote: This was a lot of fun, but for all the complaints over the years about superhero movies ending with an inchoerent fog of CGI pixels, the final Kingpin fight was the first time I've felt I was looking at literally just a swirl of CGI colors.


An off-note for an otherwise very fun film.  I have no idea why they went for that kaleidoscopic weirdness for the final fight instead of a more grounded approach that hearkened back to Kingpin offing Blonde Spidey.
Haven't seen Speed Racer.

The end fight is pretty much my only complaint about what is otherwise a really great movie. I had heard all about Gwen and Spiderham, but somehow I had missed that Nick Cage did the voice of noir Spiderman. That was a delightful surprise.
when the story culminates in the collapsing of the multiverses, I think an animated movie with such great design work jives well with a dynamic swirl-o-rama of colors

it's very active, but I kept track of it pretty easily

since it's not live-action, the compositions work in abstraction without me having to think of it as a fake CG swirl posing as real life
I had no issue with the psychedelic climax for that exact reason-- in fact, a lot of sequences in this just would not work if there were a live action component in all the CG animation. It really is a different animal when it comes to portraying this kind of action.

I also really dug the "print offset" effect to create depth. 3D movie technology has never worked on me, but this gave me a definite sense of something like it.

My son and I have been watching what clips are out there on the YouTubes, because he's preoccupied with the movie and we haven't had a chance to get back to the theater.

Thing I noticed in the scene where Peter and Miles escape from Ock's lab: Peter tosses away the bagel he took and it conks one of the hench-scientists on the head; and the little visual sound effect reads "BAGEL!". That's some funny shit.
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So this has been out on digital download for 2 days and I've already seen it 3 times.

Not only do I think this is the best Spider-Man movie. It's also in the running for Top 10, maybe Top 5, superhero movies ever for me.

Just an incredible and hilarious story filled with so much goddamn LOVE for Spider-Man. And not just a specific take on Spider-Man, or a specific arc or storyline or what have you. For Spider-Man as an IDEA. The whole "We are all Spider-Man" theme that's so prevalent could easily have come off as trite or insincere. But the film makers and writers really believe that and make it feel genuine because the idea of a regular person using what they have to bring some good in the world and always get back up when life knocks you down...that's it. That's what makes Spider-Man such a beloved character for multiple generations. And Spider-Verse realizes it in the most beautiful way.

Going in, based on previews and the bit of discussion I'd seen, I thought this would be much more of an ensemble piece with all the different Spideys but I'm very happy that that wasn't the case. This is very much Miles' story from beginning to end. With the other characters being there to help him on his journey and get him to where he needs to be. It adds a great twist to the traditional origin story while also gifting us with a lot of fun scenes. Miles himself is so damn endearing as a confused and awkward kid. Shameik Moore infuses his performance with a lot of earnestness and heart and he succeeds with flying colours in making Miles feel like the true hero of the story. The rest of the cast are no slouches either and I don't have a single bad thing to say about any of them.

Peter B. and Gwen get their own mini-arcs but both are always informed by Miles' actions and with Noir, Peni and Spider-Ham, they are just enough on-screen to provide some funny and cool weirdness to the proceedings while never wearing out their welcomes. In fact, they just leave you wanting more. Seriously, if I don't get a Spider-Noir movie with Nic Cage drinking Egg Cream, punching Nazis and going toe-to-toe with some real biscuit-boxers and hard-boiled turtle slappers I'm burning down everything. And on the villain side, Liev Schreiber and Kathryn Hahn are just as memorable as Kingpin and Doc Ock. I did NOT expect that Ock reveal AT ALL (Step 3: Re-examine my personal biases) which just made it 10 times better. She also just has a fantastic design with the air-powered tentacles and her dreadlock beehive hair resembling an Octopus' head. I really hope she survived that bus cause I want more of her!

The animation is where this movie REALLY earns the title of game changer. The way it just flows through different animation styles subtly on a dime all the while still being so consistently "comic book-y" is remarkable. So many goddamn shots in this just look like beautiful paintings. It feels stylish and fresh and new. There's just no way this movie would work as well as it does in live action as opposed to animated. It really should be the default for comic movies as it captures that feel better than live action EVER could. Pixar ain't got shit on this.

All these great elements come together in one of THE BEST sequences I've ever seen in the Leap of Faith. The culmination of Miles' arc in that scene is honestly on par with that team-up shot from the first Avengers movie. Cause we've been spending the last hour and a half building towards this moment and when it comes you can't help but get chills. I don't even like Hip-Hop that much but I've been playing 'What's Up Danger?" a ridiculous amount of times thanks solely to this.

All in all, this is pretty much a masterpiece and one of the few times the Oscars got it EXACTLY right this year. Between this, the PS4 game and Holland in Infinity War 2018 was a DAMN good year to be a Spidey fan.

And here's to many more to come.
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If the Oscars got it right, then this would have been nominated for best picture.
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I think I'll always have a soft spot for Raimi's Spider-Man 2, but DAMN this was great. Codename's not kidding about the animation; my brain is still reeling.
My favorite movie of 2018, easily.
I know just because a team gets one type of story right doesn’t mean it directly translates to others, but in an ideal world WB would skip further live-action debacles and get the same team to do a Superman movie. They have the chops to pull off the types of moments that encapsulate who he is without people wanting to resort to cynicism, like the jumper panel we always post.
I shouldn't have waited till Redbox to watch this. This movie would have looked stellar on the big screen. Its a fun movie with a big heart.

 Miles's arc is simple but it still worked. I was so happy for him when he was in full control of his spider powers for the climax.

  I was also happy when 40 something Peter showed up at MJ's door.

  Its my goal to work the phrase, "We don't pick the ballroom; we just dance," into a conversion. Cage went full Cage, and it was awesome!
  I would love to see the further adventures of all these Spider-People!

  The post credits scene was hysterical.
I've got good news and I've got bad news. The bad news is I've lost my way. The good news is I'm way ahead of schedule!
The blur/fuzz effect was really jarring for me. Was that supposed to enhance the 3D? Shame I don't watch 3D, I guess, because the rest of the visuals/aesthetic was dope.

So many good ideas in the movie. Maybe too many? I loved so many of the individual scenes but the overall effect of the film was sort of a long, frenetic flurry to me, even with all the scenes that slow down and breathe.

Thematically, really tried to expand the ideas behind the Spiderman mythos. I don't know if they got there but I give points for the effort.
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it was supposed to be the film’s version of depth of field

anything that would normally be out of focus was presented with certain degrees of ‘misaligned printing’

I don’t think anything in the film was ever made to look traditionally blurry or soft to indicate depth or motion blur
Who's watched the "alternate universe cut"? You can absolutely understand every change they made (the only one that made me hesitate was the scene between Jeff and Aaron which is very well-acted), but some of those ideas were just never going to work. The film just forgets about Ganke after he plays such a huge role in the first act, along with the "Tom Crews" Spider-Man film Miles watches to try to learn how to be Spidey. Spider-Gwen's initial introduction on the beach is just ridiculous, and ending the "What's Up Danger" scene the way it originally did (with Miles just plowing into a truck when he's swinging) would have been so deflating. Worth watching to get a sense of the development process, but down the line they absolutely made the right calls.

The Spider-Ham short is pretty hilarious, though.
The offset "focus" effect works on top of the 3D. It took me a minute to figure out what they were doing and that my theatre's presentation wasn't broken, but I liked it.
"I'd rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on Earth."--Steve McQueen
(04-12-2019, 11:03 AM)Nooj Wrote: it was supposed to be the film’s version of depth of field

anything that would normally be out of focus was presented with certain degrees of ‘misaligned printing’

oh, ok.

cool idea but I guess it just didn't work for me. it looked like a mistake or like they were cutting corners on the rendering of certain shots.

I had the same question Overlord had about the timing of Gwen Stacy's appearance. I dunno, I think we could have spent a little more time with her and some stuff would have made more sense (at the same time they could have fleshed her out a little more). but on the other hand maybe I should appreciate that the film didn't try to do an expositional deep-dive and was just like, "Yeah, she shows up before the collider incident, so what. And yeah she somehow quickly got a job at Octavia's lab (or is undercover). Deal with it."

the film definitely plays it fast and loose and I guess I prefer that to it getting bogged down in trying to explain everything into making sense when we're talking about a bonkers, multi-dimensional Spiderman movie. with a Spider-Pig.

I think the set-up with the Uncle Aaron stuff was there but definitely felt like we were missing a scene or two before the reveal. I don't know, the direction and ending of that storyline didn't feel fully earned or convincing for me.

But overall the characters were great in this. Morales is probably my favorite Spiderman but Jake Johnson's Spider-shlub and his sweatpants definitely played second fiddle with great aplomb. loved his reaction to "With great power...": "Don't say it. Don't you dare say it."

Extremely entertaining and inventive movie with some bold aesthetic and narrative decisions. Respect.
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