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The Dad Celebrity Thread
David Caruso.

Lengendary father of three kids.

Dadding style: No screens!
Father role model: Zeus (of course)
Go-to dad joke: Q: What's Forrest Gump's password? A: 1forrest1
Needs to work on: Told them the truth about Santa WAY too early. Shouted it at them as they came out of the womb.
"Hunger is the best spice, they say." 

You motherfucker! 

*puts on shades*

I got got..
EDIT: Dammit.
I might have been born yesterday sir, but I stayed up all night!
It's OK, Mangy. Let's recover (and learn) from your huge mistake.

Alex Trebek.

Quizzical father of three children.

Dadding style: Big-hearted, supportive, cool AF
Father role model: (tie) A.A. Milne and Gingas Khan
Go-to dad joke: A: The space bar. Q: What is an drunk astronaut's favorite part of a laptop?
Need(ed) to work on: Constanly questioned his decision-making. Plus, made his wife and kids guess at the questions he was asking himself by providing cryptic, tweet-like clues. Long car rides were torture because of this game, but also because he chain-ate Corn Nuts. RIP.
"Hunger is the best spice, they say." 
Mmmm, corn nuts.
Gamertag: Tweakee

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