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The Coronavirus Thread, brought to you by Randall Flagg
Keep us posted, Kimra!
Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorney and attorney to a handful of 1/6 proof-of-concept insurrectionists, who refused to get vaccinated, might now be on a ventilator.
If I could change to liquid, I'd fill the cracks and bend the rocks.
I'd recommend hiring another attorney.
Thoughts and Prayers.
Might be a good time to bring back that "libertarian" thread:

Quote:Although the COVID-19 Delta variant is potentially deadly all over the United States, the areas that are being hit especially hard tend to be Republican-leaning areas with low vaccination rates — areas like the one that New York Times reporter Alexander Stockton examines in a video that has been posted on YouTube.

The Ozarks, Stockton notes in the video, has some of the United States' lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates as well as what the reporter describes as "one of the worst COVID case rates in the country."

"I wanted to find out why residents here aren't getting vaccinated," Stockton explains.

The video shows Ozark residents expressing anti-vaxxer views as well as unvaccinated patients who have been hospitalized with COVID-19. One of them, 53-year-old Christopher Green, is "fighting for his life," Stockton notes. And Green is hardly unique in that regard.

"Like 90% of the patients in this packed hospital, he's unvaccinated," Stockton reports.

Asked why he refused to be vaccinated for COVID-19, Green — obviously struggling to breathe — told Stockton, "I'm more of a libertarian, and I don't like being told what I have to do." Green died 9 days after the interview, at age 53, the video explained.
Poster child for the last year and a half.

[Image: 240592062_10165469202765297_104227442100...e=614C8B08]
Just this guy, you know?
Fuck that. I told the nice lady with the needle to stick me in the left arm. Nobody to me to do anything but have a nice day.
(08-24-2021, 10:23 AM)ska oreo Wrote: oh please let him try to start shit with Disney.

Just want to see Trumpers try to last doing a boycott against Disney movies.

Abigail Disney on DeSantis:

Quote:I can promise you he will shut his hole. A lot of years and a lot of money has been poured into not-quite-ethically ensuring that the governors of that state toe the line. Mickey carries a surprisingly big (ahem) stick.
More vaccination centers have opened up so I managed to change my first-jab appointment from late September to Friday next week. I get the feeling we're all eventually going to catch this thing one day.
There are weapons in my hands, my hands are weapons.
Unsurprisingly, the conspiracy theories are running rampant in Mississippi.

Maybe there are Algonquin round tables down there, while everyone passes around ivermectin and muscle-bound Trump artwork:

Quote:Dr. Thomas Dobbs, the Public Health doctor for Mississippi took to Twitter Tuesday to correct the many conspiracy theories that are being spread about him and his family.

"I have received some threatening phone calls and want to clarify any confusion there may be with some conspiracy theories going around," Dobbs wrote.

One claim is that his son works with Dr. Anthony Fauci, which isn't true. The doctor's son is going to medical school and he and his wife live in Washington, D.C.

"Imaginative, no doubt. But all lies," Dobbs explained about the idea that his son works for Fauci.

Another theory was that his daughter-in-law was working for the World Bank Group, which somehow ties back to Chinese loans and accusations that the virus was some kind of biological weapon. The conspiracy theorists falsely claim that Dobbs and his family are getting kickbacks every time he recommends the vaccines, which they say he then uses to fund his daughter's education.
Gov. Abbott bans mandates on COVID-19 vaccines regardless of whether they have full FDA approval:

Quote:Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday announced an executive order banning COVID-19 vaccine mandates regardless of a vaccine’s approval status with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

He also said he was adding the issue to the agenda for the current special session of the Texas Legislature.

The order comes two days after the FDA granted full approval to the Pfizer vaccine. That raised questions about the fate of a previous Abbott order that prohibited vaccine mandates, but only for those under emergency authorization.
I thought independents would be doing a bit better:

Quote:Well, our most recent NBC News poll sheds some light on those question, with the survey finding that 69 percent of all adults say they’ve already been vaccinated, versus 13 percent saying they won’t get vaccinated under any circumstance.

And here are the American adults who say they’ve already been vaccinated — broken down by demographic group:

All adults: 69 percent
Men: 67 percent
Women: 71 percent
18-34: 63 percent
35-49: 58 percent
50-64: 71 percent
65+: 86 percent
Whites: 66 percent
Blacks: 76 percent
Latinos: 71 percent
Urban residents: 79 percent
Suburban residents: 67 percent
Rural residents: 52 percent
White evangelicals: 59 percent
Democrats: 88 percent
Independents: 60 percent
Republicans: 55 percent
Republicans who support Trump more than party: 46 percent
Republicans who support party more than Trump: 62 percent
Democratic Sanders-Warren voters: 88 percent
Democratic Biden voters: 87 percent
Biden voters in 2020 general election: 91 percent
Trump voters in 2020 general election: 50 percent
White non-college grads: 60 percent
White college grads: 80 percent
Fuzzy... that post above about Ivermectin with Megan and Zimra.

That can't be real... what theee fuck.
In a shocking twist literally everyone saw coming, it turns out the Sturgis Motorcycle and Chlamydia Rally was a COVID superspreader event for the second year in a row...
I'm still thinking about how all those people just assumed they must have had worms to begin with and its not like their intestinal lining being shredded and expelled because they are ingesting large quantities of horse medicine. Ockham's razor, baby!

(08-26-2021, 10:33 AM)sean blackwell Wrote: In a shocking twist literally everyone saw coming, it turns out the Sturgis Motorcycle and Chlamydia Rally was a COVID superspreader event for the second year in a row...

These big bois are going to end up birthing a variant even worse than delta.
(08-26-2021, 10:37 AM)fuzzy dunlop Wrote: These big bois are going to end up birthing a variant even worse than delta.

The COVerpes Era is not going to be remembered fondly in the history books...
Considering just how infectious Delta already is, it might be very difficult for any new variants to gain in competition over it.
If I could change to liquid, I'd fill the cracks and bend the rocks.
If the new variant is taking its Silver Solution and eating from the Patriot Pantry, it'll find a way to dominate that cuck Delta...
F.D.A. Withdraws Approval from “Whatever Drug Rand Paul Is On”

Big Grin
I used to be with "it", but then they changed what "it" was. Now, what I'm with isn't "it", and what's "it" seems weird and scary to me.   -Grandpa Simpson
Quote:Spectators will not be required to wear masks or show proof of their vaccination status to attend matches at the US Open when the tennis tournament returns at full capacity next week, one year after all fans were banned from the event because of the coronavirus pandemic.

How the ever-loving fuck is this being allowed in NYC? Especially as Delta is raging? New York is going to be the next Sturgis? I can't believe this shit. So furious.
I don't know what's worse, bikers or tennis fans. It's like two different subcultures of assholes.
Not to be outdone, the University of Georgia will not require masks, vaccinations, pants, or intelligence for fans during home football games.

(08-26-2021, 10:33 AM)sean blackwell Wrote: In a shocking twist literally everyone saw coming, it turns out the Sturgis Motorcycle and Chlamydia Rally was a COVID superspreader event for the second year in a row...

So Lollapalooza enforced vaccination or negative testing and basically got away with minimal spread, and Sturgis is...not that.
Losing your job and license to... own the libs?  And make a couple hundred bucks?

Quote:Dr. Brian Warden was just removed from his position at Capital Regional Medical Center in Tallahassee, FL for selling medical mask “opt-out” letters on social media for $50. This is one of his posts.

[Image: E9rYmNlXEAAbkH-?format=jpg&name=900x900]
Maybe put this guy in jail? I dunno.
Great question, but no answer:

Quote:Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's COVID-19 expert Jay Bhattacharya was asked in a trial about school mask mandates, "What would be an acceptable death rate for children?"

The question came from Charles Gallagher, a lawyer representing parents from 12 Florida school districts. The parents are suing DeSantis over his June 30 order banning mask mandates in schools.

The parents argue that DeSantis's ban violated the state constitution, which guarantees a "safe" public school system supervised by school boards, and not the governor. DeSantis' order potentially endangers the lives of their kids and family members as well, the parents said.

The Republican governor and his lawyers have said that he has the authority to issue his ban under the Parents' Bill of Rights. Passed last spring, the state law gives parents the right to make medical decisions for their kids.

During the trial, Gallagher told Bhattacharya about the recent uptick of COVID-19 cases in the state and the recent coronavirus-related deaths of 11 children under the age of 16, Florida Phoenix reported. Bhattacharya said he hadn't heard of the children's deaths.

"What would be an acceptable death rate for children?" Gallagher asked Bhattacharya.

Bhattacharya responded, "I reject the premise of the question. The question is not what's an acceptable death rate. The question is: What are the trade-offs?"
Starting to sell out in Oklahoma!  Video at the link:

Quote:Despite the U.S. Food and Drug Administration telling people not to take the deworming medication Ivermectin, stores in Oklahoma are having trouble keeping it in stock. Some have even posted signs warning not to eat the medication. KFOR’s Brya Barry reports.
They should make a Kool-Aid flavor just for the lulz.
The unvaccinated are making it harder for cancer patients to get proper treatment:

Quote:Dr. Nitesh Paryani, a third-generation radiation oncologist in Tampa, Florida, recently was forced to make a decision that he says he and his family have never had to make in 60 years of treating patients.

A nearby hospital was working to transfer a cancer patient to a location that had adequate treatment options. Paryani said he regularly accepts such patients, but for the first time, could not do so due to the number of those sick from Covid-19.

"We just didn't have a bed. There was simply no room in the hospital to treat the patient," he told CNN's Chris Cuomo in an interview Wednesday.

The latest Covid-19 surge, due largely to the more transmissible Delta variant, is pushing emergency rooms to the brink. Some states are reporting an overflow of ICU patients as well as staff shortages due to burnout and illness.
Depressing rabbit hole thread, detailing how ivermectin has gotten so out of hand so fast:

Basically, credible doctors are refusing to prescribe ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, but demand is so high that SpeakWithAnMD has decided that money can be made. They are charging $90 per virtual consult and then a separate fee to cover the drugs and shipping.

SpeakWithAnMD is a partner of America's Frontline Doctors, the same group that gave us the demon sperm lady whom Trump described as "very impressive". Also the founder, Simone Gold, has been indicted for participating in the Jan 6th insurrection.
(Twitches again with uncontrollable rage at the mention of the Demon Sperm doctor)
It's always about money. And the justification is likely "but there's a demand for it!!!" Never mind these cretin's created this demand themselves.

If you're dumb enough to injest horse shit, then you deserve to have your money taken from you.
"God moves in mysterious ways," they said. Maybe he is on your side, the way it all worked out. Remembering other Christmases, wishing for something, something important, something special. And this is it, baby boy Frankie Bono. You're alone now. All alone. The scream is dead. There's no pain. You're home again, back in the cold, black silence
[Darwin facepalm]

Good news...?
Florida judge rules against DeSantis in school mask fight

I added the "?" due to the fact that this decision plays right into the deeply embedded republican persecution complex.

"See...them libruls are against yur freedoms..." or some such bullshit like that. This makes these ignorant morans dig in deeper.

Darwinian evolution might be the only way forward for the human race.


Hail Zorp!

Quote:Kenneth Copeland, Who Said COVID Was “Destroyed” a Year Ago, Is Saying It Again

Back in March of 2020, Christian scamvangelist Kenneth Copeland insisted that COVID was “finished.”
He even spit on it and said the
I used to be with "it", but then they changed what "it" was. Now, what I'm with isn't "it", and what's "it" seems weird and scary to me.   -Grandpa Simpson
In more positive (?) news I got my second shot today! It was Moderna, the first was AstraZeneca.

Now I have to wait two weeks and then I'm hitting the trails outside and getting back into shape, baby!
Originally Posted by ImmortanNick 

Saw Batman v Superman.
Now I know what it's like to see Nickelback in concert.

That's my review.
Oh, good, Dr. Dum-Dum has chimed in:

Quote:"Hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, a Z-Pak ... a steroid nebulizer" -- Rep. Louie Gohmert is giving a speech at the Texas Youth Summit in which he's giving terrible Covid-related medical advice to huge cheers

Video at the link.

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