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The most ridiculous moment of FAMILY MATTERS

I once spent an entire night at my sister's house watching Christmas episodes of sitcoms. I think there was a Perfect Strangers, there was a Night Court, the Full House where Mickey Rooney traps Joey and (I think) Stephanie in his toy store, and SEVERAL Family Matters ones.

The Freddy Teddy one that ends with Santa Claus delivering the elusive toy.

The one where Carl/Urkel trying to be a Christmas roof display and falling through the house.

Urkel getting Carl and himself lost in the woods on Christmas Eve.

The one that's basically structured like Dazed and Confused during a Christmas shopping trip.

Aka none of the meaningful ones.

A friend and I once watched a Perfect Strangers set in a haunted house that was so bad that we shut it off.

By the way, Full HouseFamily Matters, and Perfect Strangers are now on Hulu in full. Thinking of getting a subscription for that.

Apparently, a pitch to revive FAMILY MATTERS as an animated series was rejected by the producers.  It is probably just as well.  Like THE SHIELD, the show stuck the landing so adroitly with that two-part finale set in outer space, and they would have had everything to lose in trying to improve on perfection.
I always sit and stare off into space for a bit when I remember there was an episode where Carl and Urkel get shrunk. I'm not gonna re-read the thread to find out but....that has to have been mentioned.

Also there's an episode where there's a set that was used in Batman & Robin. I don't know which came first but....really, Batman & Robin? You're a MOVIE....get it together!

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