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The Sandlot
For my money, not only is it one of the best baseball movies ever made, it's also probably the best all-kids cast ever assembled. There's just so much to love with this. "You're killing me, Smalls!" is still one of my most oft quoted lines from a movie. I loved watching this with my dad as it would usually result in some sort of story from his childhood, which apparently pretty similar to how things are portrayed here.
I think your love for the movie is colored by the fact that it led to a great bonding experience with your pops.

I see it as A Christmas Story goes baseball - same sorta vibe, and I think the script tries a bit too hard sometimes (let's put it this way - if eating chewing tobacco and throwing up on the Tilt-a-Whirl was "the stupidest thing I'd ever done" I'd be pretty fuckin' happy), but overall it's pretty good - it does have the same good sense that ACS does as far as managing to simultaneously reinforce and puncture the mythology of childhood.
Yeah, I still use "You're killing me, Smalls" on a pretty regular basis. It sometimes veers into the outlandish (the whole chase at the end) but as a baseball fan, I can't think of another movie that could be used to get kids into the sport. Forget statistics and steroids, baseball is supposed to be fun, and for that alone I still love this film.

Is it me or is the suggestion near the end that Denis Leary may have beat his son upon hearing he lost the Babe ball?
Fun movie. I used to watch it a lot as a kid.

Originally Posted by KABONG
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Is it me or is the suggestion near the end that Denis Leary may have beat his son upon hearing he lost the Babe ball?

Yeah, that's why they keep so much frozen meat in the freezer. "Accidents" happen.
I remember seeing this with my dad and being wigged out by the massive Jurassic Park display in the theater lobby. I then spent the rest of the time asking him what Jurassic Park was about.
Still love it. My friends and my brother all quote it to some degree. Was anyone brave enough to see the DTV sequel?
Aren't there two sequels already? I don't expect lightning to strike twice, but I have a very cinematically challenged friend who said the first sequel was alright. I'm not going to chance it.
I heard someone tell me the first sequel was pretty much a remake of the first Sandlot but with girls.

The second sequel has Benny and Squints in it, but only the actor who played Squints returns from the original. I heard it was better than the other sequel.
Non-sequitur that's actually related:

A friend and I were recently having a discussion about RADIO FLYER (which inspired my recent thread), about how tonally inconsistent it is, etc., and while trying to explain my feelings about it I made the analogy that it would be as if, halfway during THE SANDLOT, the dog had brutally attacked and killed one of the kids a la Quint in JAWS. You know, like the beast is behind the fence but you still can't see his head, you can just see that little punk Yeah Yeah being flung around as he's screaming and trying to jab out the beast's eyes, until eventually his lifeless, bloodied body is dragged out of sight.

So yeah, anyway, I don't have much of a connection to this movie but it's pretty good.
That is so fucking true!

About Radio Flyer's inconsistency
Watching this recently, I realized you could make a drinking game out of The Sandlot. Take a shot every time one of the Sandlot kids scream directly into the camera.

I think alcohol poisoning would happen within thirty minutes of the movie.
"The Great Bambino!"
"The Sultan of Swat!"
"The Colossus of Clout!"
"The Colossus of Clout!"

My brother, who incidentally is now a sports writer, used to eat these types of movies up as a youngster. He has such a reverence for The Sandlot that he won't even acknowledge that two sequels have been made.

I have to say, though, that his reverence is not unfounded. There are a couple pretty nice bit parts and little moments in there that are priceless. From Art Lafleur as Babe Ruth, to James Earl Jones as Mr. Mertle. Even Denis Leary gazing in childlike wonderment at The Murderer's Row Ball that Scotty gets him, it's all classic stuff.

The kids' ever-increasing series of attempts to get the ball over the fence remains priceless to me


Some how I missed this growing up. I saw every horrible baseball movie the 90s threw at me, from Angels in the Outfield to Rookie of the Year, except for this. A lot of my friend's revere this movie though, so I finally watched it a few years ago and really liked it. I wish had seen it as a kid so I could watch it with that same nostalgia they have, but its not a bad movie on its own.

My girlfriend's a big fan of "You're killin' me, Smalls!", which bugs the hell outta me, cause prior to see the movie I had no idea what that was from.

Its funny the whole Radio Flyer thing being mentioned because when I see a movie about kids in this time period, I automatically expect something horrible to happen to them à la Stand By Me, It, The Man Without a Face, Frailty, Mystic River...


I got all nostalgic for this CLASSIC today and checked the RT expecting to find about 97 percent.


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