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The semi-official Radiohead thread...
I saw them on Friday. The set list was perfect. They started with Creep and closed with Paranoid Android. It was a perfect show with an amazing performance from all of them.

Originally Posted by Chris Miller
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I found it particularly fascinating to watch Phil Selway grow from solid being a solid rock drummer to a quite incredible percussionist. Also, how the FUCK does Jonny Greenwood get those sounds out of his guitar??? There's a bizarre moment where he pulls his high E completely off the neck of the guitar, hits what I'm assuming is a digitech Whammy pedal, and makes this bizarre and incredibly awesome laser noise.

Great observation about Phil Selway. He was the biggest revelation to me on In Rainbows -- his playing on that album is absolutely tremendous across a wide range of textures. He's a huge part of why "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi" is a standout track (for me), and he also makes "Reckoner."

For those without On Demand, I highly recommend "Radiohead - In Rainbows - From the Basement." It's only a handful of songs, but it's the best video I've seen yet in terms of just watching them play as opposed to perform. It aired on Music HD last year in the states, but you can also view it significantly de-HD'd from VH1's site.

Plus, it has "Where I End and You Begin" (a fave from HttT) and plenty of the usual Thom & Jonny madness/brilliance.
"Pull/Pulk Revolving Doors" is such a great off the rails song. I can never get tired of listening to it on my headphones. Ever.

My favorite Radiohead songs just for the sake of it and in no particular order:

1. Planet Telex
2. Pull/Pulk Revolving Doors
3. Idioteque
4. Karma Police
5. Backsliding
6. Go To Sleep
7. Everything In It's Right Place
8. The Trickster
9. Airbag
10. The Tourist

Bonus: "Videotape"
Fuck it, I'll go with today's rankings:

1. Videotape
2. There, There
3. I Might Be Wrong
4. All I Need
5. Let Down
6. The National Anthem
7. Reckoner
8. Fake Plastic Trees
9. Electioneering
10. 15 Step

I appear to rank In Rainbows higher than anyone else in their catalogue.
Hah, what fun.

1. Idioteque
2. No Surprises
3. Paranoid Android
4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
5. Fake Plastic Trees
6. 15 Step
7. Banana Co.
8. Creep
9. Talk Show Host
10. Karma Police

God, this is most meaningless ranking I've ever done. These could be arranged in any order, with another twenty or so songs in equal contention. Well, I really like those ten.

Originally Posted by Matt M
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No "Pyramid Song"? Baffling.

I know, that one slipped my mind for some reason, it's a fantastic song.
listening here


That's just a beautiful track.
That must be the music you hear upon entering the gates of heaven.
New track! FREE.
More mumblings about their release...

Originally Posted by Feral Akodon
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Thanks for the heads-up, downloading now. Here is a more direct link straight to Radiohead's store.
Jesus, Harry Patch is killing me.
Thanks for the link to the news songs it will be interesting to see how Radiohead continues to get their music out. while I admire how they initially released 'In Rainbows' with a pay-what-you-want system, I don't think there are too many other bands that could pull it off.

Favorite 10 Radiohead songs (in no particular order):
There There
All I need
The Bends
Talk Show Host
Jigsaw Falling into Place
Planet Telex
Everything in its right place

I also enjoy House of Cards, if only for the line "I don't want to be your friend/I just want to be your lover" (it's the closest thing to a joke I've ever heard in a Radiohead song). I'm a huge fan of In Rainbows, as well as HttT and The Bends, but Kid A leaves me kind of cold.
Harry Patch might be one of the most devastatingly beautiful songs I've heard in recent memory. Just a gorgeous piece of work.
LIVE these are my twisted words
Did you all see this article in the New York Times today about how they're going to start just doing more singles. A really interesting read.
Harry Patch... Damn.

I might go to this if I can get tickets before it sells out in 20 seconds.

Computers are set. Already logged in. Armor on. Come on you, ticketbots and stubbots, bring it the fuck on.

Fucking ticket sites.

Anyways! Between 10 am and 10:01 am, tickets go on sale for certain venues! whoooo!


Good luck!


Well, that didn't work. Guess I'll mortgage the house if I really want to go.

UPDATE: did not mortgage house, but unfortunately paid into the corrupt system. Hurm.


That sucks.  I know I read that they were limiting sales to 2 per transaction to try to fight off scalpers.  But I guess there really is no fighting off scalpers.


Ha, I spent a painful morning failing to get tickets to one of their small venue London shows. I live within walking distance! Alas...


Glad I saw them at a small venue (The Metro) before they became so iconic.

I was at this show(my first Radiohead show), and from what I remember it barely sold out.  Electioneering is played, pre-OK Computer.  It was an amazing show:

This was filmed by JBTV which is a Chicago public access show which is known for showcasing up-and-coming acts playing the Chicago area.  Last I checked they are still going strong.  JBTV, not Radiohead

Disappointed they are rumored to be playing Lollapalooza Chicago this year.  That festival, which they played a few years ago, used to be the shit.  Now it is just shit.


Saw them on Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden. Realized I my knowledge of Radiohead's catalogue is not as deep as is perhaps required for attendance. However, totally great time. Wonderful show. Did get to see them play Let Down for the first time in a while, and will admit to damn near tearing up when No Surprises kicked in.

Yes, am bummed I missed out on the Creep finale for Wednesday night's show, but damn, it was great to knock them off the bucket list.

Sidenote: what is the point of purchasing a seat if you are literally never going to sit down?


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