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AThat made me think of something ridiculously disgusting that I encountered at one of those wacky burger places the last time I was in Dallas a couple months ago. Cheeto flavored ketchup. I can't remember if it was for dipping French fries in or if it just came on a burger but.....what deranged fiend would create such an abomination?
ADMT is the only thing I want to try. It's on my "things to do in retirement" list.

Originally Posted by Analog Olmos View Post

DMT is the only thing I want to try. It's on my "things to do in retirement" list.

First psychadelic I ever did.

Shit is WILD.

AI'd really like to try that as well. I'm not a saint...or a perfectly responsible person. I've got things I'll try and have tried and things I won't. But it has to be under the right circumstances. Not driving. Not even leaving. And certainly not around anyone impressionable or if I've got any responsibility of any kind. I don't dig weed. I've smoked weed maybe a half dozen times ever. It doesn't do anything but make me extraordinarily tired. I've bumped a line of coke before. More than once.'s overrated. I was prescribed adderall for several years and honestly....I'd take that any day. I've been curious to try acid or shrooms. But I've got a pretty vivid imagination so I'd need to be in a super serene atmosphere if I ever went there. Fuck meth. I have no desire to breathe that fucking trash in. Also fuck heroin. That stuff scares me more than anything. I know myself. I know my addictive personality. I know I'd like it too much. So fuck that shit..

If you've had Adderall, you've basically had clinical meth. I can still hardly believe they prescribe it to people - it's so damn habit forming. It's killed a friend of mine and ruined a few others.

AOh I know. Damn....I'm sorry man. Yeah, I can see how addictive it is. The thought of smoking that shit grosses me out..

I tried addys once, and it alarmed me the same way heroin did: It's too perfect (at first).  All those reasons I had (and have) to self medicate, this stuff worked for. In spades. For this one day that I'm on it I'm finally focused, confident, pain free, not anxious about stupid shit, productive, energetic, engaged and possibly even charming to the right people

So ......  you see the perfect drug then and there. Your fix-all.

I've been through enough shit on the self medication front to know that this effect doesn't last long. It never does. And it leaves behind a whole new set of horrifying problems that may or may not result in fatality.  Fuck. That. Shit.

These days I stick to weed and kava root, and I should probably kick the latter. More or less harmless, but fucks with my appetite more than I care to admit.

-"You're not going insane - you're going sane in a crazy world!"
-The Tick


olid; border-width:1px; overflow:hidden">Originally Posted by devincf View Post

The best drugs that I would recommend to all:

ephedrine (yellow jackets)

I don't recommend:
weed (it's boring)

Originally Posted by Overlord View Post

BRB, gotta go shopping.

I wonder if Devin's documented behavior had something to do with his apparently vast intake of drugs?

Naw, drugs only damage weak people (words actually said to me by a waitress in a bar once).

AI’ve ever only seen the “weed is boring” line parroted by sexual deviants.

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