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Do you have an academic background in Civil Liberties?
If so, I have an interesting question for you!

I am covering a national pilot program in Dallas, and I really need an informed opinion as to a particular facet of the program. The context is a bit complicated, but it involves the ethical ramifications of a public university working closely with law enforcement officials - questions of maintaining objectivity, especially in relation to an intelligence program.

If you think you might be able to offer something, please contact me directly via email ( I can only promise, in return, an interesting conversation.
Is the university in question Stanford? And is the LE agency the CIA?
No, it's the University of North Texas, the Dallas Police Department, and a Homeland Security intelligence program.

Although Stanford and the CIA sounds interesting. What's that about?
The TV show "Chuck". Lame joke by me! Good luck with your study, though.
Damn my atrophied pop culture knowledge. I watched a couple episodes of that spy show with Christian Slater. I don't even think that is still on. Breaking Bad is good! I've watched that one a couple times; I don't have a DVR, so it seems like the only thing I get to watch is the Daily Show (10pm works for me).

I am just killing time with this tangent, trying to avoid the heavy lifting.

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