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The Republican Party Going Forward v 2.0
If you say so:

Quote:Madison Cawthorn says that the British would not have surrendered at Yorktown if George Washington was wearing a mask.

Video at the link.
It's true - Englishmen have an innate contempt for mask-wearers. I think there's a verse about it in "God Save the Queen."
Don't tell Maddie about Washington's teeth.

Or his super manly powdered wig.
Stick around for the Bozell tweet:

Quote:U.S. House candidate Anthony Bouchard had a relationship with and impregnated a 14-year-old girl when he was 18, he told the Star-Tribune late Thursday, hours after he disclosed the relationship in a Facebook Live video to his supporters.

Bouchard, who did not specify the girl’s age in the video, said he went public with the information to get ahead of the story after learning that people were investigating it in opposition to his candidacy. A Wyoming state senator since 2017, Bouchard has risen in prominence since announcing he would challenge Rep. Liz Cheney following her vote to impeach then-President Donald Trump.

“So, bottom line, it’s a story when I was young, two teenagers, girl gets pregnant,” he said in the Facebook Live video. “You’ve heard those stories before. She was a little younger than me, so it’s like the Romeo and Juliet story.”

Bouchard told the Star-Tribune he married the girl when she was 15 and he was 19. At the time, they were both living in Florida.

The two were legally able to get married at the time because Florida law stated that people could marry at any age with a judge’s approval if a pregnancy was involved and a parent consented, according to the lawmaker.

Details surrounding age of consent laws in Florida in the early 1980s are unclear, but the state’s current age of consent is 18. The Star-Tribune reached out to the Florida State Bar, Florida State University College of Law, the Florida attorney general, public defenders, current and former prosecutors, and multiple law firms, and none of them were able to offer substantial answers on Florida’s laws concerning age of consent at the time.

Bouchard said he was never charged with a crime in connection with the relationship. The lawmaker said he was pressured to abort the baby. “I wasn’t going to do it, and neither was she,” he said. “And there was pressure to have her banished from their family. Just pressure. Pressure to go hide somewhere. And the only thing I could see as the right thing to do was to get married and take care of him.”

They got divorced approximately three years later. Bouchard’s ex-wife killed herself when she was 20, he said. Online records list a woman with her name as dying in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1990 and being buried in Georgia. The Star-Tribune is choosing not to identify her.


[Image: E19AdnCVkAAuFwd?format=png&name=900x900]
"Details surrounding age of consent laws in Florida in the early 1980s are unclear."

Jesus, it's not like the '80s happened before written language was invented.
Florida wrote the laws on a paper cup, and then someone lost it!
The reporter probably doesn't want certain types of searches in their browser history.

"age of consent in florida" is tough to explain to the Missus.
Ted Cruz insulted a "woke, emasculated" U.S. Army ad. Angry veterans are firing back:
(05-22-2021, 01:11 AM)bradito Wrote: The reporter probably doesn't want certain types of searches in their browser history.

"age of consent in florida" is tough to explain to the Missus.

Unless you're a New Order fan in Miami, great line-ups.
Things just keep getting worse for this Gaetz guy:

Quote:Now, Friday, CNN is reporting that Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend — who has not been publicly named in media reports — is cooperating with federal prosecutors regarding the sex trafficking investigation into the congressman.

The ex-girlfriend is a former Capitol Hill staffer who has known Gaetz since 2017. CNN’s Paula Reid pointed out to Jake Tapper that this woman was “seen as a critical witness” because the time period she has known Gaetz “is really critical into the investigation into whether he had sex with an underage girl.”

"Investigators also hope that she can help them understand the relevance that these hundreds of transactions that they have obtained records of, including those that are allegedly payments for sex,” Reid continued, referring to reported records from Venmo and other digital payment applications that showed money being exchanged between Gaetz, Greenberg, and some of the women allegedly involved.

It has not been confirmed if the ex-girlfriend has officially signed a formal cooperation agreement yet. Her attorney declined to comment, as did a spokesperson for the Justice Department, Reid said.

Wait, does Kremlin Cruz not know that the Soviet Union collapsed about 30 years ago?

Was he vacationing in Cancun when the news broke??
Someone I follow who has their Twitter account locked (so I'll respectfully refrain from linking) had this to say about Sen. Cruz:

Quote:Just damn insane that a sitting US Senator decided to mock an active duty army Cpl and compare her unfavorably to Russian propaganda for the crime of volunteering to tell how she was inspired to serve by seeing strength of her two moms and the country that gave them opportunity

Here's the video in question:

And here's Cpl. Emma Malonelord's response to all the support she has received from people after Cruz' bullshit:
Microdicks like Cruz are so fuckin' weak. Seeing women do things that they're to craven and spineless to do just makes 'em Big Mad. I live for it: these sad, fat, middle-aged lummoxes with all their money and all their political power are still reduced to schoolyard bullies who can't handle a woman who's done something they're to chickenshit to even attempt.

Cruz would be reduced to tears if he had to do 20 pushups.
So, was it all worth it?

Quote:Nevada Republican Assemblywoman Annie Black was stripped of her voting and speaking privileges in the state legislature this week because she violated a mask rule.

On Tuesday, Black pulled off her mask on the assembly floor and declared that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said they're no longer needed, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal. The stunt came days after the CDC announced that people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can stop wearing masks and social distancing, both indoors and outdoors.

But Black has refused to disclose whether she's fully vaccinated. In a recent newsletter, the assemblywoman accused President Joe Biden and the CDC of "setting up a trap to usher in 'vaccine passports.'"

Legislative Counsel Bureau Director Brenda Erdoes on Wednesday unveiled new rules that mandated mask use for unvaccinated lawmakers and allowed those who were fully vaccinated to opt out.

Black gathered on the assembly floor without a mask a day later, prompting Democratic Majority Leader Teresa Benitez-Thompson to accuse her of violating the rule.

The floor then voted along party lines to block Black from voting and speaking, according to the Review Journal.
Post-Trump, the struggle is still on for conservatives to redefine themselves:

Quote:The moves pose a threat to the party’s efforts to reclaim moderate, largely college-educated voters whom were turned off by Trump, while muddying the party’s efforts to shift the national focus to the less popular parts of Democratic policies. They also mark a continued repudiation of the orthodoxy that last restored Republicans to power and governed the party for two generations.

Republican leaders have been alarmed by GOP-leaning voters moving away from the traditional conservative political conversation. Some even showed early support for parts of President Biden’s policy agenda, including another round of government checks for Americans, which Trump also supported, and plans for a massive infrastructure spending bill paid for with tax increases.

That has left Republicans wrestling to merge their past revolutions with their current one.

“How do we marry the Party of Reagan with the Party of Trump?” said Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), one of the party’s most influential new strategists, when asked about the focus of the Republican Study Committee, a conservative caucus of lawmakers he leads.

A  recent poll by the National Republican Congressional Committee, released to GOP members of Congress and obtained by The Washington Post, uncovered just how palatable higher taxes are among voters if they feed the populist anger against wealthy interests.

Voters in battleground House districts were split on Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal. When it was noted the plan would be paid for “by raising corporate taxes and raising taxes on the wealthiest families,” support for it grew.


“Corporate America is [the] Democratic Party,” McCarthy said in a late April interview with the conservative think tank American Compass, laying out the new message: “the American worker is the Republican Party.”

Banks considers it a mistake, for instance, that the last Republican tax bill included permanent cuts for corporations but only temporary cuts for people. A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll found nearly 1 in 3 Republicans support raising the corporate tax again, from 21 percent to 28 percent, as Biden has proposed. GOP leaders in Washington have refused to consider an increase.

“That told working-class Americans that cutting corporate rates is more important than individuals and families,” said Banks, who also opposes raising tax rates. “All of our members should go back to their districts, pull together working-class voters and do town halls and just shut up and listen.”
"The American worker is the Republican Party.”

The American worker must hate the idea of a $15 minimum wage, unions and health insurance.
"“Corporate America is [the] Democratic Party,” McCarthy said in a late April interview with the conservative think tank American Compass, laying out the new message: “the American worker is the Republican Party.”"

He followed up by saying, "BIZARRO! BIZARRO!" over and over until he collapsed.
Gamertag: Tweakee
It's adorable when these numbnuts Republicans verbally cosplay as champions of the workin' man after they all voted to reelect a guy whose only significant achievement while in office was cutting taxes for billionaires.
Texas has so many additional taxes that its burden is actually higher than California's for middle-class people.

California's taxes on rich people are significantly higher than Texas:
If you rearrange the letters in "Texas," you get "taxes."
The Kochs are still shitty:

Quote:Billionaire Charles Koch’s foundation has bankrolled three conservative legal groups leading the court battle to eliminate prohibitions against tenant evictions during the COVID-19 outbreak. At the same time, Koch’s corporate empire has suddenly stepped up its real estate purchases during the pandemic — including making large investments in real estate companies with a potential financial interest in eliminating eviction restrictions.

In the last few months, the Texas Public Policy Foundation, the Pacific Legal Foundation, and the New Civil Rights Alliance have been pushing federal courts to strike down the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) eviction moratorium, which is designed to protect millions of Americans from being thrown out of their homes during the pandemic. The groups have so far won two rulings.


In March this year, The Wall Street Journal published a report headlined “Charles Koch Is Betting Big on Distressed Real Estate.” The paper reported that the billionaire’s corporate conglomerate “is emerging as a major real-estate investor during the pandemic, using its robust cash reserves to buy properties at beaten-down prices and betting on a longer-term recovery.”

Last April, a month into the pandemic, Koch Real Estate Investments made a “$200 million preferred-equity investment in Amherst Holdings LLC's single-family rental business,” according to the corporate law firm Jones Day, which said it advised the Koch Industries subsidiary on the deal. Amherst says that since 2012, “its affiliated funds have acquired and operated more than 30,000 homes.”

Starting last May, Koch Real Estate Investments began a financial relationship with Ladder Capital Corp., culminating in a $32 million equity investment in December. Ladder finances residential real estate, and The Wall Street Journal recently reported that its subsidiaries’ loans to former President Donald Trump have been scrutinized by prosecutors.

Koch Real Estate Investments was also among a group of investors that last month bought an ownership stake in SmartRent, a landlord technology company.

Koch’s real estate spending spree has coincided with Koch-funded conservative groups mounting lawsuits against the federal eviction ban.
(05-24-2021, 11:57 AM)bradito Wrote: If you rearrange the letters in "Texas," you get "taxes."
bradito knows just exactly what the facts is.
It's been right there this whole time.
Just you wait until Zuckerberg buys a water park!

Quote:Florida on Monday became the first state to regulate how companies like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter moderate speech online, by imposing fines on social media companies that permanently bar political candidates in the state.

The law, signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, is a direct response to Facebook’s and Twitter’s bans of former President Donald J. Trump in January. In addition to the fines for barring candidates, it makes it illegal to prevent some news outlets from posting to their platforms in response to the contents of their stories.

Mr. DeSantis said signing the bill meant that Floridians would be “guaranteed protection against the Silicon Valley elites.”


Under the law, platforms are also required to be clear about how they decide to take down content or leave it up. Users could sue the platform if they felt those terms were inconsistently applied.

A late amendment to the bill exempts companies from the law if they own a theme park or an entertainment venue larger than 25 acres. That means the law is unlikely to apply to websites owned by Disney, which operates the Walt Disney World Resort, and Comcast, which owns Universal Studios Florida.

In Florida, as in dozens of other states, the Republican lawmakers’ push to punish social media companies follows the party’s other efforts to feed the demands of a conservative base that remains loyal to Mr. Trump.

[Image: E2KhP5DWQAU2PAv?format=png&name=900x900]
Things are getting hairy between Nevada GOP officials and the Proud Boys:

Quote:On Tuesday, May 25, Nevada’s Clark County Republican Party was scheduled to hold a meeting guarded by an armed security force. But on Monday, the party abruptly canceled the gathering altogether.

“Our management team has decided the risk to our members outweighs the value of this meeting,” Clark County Republican Party Vice Chair Stephen Sliberkraus said in a press conference.

The alleged threat was not from opponents across the aisle but from the far right.

For months, Clark County Republican meetings have played host to intra-party warfare, as the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported last week. At those meetings, an insurgent group associated with the Proud Boys and other fringe-right clubs clashed with more mainstream Republicans. In recent days, elected Republican officials in the county accused some of those far-right participants of making threats and participating in a luridly antisemitic Telegram channel, while some of those same fringe characters accused the Clark County Republican Party of freezing them out and hinted that they might run for office to take over the party.

The feud is the latest flashpoint in a national battle for control of local Republican parties, some of which have openly associated with far-right paramilitary groups like the Proud Boys. Increasingly, holding an event as routine as a local party meeting is a fraught exercise.

Last week’s Review-Journal investigation accused three local men—one of them an avowed Proud Boy—of threatening elected Republicans in Clark County. Among those said to be targeted were a local judge and a school board trustee. In a meeting earlier this month, the head of the Clark County Republican Party also accused two of the men of threatening him via a FaceTime call.
[Image: E2QmZgzX0AMew4a?format=jpg&name=900x900]

When even Shapiro disagrees with you.  Granted he shouldn't be praised for doing the bare minimum.  This is the party he decided to hitch his ride too.
"God moves in mysterious ways," they said. Maybe he is on your side, the way it all worked out. Remembering other Christmases, wishing for something, something important, something special. And this is it, baby boy Frankie Bono. You're alone now. All alone. The scream is dead. There's no pain. You're home again, back in the cold, black silence
He would vote for her if she ran for president, so he's still a piece of shit.
Greene can't stop comparing everything to the Holocaust.  

I'd ask her to gain some perspective, but who am I kidding?

Quote:My great-aunt escaped a concentration camp after being shot and left for dead in a ditch full of bodies then survived the rest of World War 2 living in a refrigerator box in someone’s basement, so miss me with this comparing-vaccinations-to-the-Holocaust crap.

[Image: E2QyZHKXMAIJtQu?format=jpg&name=small]
I feel like history books are sufficient regarding the teaching of Hitler's atrocities, Rep. Greene:

Quote:Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed during remarks last year that she wouldn't support the removal of hypothetical statues of Hitler or Satan "so that I could tell my children and teach others about who these people are." 

(Video resurfaced by @JakeSherman)
(05-26-2021, 01:15 AM)Iron Maiden Wrote: I feel like history books are sufficient regarding the teaching of Hitler's atrocities, Rep. Greene:

I do buy that her children probably can't read, so this all tracks
Today is the day I find out that Marjorie Taylor Greene and I actually agree on something:

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Kevin McCarthy a "feckless cunt" and a "moron"
"Nooj's true feelings on any given subject are unknown and unknowable. He is the butterfly flapping its wings in Peking. He is chaos and destruction and you shall never see his true form." - Merriweather

My Steam ID: yizashigreyspear
I think that's the thing I love about all of this.  The Repubs are clearly trying to go back to the 2016 level of solidarity, but they can't because their "rising stars" are a bunch of fucking craven morons who can't keep their mouths shuts.  You know McCarthy hates this and you love to see it.

But yes, I also agree he's a "feckless cunt."
"God moves in mysterious ways," they said. Maybe he is on your side, the way it all worked out. Remembering other Christmases, wishing for something, something important, something special. And this is it, baby boy Frankie Bono. You're alone now. All alone. The scream is dead. There's no pain. You're home again, back in the cold, black silence

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