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The Republican Party Going Forward v 2.0
An important read on how the failure of the Arizona "audit" still helps push the narrative the Republicans want on elections going forward:
Lindsey Graham, the eternal cuck:

Short version: Earlier last week, Dildo Pumpkins gave Lady G a verbal spanking, and now Graham is saying he wishes that Orange Daddy would run in 2024.
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Republicans have normalized "replacement theory," and it's so fucking gross:

[Image: FAOEdg6X0AE1gr2?format=jpg&name=medium]
Could we "replace" Matt Gaetz with anyone who doesn't look like an '80s teen-comedy jock trying to cosplay as the Eraserhead guy?
With Gaetz's endorsement, Tucker's got the support from the pedophile wing of the GOP. And that's a key demo for these folks.
Hey, Twitter, is this threat from a Virginia candidate okay, or...?

Quote:Audit all 50 states.

Arrest all involved. Try all involved. Convict all involved. Execute all involved.

Not sure this asshole knows what an audit is.
Replacement theory, a French idea! We got it from Renaud Camus, a respected but little known writer who found a new audience when he started talking about Muslims (spoiler: he doesn't like them). We can't always produce a Voltaire (who also was a racist! But that was 250 years ago...) but we'll do better next time.
(09-26-2021, 06:19 PM)bradito Wrote: With Gaetz's endorsement, Tucker's got the support from the pedophile wing of the GOP. And that's a key demo for these folks.

Speaking of this guy - what's the deal? I know the wheels of justice turn slower for rich white politicians, but it seems like the Gaetz story just disappeared, right after his sex trafficking bff started cooperating fully with prosecutors.
Everyone's just been crazy-obsessed with finding Brian Laundrie. No time for anything else.
Maybe the Feds are waiting to slap the cuffs on him right before the midterms, which would be all kinds of funny.
Well, I'd certainly like to know more:

Quote:Just days after a South Dakota agency moved to deny her daughter's application to become a certified real estate appraiser, Gov. Kristi Noem summoned to her office the state employee who ran the agency, the woman's direct supervisor and the state labor secretary.

Noem's daughter attended too.

Kassidy Peters, then 26, ultimately obtained the certification in November 2020, four months after the meeting at her mother's office. A week after that, the labor secretary called the agency head, Sherry Bren, to demand her retirement, according to an age discrimination complaint Bren filed against the department. Bren, 70, ultimately left her job this past March after the state paid her $200,000 to withdraw the complaint.

Exactly what transpired at the July 27, 2020, meeting in the governor's office isn’t clear. Noem declined an interview request and her office declined to answer detailed questions about the meeting.

“The Associated Press is disparaging the Governor’s daughter in order to attack the Governor politically – no wonder Americans’ trust in the media is at an all-time low," spokesman Ian Fury said.

Still, government ethics experts who reviewed the series of events at the AP's request said Noem’s decision to include her daughter in the meeting created a conflict of interest regardless of what was discussed.
Maybe it was "Take Your Daughter to Abuse Your Power" Day.
Kassidy with a K. That tracks.

Kristi and Kassidy are krazy about "Mortal Kombat."
And I’m sure Krustys Komedy Klassics…
Spiteful, pathetic, craven motherFUCKERS.

Mike Pence participated in a Viktor Orban-led "Demographic Summit," which says a lot about Republicans at the moment:
Video at the link:

Quote:Get a load of Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen ® talking about ivermectin over the weekend
This guy's parents used to tape his asshole shut?

Let's try his mouth now.
Gov. Noem is going to be super embarrassed when she remembers all those Hunter Biden posts!

Quote:Listen I get it. I signed up for this job. But now the media is trying to destroy my children. This story is just another example of the double standard that exists with the media... going after conservatives and their kids while ignoring Liberals
I thought the media was going more specifically after her abuse of power, but now she's going to make it about her daughter, doing basically what she's accusing the MSM of doing.

Three-dimensional dumbass!
Nothing says parenthood like not caring if your own scandal becomes the thing your child is famous for and dragging it out with a public feud with the press.
Kristi Noem looks like a "Price Is Right" model. She should be posing next to vacuum cleaners and new cars rather than governing that biker rally of a state.
Hmm, seems cheaper to just wear a mask:

Quote:The House Ethics Committee disclosed on Tuesday that Rep. Mary Miller (R-Ill.) has been fined $500 for not wearing a mask on the House floor in late July, making her the eighth GOP lawmaker facing monetary punishment for refusing to comply with rules established during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Miller filed an appeal against the fine, but it was rejected by the Ethics Committee. A majority of the panel, which is evenly divided between both parties, must agree to an appeal for it to succeed.

Miller did not deny in her appeal that she had declined to wear a mask on the House floor. Instead, she argued the fines are "arbitrary and capricious" because Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has been photographed without a mask.

Lawmakers are permitted to remove their masks while they are recognized to speak on the House floor. Many in both parties also remove their masks in other settings where they are speaking on camera, such as press conferences.
(09-27-2021, 08:45 PM)Iron Maiden Wrote: Video at the link:

Quote:Get a load of Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen ® talking about ivermectin over the weekend
  The tape test sounds like some fucked up body horror shit to me!
I've got good news and I've got bad news. The bad news is I've lost my way. The good news is I'm way ahead of schedule!
He looks like he's been taking Ivermectin himself - or Tim Apple's desiccated corpse.
He definitely put the "goober" in "gubernatorial."

Quote:Republican Senator Dan Sullivan had a comically forlorn reaction when his questioning at a Senate hearing didn’t go as he expected.

At a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Tuesday, Sulivan was among the senators who heard testimony from United States Central Command Commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Mark Milley on the planning and execution of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.


Sullivan wrapped up his first round of questioning by telling the trio that “I have one final question,” and prophetically added “I might leave it because it’s a long one for the follow-up.”

Sullivan then launched into an impassioned wind-up that lasted nearly two minutes, and concluded with the senator telling the witnesses “So I will ask this final question of all of you…”

Committee Chair Senator Mazie Hirono then interrupted, saying “Senator Sullivan, could you submit your question, please?”

As Sullivan briefly protested, Hirono continued: “We’re trying to keep to a five-minute questioning round. You can ask a question in your second round if you’d like.”

As a crestfallen Sullivan did a slow-burn double-take , Hirono told him “Thank you,” and then moved on.
Gross, but not surprising:

Quote:The Republican Party of Virginia's recent history of anti-Semitism in political campaigns was blasted by The Washington Post editorial board on Wednesday.

"Antisemitic stereotypes, tropes and imagery, centuries old, recur episodically in American politics, and not only on the ideological fringes. Days ago, in a tightly contested Northern Virginia state legislative race, a Republican challenger sent a mailer to thousands of households with a digitally altered photo of the Democratic incumbent, who is Jewish — his face in profile, features accentuated in shadowy tones — gazing upon stacks of gold coins," the editorial board explained.

The editorial went on to give some context to the race for which the mailer was targeted.

"The mailer, authorized by Harold Pyon, a GOP candidate for the House of Delegates, was paid for by Virginia's Republican Party. Its target is first-term lawmaker Dan Helmer, an Army veteran who was an armor officer in Afghanistan and Iraq, and is now a management consultant as well as an instructor at West Point, his alma mater," the editorial board explained.
Must be nice:

Quote:Some members of Congress are allegedly using their leadership PACs as "slush funds" to pay for extravagances such as expensive hotels and fine dining, according to a report released Wednesday.

The report comes from the nonpartisan watchdog groups Issue One and Campaign Legal Center, and it looked at how politicians used leadership PACs, which are separate from campaign accounts and aren't subject to the same restrictions on how donors' money can be spent.

The groups' research found that the leadership PACs of 120 members of Congress spent less than 50 percent on politics between January 2019 and December 2020. That equals roughly one of every five members of Congress.

Among those singled out for their "lavish lifestyles" funded by the PACs are former North Carolina Representative George Holding, a Republican, Wisconsin Representative Gwen Moore, a Democrat, as well as Republican Senators Rand Paul of Kentucky and Ted Cruz of Texas.
Well, maybe he should explain why:

Quote:Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., paid next to nothing in 2017 state income taxes compared to previous years, despite reporting an individual income of at least $450,000. 

According a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report released Thursday, the Republican lawmaker paid exactly $2,105 in state income taxes — a staggeringly small amount compared to the $60,000 average he paid over the past decade. 

Johnson's office has declined to explain the aberration. "The senator had a smaller tax payment because he had less income to report in 2017," said Vanessa Ambrosini, a spokeswoman for Johnson, told the Journal Sentinel. "The senator will not be providing media with his tax returns."

There are myriad reasons Johnson's declared income may have been substantially lower than what he's reported in the past, Andrew Reschovsky, a professor emeritus of economics and public policy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, told Channel 3000. For instance, Johnson may have made a sizable donation to a nonprofit organization, incurred significant business losses, or benefited from a special deduction. 
Right, sure:

Quote:Kristi Noem assures everyone today that the actions she took that resulted in her daughter receiving her appraisers license were taken to benefit all S. Dakotans, not just her daughter, by “streamlining the process.”

Video at the link.
I bet they feel benefited already..

Remember when the AG of South Dakota killed a guy in a DUI hit-and-run, and then remained the AG?

What a fuckin' state, man.

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