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Things that make you laugh catch-all.
Are farts protected forms of free speech?

Quote:A 22-year-old Austrian man who made headlines in June of last year after he was fined €500 euros (~$600) for farting on a police officer argued in court that his fart actually falls under freedom of expression, Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard reported last week. 

In a decision released by the administrative court in Vienna, the court lays out some much needed detail in regards to the alleged events that transpired on that fateful day, meaning that we as readers can look at the facts and come to our own conclusions about whether the fart was indeed protected speech.

The ordeal began on June 5, 2020, when the farting man—named “Mr. AB” in the document—was hanging out with a friends at an unnamed park when a group of police officers approached them during a routine identity check. 

That’s when things got windy. 

“When he released the intestinal gas, the complainant was sitting on a park bench,” the document reads. “He then lifted his buttocks and tensed up a little before letting the intestinal gas escape.” 

“The complainant’s friends laughed at the intestinal gas and witness F made a joke,” the document continues. “Due to the resulting entertainment from the intestinal gas, the defendant grinned at the officers.” 

In court, the man argued that the fart was not intentional and that, even if it was intentional, it would still fall under his fundamental right for freedom of expression. 

Unfortunately for the wind-breaker, the judge didn’t buy his argument. 
Good work if you can get it, indeed:

Quote:A hospital employee in Italy has been accused of skipping work on full pay for 15 years, local media report.

The man is alleged to have stopped turning up to work at the Ciaccio hospital in the southern city of Catanzaro in 2005.

He is now being investigated for fraud, extortion and abuse of office, Italian news agency Ansa reports.

He was reportedly paid €538,000 (£464,000) in total over the years he is thought not to have been working.

Six managers at the hospital are also being investigated in connection with the alleged absenteeism.
I have a new personal hero.
As if the mafia had not been your heroes all along.
Worth a shot, I guess:

A guy at work WILL NOT accept where Hawaii is. He is ADAMANT that it is in the Gulf of Mexico and when I laughed at him he triumphantly points me to this map:


And Alaska's Arctic Wildlife Refuge is in Mexico! So, when Sarah Palin looks out her window, she's not seeing Russian - it's been El Salvador all along.
Ah, the rolling fields of Wisconsia.
What the hell is wrong with that map? Lol I didn't even notice Wisconsia..

To be fair, you're not really getting the full Kid Rock experience until someone dumps shit on you:

[Image: E0Y49PaWEAAFAS3?format=jpg&name=900x900]
The poop thrower at Kid Rock's place ended up being a neo-Nazi with tattoos indicating as much inked on his forehead:

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