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The new version of Space Settlers is available for free now

Good that developer updated Space Settlers to version 1.5, adding new features and fixing bugs.

Please upgrade to version 1.5:

New features:

1. Added two PVE maps;

2. Increased the upper limit of building and tech level to 60;

3. Added a brand-new game mode "Land of Challenge" so that players can find coordinate [0,0] to take challenge ceaselessly. The winner will be awarded chariot accessories and weapons of high levels;

4. Adjusted new types of tanks, weapons and resources that can be won by PVE players;

5. Added various advanced accessories in Store;

6. Added new team-up function for better player interaction;

7. Added valid date in Email and will auto delete the stored Emails 10 days after the sending day;

8. Optimized some functions according to players’ advices;

9. Fixed some bugs.


Downloaded this game about two months ago, upgraded too.


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