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I have been itching for a space sim lately.  And this looks to scratch that itch perfectly.  Will definitely be checking it out.

AAfter reading your article...this came all rushing back.


I was thinking more of the Deep Purple song but WHATTHEFUCKISTHATMOVIEINEEDTOSEETHAT.


Man I haven't seen Space Truckers in YEEEEEEAAAARS.  Definitely need to revisit it sometime...



This doesn't directly tie to EBig Grin, but Star Citizen has the single slowest and most incompetent update system I've ever seen. I'm tempted to pay 75 bucks to Elite just to satisfy my own regret.

AOoo, you reminded me to play a bit more of that as I wanted to do a UC of that soon as well. Have they added anything more past the dogfighting stuff? I get a million emails from them but rarely anything of consequence so I've been tuning out lately.
ASo this thing, I see MMO scattered all over the place. I wonder if any of the space battles will become EVE Online slideshows.

You mentioned singleplayer missions; is there an offline mode I can play without having to deal with other humans? jesus I'm anti-social. It sounds fantastic from your gushing, it looks great, and will obviously be arriving sooner than 53 Million Raised WTF Citizen.

The last sprawling space game I seriously tried getting into was the latest X game when it was on a steam sale. Did not hook me and got bored after 45 minutes.

Originally Posted by mongycore View Post

So this thing, I see MMO scattered all over the place. I wonder if any of the space battles will become EVE Online slideshows.

You mentioned singleplayer missions; is there an offline mode I can play without having to deal with other humans? jesus I'm anti-social. It sounds fantastic from your gushing, it looks great, and will obviously be arriving sooner than 53 Million Raised WTF Citizen.

The last sprawling space game I seriously tried getting into was the latest X game when it was on a steam sale. Did not hook me and got bored after 45 minutes.

It's technically all online, but when you go into the game you can select whether you want to go into an open game with other players or go solo, so you don't have to deal with other people if you don't want to.

They're calling it an MMO but it's really the same game as it's always been. It's a more open-ended kind of thing, with the single player missions basically being combat scenarios. You take on missions at starports which generally break down into two categories: cargo and bounties. To start with you'll be doing a lot of cargo hauling to make money, which allows you to get better ships with combat-worthy weapons so you can start doing bounties and longer-range hyperdrives which let you travel further into the galaxy.

Past that, your way is your own. you can become a bounty hunter or assassin, you can go full-on pirate and attack other ships for their cargo (They're going to be introducing ship boardings at some stage too so you'll also be able to steal other ships), and they're going to be developing factions you can join for different ends and a galactic economy that can be changed by player actions. So yeah, somewhat like EVE but much more accessible. Traditionally, players have set as a long-term goal either making their way to earth or the centre of the galaxy, though either would likely take months to do.

This video serves as a nice introduction as to what the early game is like:


The roomie and I both bought into this today. Holy shit. Brought my Saitek X52 out of hibernation. Just great.


Beta 2 is being released Sep 30. New upgrades, 500 new star systems and bounties:


I'm really regretting investing in Star Citizen now. This is a gazillion times more polished. For a few bucks more than I paid for SC, Elite gives me an extended series of practice tutorials that are actually linked thematically, and then basically access to their ENTIRE FUCKING GAME, as it currently exists. Star Citizen gave me a constantly changing and redundant hangar (WOO), a 'free flight' mode (WEE), shitty multiplayer (GROAN) , and some of the longest load times and horrible netcode and game update lag I've ever seen.

I'll hang in there for SC, but right now, it's not looking good. Elite seems to be building from the ground up. SC is trying to be everything to everybody all at once, to no avail.

Just my $.02.


I have high hopes for Star Citizen, but I do admit I'm getting tired of hearing them sell the game more than I am of hearing about actual progress with making it. They're actually doing a panel at PAX Aus next month, only they've rented out a theatre elsewhere in the CBD, calling it a 'party' and are charging $20 for entry. I just think, I love ya Chris Roberts and I can't wait to play your game, but I'm not giving you more money to watch a talk and a video. That's what I've supposedly already paid for for three days of PAX.

A[quote name="Workyticket" url="/community/t/151596/mcp-u-c-elite-dangerous#post_3776960"]I have high hopes for Star Citizen, but I do admit I'm getting tired of hearing them sell the game more than I am of hearing about actual progress with making it.

Star Citizen is what came to mind when I was linked this video by a coworker.

So I have two questions to Worky/Jacob: 1) How big is the hard drive footprint for this bugger. I'm down to the last 20 gigs on all my hd's after redownloading shit in preparation for benchmarking my soon to be videocard. 2) Tried searching the site directly, but are there plans for a steam key to activate when this goes retail?

You do wonder. I paid for the lowest tier, which gets me a ship and alpha/beta access, but the amount of people who're spunking ridiculous amounts of cash on ships that aren't even playable yet is kind of frightening. It doesn't matter how good the game ends up being, there are going to be scores of people with unchecked expectations that're going to go absolutely bugfuck the second they cut even the smallest feature. At least with Elite, the buy-in may be steep but you actually have a reasonable approximation of the game, and in very impressive form, to play. Not that I really want to create a 'one vs. the other' thing, but I'm feeling that it's about time we started hearing more from Star Citizen than big concepts and updates on how much more ridiculously huger their money pile has gotten. Stretch goals are nice and all, but we actually want to start seeing how all this stuff is coming together.

As for Elite, at the moment the install is about 2.5 gig, though the update in a few days will probably add a bit onto that. I'm expecting the final release to weigh in around 10-15 gig. And no news on Steam yet.


I honestly can't tell how big a footprint Star Citizen is leaving on my hard drive, but it's WAY bigger than Elite for a lot less content, that's for sure. When I updated Saturday the download was over 15 gig.

And I'll add that I, too, don't want this to be a 'one versus the other' thing. I want both of these to be wildly successful and genuinely great games.


Between Destiny apologists and Diablo III Crackheads, this forum has been boring lately.

Let me add to that boredom:

This is my (obviously poorly photographed) setup for Elite: Dangerous.

The iPad app you see there is ROCCAT Power Grid, totally free for both iOS and Android, and totally awesome. I'm working on my own custom version.


God this game makes me want to get a HOTAS joystick. Even if I don't have the room for one. Or the money.

ASat through this video. Shit, yeah I need to buy this already.

...and bought.

I was debating last night whether to buy an Eagle ship or just keep upgrading the Sidewinder. Went ahead and got the Eagle for the extra weapon hardpoint. Now I just have to make enough dough to get three gimbaled pulse lasers before the Beta 2 reset (I'm assuming everything will be reset). Can't wait for Tuesday.

ADid the first intro noob missions last night getting a handle on the controls and keyboard inputs. Not bad at all. Hope to give it some more time later on tonight.

Tried looking around amazon for a good flight stick but reviews were mixed, and folk kept praising an older model that isn't in production anymore.

Meanwhile I check my inbox this morning and hey, Star Citizen has an even bigger ship they want people to buy: Ages Reclaimer for only $350, man, what a bargain.

The full change list for Beta 2 is up on Pastebin. Deep breath:


 Hi everyone,
Elite: Dangerous Beta 2 is now being uploaded and should be available within the next 45 minutes. Here is the change log for this update:
- Playable area expanded (a capsule 100ly long and 30ly wide @500 systems)
- Can scan celestial bodies
- Can sell explorer data
- Can buy body data
- Asp added
- Reputation affects mission availability
- Pre-flight checks added
- Designer created content can be used in newsfeeds
- When an AI hyperspaces it informs the hyperdrive component where it's going, which stores this information in the wake object in the hyperspace cloud. If the player scans the cloud and then hyperspaces, the wake information is recorded
- AI ships now able to fly in super cruise
- Scanner works in supercruise
- Ocellus starport type added
- In system map added
- Scan data reveals objects in the in system map
- News feed support added to station services
- Outfitting system upgrade
- ECM systems added
- Cargo hatch disrupter devices added
- Mine launcher added
- Proximity mines added
- Added metal type asteroids
- Added ice type asteroids
- Various outpost types added
- Added repair wear and tear in repair modules menu
- Loans added for insurance
- Added SLI/X-Fire support
- Added backers' NPC names
- Ship wear and tear added
- AI pilots now have rankings
- Drives and shields now affected by ship's mass
- Single player scenarios adapted to tutorials
- Add docking tutorial
- Major update to how system contents are generated
- New batch of German translations
- Extensive music system updates
- System economy/meta data dynaically generated for the non-authored systems
- OOM stability: if required vertex or index buffers are unexpectedly missing a page, assert and skip the draw call rather than crashing
- Fix update nav marker crash in super cruise
- Fixed assert for normalisation of a zero length vector
- Fix crash in stellar effects helper
- When creating text meshes, survive out-of-graphics-memory situations
- Stop crashing when spamming supercruise while quitting to desktop
- Crash fix for LaunchPad unsafely accessing an interface
- Fix crash for light activity being closed before it is created
- Prevent crash when AI tries to fly to a non-existant pad
- Survive missing surface page in StretchRect without crashing
- Fixed potential crash case in SchematicBillboardRenderer when out of memory
- Fixed potential crash case in ProjectileRenderer when out of memory
- Fix crash when aligning to distant target
- Fixed soft lock when buying fuel or ammo
- Check that mouse and keyboard input devices exist before adding them to the set of available input ports
- Stop light cones crashing the game when vertex buffer locking fails
- Prevent crash in sensor system
- Fix crash in hyperspace component after saving
- Fix for when greebles are destroyed almost immediately after being created, before the materials got a chance to clean their initial dirty status
- Prevent crash trying to assign a hopper item on a weapon without ammo
- Workaround for nVidia driver bug in driver versions 331.82, 332.21, possibly others
- Fix a crash when loading into rings
- Fix crash when unlocking vertext buffers that haven't been locked
- Fix for rare crash in the AFM when replacing/destroying modules
- If we fail to load our save, or if we do not have a save to load - then make sure we don't wait for our start params to be set
- Fix for sidewinder outfitting crash
- Fix crash when quitting without a ship
- Audio: Fixed crash in AudioHandleHelper
- We can't assume that the docking computer module is always ready when it's registered to the DockingComputer component
- Prevent kinematic assert if spamming jump key
- NULL-proof a network method in submunition - if a client received a message to explode a missile that was still activating on their client
- Audio: change to audio location effects to keep track of readiness to create location effects to avoid creation during shutdown that was causing a shutdown crash
- Fixed crash when opening multiplayer stats
- Protect against crash when hashing a name shorter than expected
- If target position is invalid, don't crash, but exit instead
- Unit controller AI crash fix
- Fix crash when AIs try to hyperspace while the player is dying
- Fix for cases of unsafe normalisation occurring on zero-length vectors for very distant objects
- Crash fix for cargo ejection
- Prevent particle overun crash
- Crash fix for empty vertex buffer
- Fix for crash when shutting down the game by clicking on the close button while rendering to Oculus Rift
- Changes on how to treat invalid portions of the texture in the vertical perspective projection. It reduces the problems in the borders of the sphere. More notably avoiding inverted normals
- Audio: Added navbeacon targetted events
- Noise generators: A fix for unreleased effects and improved the effect creation process for the noise generator
- Fixed ship voice line "Hull Integrity Compromised" being posted after loading a previously damaged ship
- Audio: Making sure that cockpit reverb soundbanks are loaded before trying to set the effect in the bus
- Metallic asteroids enabled
- Sured up the docking services menu
- Restored the firegroup warning flag reset so that you can received the message more than once per session
- Added lights to the station pulse lasers
- Fix for Small fixed beam laser's beam containing uniform dots, caused by not enough blending
- Mission details panel can now have multiline detail row labels (as well as detail row details)
- Reordered the galaxy map controls priorities, so that they are now below the UI controls, in order to avoid conflicts
- Small improvements to jobsystem scheduling overhead
- Changed most of the text boxes in the mission detail to be left aligned
- Fix for start system name not showing up when returning to base after a collect or massacre mission
- Fix planet billboards from changing size suddenly when entering and exiting supercruise
- Fix to stop mission contracts falling off the bottom of the mission selection screen
- Updated Type 6 art
- Colour adjustment of fuel bars to match other UI elements
- Enabled SMAA as an anti aliasing option
- Tweak of the system connections to differentiate the independent jumps from those that depend on your current cargo mass
- Ensure the condition for checking a new authority is OK to take it match between the issuer and the checker
- Support for Oculus SDK 0.4.0 added
- Fixed the MLAA node so is renders correctly
- Missing black markets fixed
- The PaintJobModule should not appear on the right hand cockpit panel module list
- Improved the calculations for the atmospheres and the geological activity of planets
- Geological activity is now broken down into several aspects(plate tectonics, volcanism, mountain forming and magnetic field), these values are Earth relative
- Atmospheres now have a composition included and will calculate the surface temperature of planets based on the greenhouse effect of a particular atmosphere
- Planet classes updated to account for these changes and also they now use the fixed point maths instead of floats to do their classifications
- Sidewinder - Fixed the external shell of the cockpit for it to cast the correct shadow
- Prevent super cruise ships from trying to create physics objects at extreme locations
- Added ship subsystem select audio event
- Hide mouse gui if using Relative Mouse Control
- Enabled galaxy map background capture
- Removed the drop down arrow from the entries in the comms panel that have no options
- Save on undocking, to ensure binary save matches webserver state when game crashes while player is in space
- Reduce rate of replication for distant objects
- Modules' on/off state is not retained if we're replacing the player's ship
- Fixed galaxy map sound when runtime capturing the background on several cases
- SMAA search loop optimisations
- Fix a bug in shields - using the on hit delay for several things that should have been using the OnBreak delay
- Fixed low resolution issue on pulse laser FX by using less stretch on the texture and a smoother blend time
- Improved thread use for packet receives on server
- Cockpit UI mesh tweaks to stop bits cutting cropped
- Background darkening based on star proximity
- 'Relative' control is set per-axis
- 'Relative' decay rate is adjustable
- Mouse headlook has a separate sensitivity from mouse flight
- Mouse headlook can be inverted
- Mouse gui is optional
- Cobra art updates
- Fix some loadouts trying to give scanners ammo
- Moved some constant arithmetic from the pixel shader to the CPU
- Tweaked GUI placement is some cockpits
- Added Independent Police paintjob for the Viper
- Converted the type 9 to use the paintjob system added in 4 paintjob varient schemes and colour layouts
- Pick up localisation symbols for localised display of numbers
- Added more black holes to galaxy data
- Merge together fines from the same jurisdiction in the missions panel
- Optimisations to user connect/disconnect
- Chaff launcher ammo is listed as "Out of Range". Chaff launcher is now always in range
- Cleaned up fuel gauges a bit
- Fix descrepancy in distance in the info panel when arriving at new location
- Police paint jobs added
- Shift authority dummy shapes in to the centre of the parent ship
- Missile racks stop tracking if they are out of ammo
- Add paint jobs for Cobra
- Prevent fuel usage value flicking between numbers
- Force bmp format for high resolution screenshots
- When transferring authority to self, ignore session mismatch, and remove object from session we aren't in
- When exiting game, issue a PrepareForExit phase to avoid objects staying alive when they shouldn't
- Ensure that AI dumping due to piracy doesn't occur when in no-fire-zone (this was already the case for dumping due to jumping away)
- Upgrade the LetterCreator 'layer' for some letters do they don't get delayed due to replication which has had its urgency increased
- It's only an error to be passed a station with no ILaunchBay or ILaunchBayRegister, not to have no free bays in that station
- Fixes to ship ships leaving stale docking allocations all over the place when auth transfers happen - Usually AI but that's only because players don't transfer
- On auth loss, stop refreshing our docking request
- If a pad has an allocated entity, but that entity disagrees, count up the allocation clear timer, at 20 second the allocation will be dropped
- Fix self-preservation delegation during threaten behaviour
- Fix multiple-request and saved game bugs on outfitting screen by blocking UI until module installation is complete
- Crashing or softlocking while buying a new ship could cause the ShipState to not match what the server says we should have. If so, ignore the ShipState and give the player the correct ship with a _Starter loadout
- Make a slot for the LifeSupport module
- Fix for landing pads not rendering until you are in the station, they now start rendering if you are inside or within the entrance limits
- AI ships can now run out of oxygen
- Implemented Orbis station icon
- Longer station names will now fit on the small cockpit docking panel
- Making some pirates wanted - removed federal reference from generic scenario
- The preliminary black hole background distortion effects have been enabled and optimised to only require the calculations when there is at least one BH present
- [German] Issue with the profit display when selling commodities on the market fixed
- Delay the update of the transform of the planet to the RenderSetup to synchronize the movement with stars in the in system map
- When a new crime is committed, with a new delay value, set the delay to be the same proportion through the new delay as we were through the old delay
- Fix calculation of the new pending investigation/backup strength when a crime is committed. Also added more debug output to shed light on the process
- AI deploys hardpoints when scanning
- AI update. make it harder to flee. improve ai goto target tactic
- Don't create the same materials multiple times if resources are taking a while to load, we only want to create them one time
- Fix the bindings options screen not reverting the preset selection if the cancel button is pressed
- New Viper flag paintjobs added
- Soften to top massive stars
- Scaled down the massive stars
- The dust now fades out
- Quite close dust is a bit darker for emphasis Added more dust shapes Added colour variation by a noise texture
- Don't include users in their own search results
- Fix for the radar pulse cycle getting out of sync as time goes on
- Fix for linear depth no longer being written by forward rendered objects
- Fix choosing of docking holding point, if ship was between the start and end of the shared docking path the point could be behind the station, causing the ship to crash into it while moving towards it
- Trade market update for illegal and stolen goods icons
- Add MTU discovery handshake after connecting to Server
- Modify planet sorting to support multiple bodies within rings
- Add calculations for the oblateness of planets
- Refactor the friends list to make it clear that this is new/old friend
- Added audio events to radar
- Declining emergency fuel shouldn't short life support, since players have a self-destruct available
- Buying your old loadout upon death now preselects all the additional systems and hard points as well
- Weapon Control had some function that should have been on Ammo, which caused ammo-using non-weapons to never fill themselves properly
- Docking AI improvements, mostly to do with launching
- Support for spot light shadows added
- Audio - cache conditions so we can reuse them upon creation of identical conditions
- Updated fuel gauge to show anticipated fuel use for a hyperspace destination before jumping
- Optimise text messhes where same mesh is being used on an object
- Fixed the jagged edges of the planets in some situations created by inverted normals when sampling the borders of the texture
- Emergency fuel dialog didn't have it's dialog string set fixed
- When auto-docking, set the ship rotation to be that of the pad once we're into the station and no longer preserving the outer path rotation, so that we don't come in at a random angle and make the player concerned
- Fix for GalaxyMapCamera when Oculus Rift is enabled
- A modification to not show anticipated fuel cost for a jump after the fuel was consumed (for the same jump)
- Music: fade out SuperCruise.trk over a period of 25 seconds when we are being interdicted
- Audio: Added cockpit events for flight assist on and off
- AI update: Add some poorer skileld AI pilots
- Improvements to authority investigation response
- Some effect and lens flare tweaks
- Batch shadow map clears into a single operation
- Tweaking AI ship obstacle avoidance
- Added a higher quality filter for spot light shadows
- Fix compute-based DXT compression
- Reduced the glow on the large lateral thruster
- Audio: Added cockpit events for landing gears and cargo scoop deployed / retracted
- Before entering outfitting, or allowing players to make repairs from the stations services menu, we should wait until the ship is fully in the hangar
- HLSL Constant Buffers are now packed to OGL Uniform Block Packing Rules & De-compilation fixes
- Fixed searching for users with 1 or 2 characters in their Display Name
- Talk Channels now handle text messages, and optionally voice.
- Talk Channels are automatically opened to online friends and wing members. An additional channel can be opened to another local session player which automatically mutes talk to your wing.
- Allocate shadows to spot lights based on their priority
- Fade shadows in and out to avoid popping
- As an optimisation, and to prepare future optimisations, cache the information required for culling/LODing earlier
- Enable shadows on headlights
- Fix for Styx 3 listed twice
- Updated spot shadow priority algorithm to take into account the direction to the light and the camera facing vector
- Hovered/selected systems will show how many stars are in the system
- Limit how strong the darkening around the stars is by the background brightness multiplier
- The EjectRandomCargo malfunction should be possible even when the cargo hatch module is off. To interrupt the malfunction the player must turn the module off (if it was on originally) OR turn the module on (if it was off originally)
- Optimisations for CockpitGunsightComponent
- New PFX for the slugshot weapon and ammo, muzzle flash and impact effects
- Added text strings for atmosphere types
- Rich station interior polish
- Make sure the reference camera, which is used to provide the rendering service with a projection matrix, uses FOV and aspect ratio taken from the stereo cameras when Oculus Rift is enabled
- When a view is deleted, do not immediately release its view bit from the set of view bits in use
- Load balance players onto fewer edServer instances during quieter times so they're more likely to meet other players
- Fixed a bug where people could not join a privategroup on an edServer that wasn't in their region or in the default region
- Audio: Smoothing movement and orientation ship RTPCs for others
- Music: only play the arrival from hyperspace bookend if this is our first visit to the system
- Gatling gun impact effects now have lights
- Adding some bounties to pirates
- Update to Cobra and Eagle L3 LOD. Changed them from baked textures to use the shared materials like the other LOD's, so they will now work with the paintjobs
- Radar not being displayed on hyperspace when rendering to Oculus Rift fixed
- Set transition type for AI's hyperspacing
- CPU optimisations for CockpitUIComponent
- Update Type 9 LODs
- Silently discard requests to join a private group from users ignored by the owner of that group
- AI update. fed fighter tweaks. better deceleration to get to 50% speed to help turning
- Turning off FSD or drives in Supercruise will cause you to drop out of Supercruise
- Added arrow to Coriolis schematic to indicate docking port location
- In case of abrupt disconnections (i.e. ED-Server down), remote server state is now maintained for at least 1 minute in order to allow EDServerWatcher to identify failure and migrate accordingly
- Music: don't play the arrival from supercruise at destination bookend unless we've actually arrived from supercruise
- Track total distance hyperspaced by commanders and the greatest distance from Sol
- Do the dim-capping calculation per vertex, not up to three times per pixel
- Music: add exploration music pool
- Re-enabling the diffuse texture on the interior mesh to ensure it creates the correct UVs
- Audio: Fixed some issues with movement and orientation rtpc for other ships
- Sidewinder - Fixed mirrored text on a decal
- Fix incorrect net worth being logged on mission end
- "FireInStation" is a new bounty-crime, and will aggro the station even if the bounty is 0 (anarchy station have protection without law!)
- Hauler art updated and paint job support added
- Delete and recreate the player character game object every time we go into gameplay from the main menu, to avoid stale state bugs
- Updates to the canon poly trail and tracer, also added lights to the impact effects
- Player migration/load balancing improvements
- Docking offences are now 3 stage: verbal warning, fine, bounty.
- If you would be given a bounty of 0 (e.g. anarchy systems) in most cases the station will shoot you anyway.
- Allow replication server to state its availability in a more timely fashion
- Made the generator deal with rotation speed rather than rotation period
- Allow GalaxyOctree to spread generation across multiple frames rather than forcing all work to complete in a single frame, to remove the big stall encountered on loading into a location
- Audio: add a condition capable of looking at the player ship's acceleration
- Expose the min/max limits for the FOV slider in GraphicOptionsScreenActivity in its spec
- CrimeComponent now consults the LocationCrimeComponent for laws and jurisdiction
- Fix problem with outfitting cameras
- If you disband a Private Group, the 'Create a Group' button disappears fixed
- Pressing escape returns from Friends and Private Groups to main menu
- The friends/Ignore/Blocked lists can now be interacted with a controller
- The friends list now gives feedback that it is searching
- When distributing galaxy billboards, use a cheap LCG instead of the very expensive Mersenne Twister to provide random numbers
- Fixed misaligned GUI Right mini panel bone in Type 6
- Reducing the harshness of the spotlights in the hangars and a quick pass of the ambient lighting
- Galaxy map/generation optimisations
- Stop directional lights leaking in when sampling an environment map
- Price at confirm process now formated
- Message to let players know they do not have enough credits when attempting to purchase someonthing they do not have enough credits for
- Improved outfitting controls
- Unreadable text Red text on red background menu option fixed
- Replaced the distribution of asteroid types in rings to a classification system for rings. Currently rings can be classified as metallic, rocky or icy
- Some fixes to the generation of a planets spin,should no longer get planets spinning so fast that they would spin themselves apart
- Trade commodities list order not standard fixed
- Distance meter cut off when exceeding 1,000,000.00ls fixed
- Changed tolerance value for overlapping nav markers
- Cockpit UI overhaul
- Render Schematics only in relevant views
- Removed that the noise on the local dust suppressed the Fresnel effect
- Replace expensive Mersenne twisters with Park-Miller sequence when determining the position jiggle of local dust clouds
- Increase connection time-out for specific replication instructions
- Added more detailed audio triggers to the animations on the side panels
- Rebalanced the colour of the missile explosions
- Fix when the starport services menu appears that you are in the fuel and muntions menu and that the top panel is not displaying correctly
- Prevent remnants of previous menu remain after entering new menu
- Galaxy map economy colours and labels bore no resemblance to the filters they manipulated fixed
- Point Defence wasn't excluding itself from firegroups properly
- Improvements to shield effects
- Transmit migrate messages in parallel rather than in sequence
- Reduced trading commodity restock rate to be 10% of its previous speed, it should now completely refill a market between 40 hours and 10 days
- Weapons consumption of ammo is now independent of it's class. Railguns now use ammo!
- Added audio events for radar contacts increased, hostile contacts increase, fuzzy contacts decrease and contacts with hardpoints deployed increase
- Fixed missing schematics for type6 and viper ships
- Ensure damage models are given a location before spawning
- When AIs hyperspace away they now choose a system to hyperspace to. It must be within range, and have a space station somewhere in it
- Stop untargeted drops from cruise could land a player within a stations 20km push-out zone
- Reduced the bloom from the strip lights in the hangars
- Updated lods for Hauler
- If a player exits without a clean shutdown, report via telemetry
- Get starting ship & location from webserver
- Ensure AI group members turn hostile (show red on the radar) when being asked to attack by their group leader
- Reduced the blue emissive element of the class4_A idle engines
- If a machine has 4 or more cores set the main thread and render thread to highest priority
- Tick all modules revisited
- Can now text chat with anyone in the comms panel
- Fixed use of local talk channel before it is initialised
- Gunsight simplification and art-pass
- Added an astro definition for terrestrial-low-temperature-volcanic planets
- Audio: Added power distributor malfunction event
- Removed text justification from mission text on cockpit panel
- Added Friends Management Option to Pause Menu
- Fixed module panel highlight being brighter than all the others
- 15s timer when trying to quit while "in Danger"
- Friend's requests clickable area is now only on accept / decline buttons
- Added option to mute a voice channel and moved the voice channel open/closed notification
- When the hardware cursor is turned off the mouse cursor now reaches the edges of the screen
- Clients can now identify rescue sessions from general 'game' sessions
- Locations arent always easy to read fixed
- Increased number of visible locations on cockpit locations panel from 10 to 20
- Fixed incorrect values for Type 6 fuel
- Ship is "Endangered" if there is a nearby hostile contact or the life support is dead (and you're undocked)
- Fix station navmarker drift
- Updated star description text
- Burst lasers should not consume ammo
- Binding fields now display multi button options
- Added gas giant meta module. A large module that integrates most of the features of a gas giant
- Eagle GUI no longer too big and overlapping
- Improved lighting for rich station interiors
- Made the chat window combo pop-up background completely opaque - as text underneath was showing through making menu options hard to read
- No heat is actualyl dissipated when you're buttoned up, so you can't Run cold and silent indefinitely unless *everything* is off. The previous minimum dissipation value now simply acts as en emission clamp so that silent targets can still be detected slightly
- Fixed Missing information in the Status panel
- Speedometer's line reference is no longer cut off
- Optimise send scheduling
- Pressing X to "Apply" in Options menus now works again
- Fix for glass windscreen particles not inheriting velocity of the ship
- Commodity market shouldn't show demand/supply level of zero
- Change the black/white gradient on confirm your choice on the ship destroyed menu
- A bunch of optimisations for culling kinematics and greebles by using more trivial rejection
- Rework background receive thread to be one per run
- Added audio support for thrusters in self and other ships
- Fix up the MotionIndicatorGUI so that it can be used in both Supercruise and normal flight with different settings, only enabled in normal flight if flight assist is off
- Don't let Scaleform use the dynamic glyph cache when running on a multi-GPU machine: Prevents missing and/or flickering text characters
- Gatling gun muzzle flash now timed correctly and is more of a gatling gun muzzle flash instead of a missile muzzle flash
- Audio: Smoothing thrusters rtpc parameter
- Module list unresponsive while a new module is being fitted fixed
- Additional glow/cross/ring effect for bright stars
- Tweaks to distant star billboard settings
- Let the game recognise an XB1 controller plugged to the PC as a regular gamepad
- Fixed a late initialization of the star that cause it's textures to be created after the whole game loaded
- Tweak to EnterLocation's check for swapping servers on Hyperspace jump - only check for this if in 'all' play
- Audio: sending drive thruster contribution as an rtpc for other ships
- Fixed friends management screen bug with handling enter key on particular buttons
- Added confirm popups on unfriend, block and kick player actions
- Allow upload data rate to be capped in a final build
- Slight re-order so we don't leave stale motion lines when disabled
- Give the cockpit GUI the ability to do different things with cargo units that are not owned by the player but are carried with permission. Crime scanners should not report cargo as stolen if it is not owned by the player but is carried with permission
- Beam lasers now have lights attached to their impacts Beam laser impact lens flare improved Also fix for beam laser muzzle flash lights now remain on whilst firing by changing the control variable from IsFiring to IsFiringContinuous
- Fix to prevent spinner-locking on friends management screen while sending new friend requests
- Orbis name fix
- Corrected the star hotspots output
- Reduced the maximum size of the gas giant storms
- Fixed some areas where UI was getting clipped outside its UV space
- Type 9 art updates
- Fix choosing/discarding old layout weapons make no difference on price
- Rather than a fixed shield health multiplier, Shields now use an optimised mass-based calculation so they they can scale with ship size in nice ways
- In case of planet textures creation or the normal map generation gets cancelled release the temporary textures
- Kinematic lods added
- Optimisation for advancing empty phase containers
- Soft thrust limits are implemented, defaulting to 40% for reverse and 60% for transverse. These limit the top speed you can reach in non-forward directions, but will not cause problems when you rotate. If you rotate into a case where you're breaching these limits you'll bleed off speed slowly.
- FAOff speed bleedof is now the same as FAOn.
- FAOff now uses the same Time-To-Target acceleration curves to smooth out acceleration while boosting or near the top end.
- Rail forces act correctly when the player was recently applying transverse thrust and is now doing nothing, effect being that transverse acceleration and deceleration are once again equal.
- Reduce ships being able to get above their maximum speed while pitching boosting and thrusting simultaneously. This might still occur and need a revisit due to timestep issues.
- Changes to gas giant colour and physical parameter generation
- Fixes on the band frequency for gas giants
- Anaconda art updates
- Fixed missing target sight groups
- Cockpit cargo list now shows correct icons
- Added dark backdrop to aid readability on side panels
- Stop NPC's regularly flying into the Impeccable and exploding/becoming stuck
- Apply cost modifier to illegal commodities when selling as well as buying
- Ensure we still process microphone data through the gate even if the user requests that it be muted to avoid invalidating gate release while open
- Added support for different normal gbuffer formats (32 and 64 bit azimuthal, 32 bit best fit normals)
- Fixed the hangar spot lights flickering
- Pulled the ZNear plane for the SchematicsNodeView camera a little closer to prevent clipping when the camera gets too close while boosting
- Class1_A idle exhaust texture now more subtle
- Updates to panel background chrome to bring it more in line with cockpit style
- Reordering hardpoints to standardise order across ships in outfitting
- Point defence hardpoints now cannot commit crimes
- Added new icons to navigation panel to represent locked and current locations
- If Oculus Rift isn't present or the SDK could not be initialised, don't show the Oculus Rift options in the 3D dropdown list part of the graphic options menu
- Fix for fuel gauges in large ships (anaconda / type9) when not showing proper main tank fuel value
- Audio: Enabled focus rtpc for thruster emitters
- Added a lens flare to the medium lateral thrusters
- Consider recently-encountered players when selecting islands for MatchMakingParameters
- Fix for null machine being removed from session
- Adding a large spot light in the far right corner to help with ship lighting
- Player can now exit using controller if no missions are present on bulletin board
- Updated lighting model
- Being near a star heats you up
- Ensure we check for object before assessing its relevancy for replication
- Audio: Change how we handle explosions slightly
- Updated shadow depth slope bias to reduce artefacts across the surface of asteroids
- Recharging text shows up over target display fixed
- Update available jump destinations when the ship mass changes (e.g. jettisoning cargo).
- Changed comms key to C as it wasn't being used for anything in this scheme (Keyboard only)
- Reduced visibility of scanlines in internal and external panels
- The camera should not shake when the ship is docked
- Expose parameters for the GUI brightness scale and amber glow scale
- Audio: Setting the proper reverb options to station inner dock and landing pads emitter definitions
- Reduced gap between commodity min and max prices by 50% when the capacity < 500
- Fix some unexpected disconnections from server, which were due to the ACK not being sent because of other higher priority messages
- Request a new server list on the very first entry into game, as we may want to switch to a different server based on the starting starsystem
- Updated gui brightness slider setting to turn light emitted off at dimmest setting
- Ship Outfitting now has more cinematic camera angles.
- Standardised the order in which modules appear across all ships (largest to smallest).
- Stopped the 'seasick' camera motion and replaced it with something more subtle.
- Adjusted a light on large landing pad.
- Tweak to camera shake code to stop long large movement at the beginning of the animation.
- Keybinding to open/close the Galaxy Map
- Updated the appearance of the 'charging' bar for supercruise in the external panel and the front view
- Procedural node doesn't need a blend surface. Saves 8mb of GPU at 1080p,more in multi monitor mode.
- Update Oculus SDK to version 0.4.1
- More subtle fog in stations now that new tonemap is activated
- Updates to landing pad spot lights
- Can now exit the Report Player UI with the control pad
- Fixed issue with info panel log entries not having there alpha reset after fading out
- Optimisations for deferred shading
- Audio: Making sure that AudioThrusterReporter activity waits for the thruster to be registered as an audio emitter before attempting to use it
- Fix thrusters firing based on Speed in FA off, they now only key to aceleration in this case
- Don't do anything in the advance for ModuleCameraPositioner if the target ship is dying - because all of our interfaces on it will be invalid
- Reduced the brightness of the sensor alpha and fixed the colour of the sensor diff - this changes the appearance of the cockpit radar/scanner
- Fixed sliding vent on Sidewinder
- Changed the neutral schematic colour and the 'self' colour to a true orange
- Changed the colour of the power bars and hull gauge to match the neutral schematic colour
- Audio: set correct emitters and ranges for other ships engines and boosts
- Changed the neutral stalk colour to be more orange than yellow
- Moved the "Galaxy Map" button out of the list and added a "System Map" button.
- Added jump range numerical value to the navigation info in the galaxy map.
- Refactored the jump range calculation to make the use of cargo and fuel mass obvious
- Ship wear now make ships take more damage
- Only use the optimised integer flags path in DX11 since some shader profiles do not have full integer support
- Can now use controller to exit after backing out from the graphics options
- Audio: fix weapon spin up audio
- Check the ShouldRenderVisualEffects flag is set before rendering geometry shadows
- Pushed the Z Near plane value for SchematicsNodeView cameras a bit further out
- Ensure we always return a valid location on resurrect
- ECM now scales to accurate size depending on how long module was charging for
- Stop the local star billboard from self-dimming
- Current firegroup configuration now display for a brief time when you change firegroup.
- 3 different bar types for ammo (ammo, energ and charge)
- An ammo string has replaced the ammo counts that were sent to the UI to allow for some customisation (e.g. ECM displays a distance value)
- You can change firegroup when weapons are stowed
- Audio: added stellar ambiences system for normal flight
- Hauler art tweaks/fixes
- Jump range added to ship status panel
- Bloom now has two levels of quality: High (the default one) and Low (a somewhat subtle effect, with less passes). Added a new scalable render feature for Bloom, and wired the quality levels with methods implemented
- Audio: MultiCannon overheating bug fix: gun fire does not continuously play
- Systems can now have secondary economy
- Initialise the ammo count for heatsink launchers to avoid weird results
- Arriving from hyperspace now triggers the frameshift cooldown as originally intended
- Cockpit side panels now have the full set of detail sound triggers for the flickery effect
- Fixed FuelManager not updating fuel weight when docked
- Cockpit module list is now sorted by maximum power drain, rather than current power drain
- Fixed the central gunsights not being hidden by default, resulting in 2 transparent quads being rendered to the centre of the screen
- fuel usage is now shown as tonnes per hour. (tonne is the normal fuel unit and design is that a chunk of fuel is about an hours gameplay)
- Location list now shows all jumps within the max jump range and indicates that jumps are out of range because of mass (and not fuel as before.)
- Fix VFX light sources being one frame behind the particle effect, which was very noticable on the cockpit fire
- Added diagnostics/log messages when NewObjectLetter fails (eg due to mismatched versions of game)
- Velocity inheritance on missile trails now behaving properly
- Fix for out of order drawing of low lod asteroids
- Updates to the generation of volcanism and atmospheres to the planets
- This has changed how bodies are classified, now there are 3 sets of classification: body type, atmosphere type and volcanism type
- Disable the Distress beacon and Self Destruct while docked
- Carried cargo can now be identified as stolen,couriered or marked
- Audio: post events when we enter a location specifying the type of the new location and the type of the old location
- Copy player session data rather than moving it for island migration in case players opt-out from server switching
- Fix for selection of systems in the galaxy map not working when the side-by-side stereo mode is enabled
- Allow stations to spawn their own ships
- Fix for HUD panels disappearing when entering hyperspace
- 'Fog' added to rings
- Updated ship masses to reflect actual hull masses rather than the temp ones with module weights baked in
- When forking authority use the 'object appears in new session' mechanism to broadcast forkage
- Ring lighting improvements
- Fix for AI ambient traffic ships having potential to be created with more cargo than they can carry
- Adding new medium thruster effect and updating small and large effects to make sure they don't clip through geometry
- Add a new graphics quality setting controlling the resolution of filtered cubemaps
- Added ranking to the targetinfo panel and the target reticle.
- Tweaked ring material parameters to help hide lod transitions
- Tweaked distant billboard lighting to allow a bit more variation
- Fixed issue with yaw into roll description
- The weapon range indicators and the target distance both use the same code so they agree
- Audio: make sure that we explicitly virtualise emitters when we're not updating any in the group
- Improved separation between headers and stat item renderers
- Made secondary fire group indicator more readible
- Fixed cut-off distance on target info
- Remember focused element when switching away from missions list
- Improved readability of text on dialogue box
- Support ships without shield generators, rather than leaving the shield in a half initialised state
- Roll the boosted maximum speed into the flight model so that it can be affected by both engine pips and ship mass
- Silent running turned off (briefly?) when view the galaxy map
- Updated impact markers on gunsights to match new style
- Increased horizontal size of navigation markers to solve a number of loc issues
- Gave warning message 2 extra lines to handle our longer messages
- Allow a proportion of ships spawned by MaintainRandomShipPopulation to start docked in the station
- Desaturate the star light when distant from the star
- Tweaked values to reduce range between worst case and best case modifiers to flight model behaviour
- Fix Missiles 'missing' the things they hit
- Fix disbanding and reforming a group will show the old group members
- Audio: Changed behaviour of ship rotation rtpcs when flight assist is OFF
- Updated fuel reservoir sizes to reflect the rebalance from the new module slot layout stuff
- Adjusted colour of the impact lights
- Anaconda art updates
- Audio: Set up code ready for station wealth levels to be implemented
- When asking the server for an available launch pad, list all possible launch pads, making sure they're ordered by pad size, but randomly within groups of the same pad size
- Fixed render layers/ordering for star trail rendering so that they correctly darken with the rest of the star during hyperspace effects
- Resupply All now available from Station services 'home' screen
- Station menu mesh now has a stronger bend, and slightly further away from the camera. Also matched up the cursor hit area better
- Audio: added stationary speed rtpc on AudioShipReporter activity. Smoothed target speed rtpc
- Fixed a problem with a texture being released before the surface when the texture generation process has started and it is cancelled for some reason (when jumping from a star to another)
- Button inputs were getting through to the cockpit services panel while the station menu was up - noew fixed
- Audio: setting attenuation scaling factor to 1 ls for stellar ambience audio objects during normal flight
- Loading screen ship colour changed from yellow to an orange / red hue
- AI no longer boost if they're running hot
- Audio: fixed ScanSuccess flags in AudioHardpointScanner
- ETA on nav markers added
- Fix pressing A while on the Galaxy map while docked will access the Starport menu
- Added height mapped fog to distant planetary rings
- Once a ship has started scanning a target, if the target then moves, start moving towards them at top speed, and head for them rather than the scanning position
- When interdicting (or pirate ambushing) fly at top speed towards the target right from the start
- Improved the look of the ECM effect
- Expose the engine mass modifiers for audio
- Planet textures quality settings are now applied immediately
- Station LOD tweaks
- Galaxy map UI now flat-on to camera
- Only perform near fading of distant ring effects when there are near asteroid cells to render
- Add "Waiting in queue" message while under docking computer control and waiting in the holding pattern
- Stop ship rotating while waiting in holding pattern so it looks less broken
- Tweaked sensor parameters and heat dissipation stats
- Fix calculation of available space for fragmenting letters
- Tweaked heat generation values for power plants such that lower class produces more heat than higher class
- Fix FireGroups not saving properly
- Updated dissipation values
- Obstacle avoidance does not function for docking-computer-controller player ships fixed
- New function for shadows on planetary rings. This gives a solid shadow core and a soft penumbra
- Improved AI Viper powerplants so they don't shut down when deploying weapons
- Audio: move listener update to a later point in the frame so we don't end up with last frame's stale, possibly yet to be for-shifted, camera transform
- Give the stereo extra display (used for showing the undistorted image of the left eye on a separate window) a default size which is more suited to DK2
- Explosion effects updates
- Fixes on orphaned texture surfaces when the texture creation process is cancelled
- Audio: Increased gain loss compensation for rotational rtpcs when flight assist off. Changed speed relative rtpc when flight assist is off. Changed stationary speed rtpc to have a more long decay
- Improve AI aiming with projectile weapons
- Time warp fixes for Oculus
- Fix a bug in LetterSchedulingRecord - was not taking Level into account if Urgency was 1.0
- Audio: don't do the work to update the orientation of emitters unless we actually need to
- More updates to ice impact effects and lighting
- Audio: RTCP and audio states created for different engine classes and ship mass modifier
- When sending a naked SEQ, remember it incase we need to resend - fixes some random disconnections
- Updated Oculus SDK to version 0.4.2. This SDK isn't compatible with runtimes 0.4.0 and 0.4.1, so installation of runtime 0.4.2 is mandatory
- Crime sysytem server moderated
- Fix for menu focus being lost when returning to the main menu
- Audio: smoothing transitions on stationary speed rtpc when switching flight assist on / off
- Viper - Tweaked some flight stats; lowered boost speed and manoeuvrability slightly
- Allow NPCs to start with stolen cargo
- Cargo crimes working again
- Flush DX11 immediate context in swap() and also after any operation that copies data to a readable staging surface, to ensure timely submission and maximum possible GPU time for GPU operations to complete before the application attempts to retrieve results
- Tweaked how dust motes are pushed away by the camera. The push volume is scaled by the mote size so you don't get large motes with odd motion near to the camera. The volume is also skewed by the camera forward vector so motes in front of you move sooner
- Fixed tangent space generated by the mote shader so they light correctly
- AI - when flying away to hyperspace, go at maximum speed, full engine pips
- If an AI can't find a system to jump to, just keep running away forever, which is better than sitting still doing nothing
- Fix AI ships not responding to AI attacks
- Allow for voice comms with friends outside of a session
- Prevent the player from accepting the same mission again and again
- Backround displays player as docked regardless if they are when entering starport services fixed
- Fix the commodity market simulation's detection of whether a market is a net producer or a net consumer
- Added reactive and mirrored armour for the hauler
- Changes to galaxy map star colour mix, size enhancement, and making sure the daughters stars follow the same colouration
- Show loan terms in the resurrection dialog - implementation Ensure Death sequence functionality is communicated to the Player
- Compute jump distance and exclude current system from location & multi system variable generators
- AI shouldn't hyperspace if at 0% hull
- Unable to navigate the friends menu with certain joystick hat sticks fixed
- Improvements to the ring band generation to give more variation to the ring textures
- Eagle art fixes
- When overriding the Post-GUI FOV (currently only done in the system map), make sure the overriding FOV is adjusted taking into account the aspect ratio
- Update the way we do interdictions and player events to use the state of the system and player to make a weighted choice of scenario
- Tweak far labels in galaxy map
- AI update. trying to get ai be better at turn wars
- Various heat based changes. Should be able to target ships farther out than before
- Weapon and module icons for class,size and mounting type
- Add a mission's advertised reward to bulletin board
- Fix for players dropping out of sessions (which fixes treatment of wake maintenance)
- Added the weapon mount icons to the weapon status HUD
- Avoid dereferencing m_islandHook when it may be null
- Added support for grouping scalable render features, so that a quality setting can be specified for the whole group and that translates automatically into per-feature quality settings. Grouped background quality and planet quality into the new 'Environment quality' setting, and also grouped light cones, lens flares and debris limit into 'FX quality'
- Add a shader which uses a Fresnel calc for it's diffuse. Allows for arbitrary shapes in the GalaxyMap and not just a sphere for jump radius
- Mission icons added
- AI update. making high skilled ai better
- Allow docking computer to go faster when inside station
- When in a local session create a dummy IslandHook so that Alloc clients don't need to worry about the distinction between local and net allocs
- Rebalanced the damage decals and gave them a slower cool down
- Changes to letter fragmentation for increased resilience against lost packets and packet reordering
- Immediately update cash when you perform a mission action when looking in the bulletin board
- Blue artifacts left behind from Pulse laser.This should now be fixed, reduced brightness of lights
- When calculating the Z coordinate for the schematics billboards, prefer the average value of the bounding box vertex coordinates in clip space rather than taking the minimum
- Fix police going to the wrong location when scanning target
- Lens Flare rebalance
- Lighting improvements
- Particle Effect improvements
- AI now obey 5 second countdown timer before jumping
- Headlights now useful and look good
- Unable to select livery using an xbox controller fixed
- Make sure presets affect the material quality setting
- Lend flare revamp
- AI update. make low skilled ai easier
- When showing the list of items that the player can buy for a given slot in outfitting: 1) Sort the item list by price. 2) Show all items that fit regardless of the price. 3) Grey out items that are too expensive
- Don't discard old incomplete fragmented letters if they are supposed to be reliable
- Gave the cockpit compass some love, so try and draw peoples attention to it, as it's really rather handy. It'll now hide when there's no appropriate nav item selected, and will show and pulse when . . . You're out of alignment for a jump, When you change your location
- Make sure that a badly timed supercruise exit can't randomise MainGameFlow
- Minor tweaks to the firegroups panel
- Save the galaxy map opening animation for the tutorial
- If sending a very large replication letter (65k bits or more) use reliable fragments so if we lose any, we only have to retransmit any missed fragments not the whole lot
- Reduced the displayed connections to the hovered system only in the galaxy map
- Just "Quit To Main Menu" instead of "Save And Quit..."
- Warzone scenarios tell LocationInformation that we're in a warzone, so CrimeComponent will stop handing out punishment for attacking people
- Projectile weapon fire optimisations
- Only update a session's name if creating a new one, not if matching an existing one
- Added the setting 'Oculus Image Quality', a slider that controls the parameter 'Pixels per Display Pixel' passed to the SDK when calculating the recommended texture size. This gives users more control to find the right balance between quality and performance for their particular setup. Since low values of the setting can have a very dramatic effect (e.g. text can become unreadable), the user is asked to confirm the selection even when only this setting has been changed (using the already existing confirmation dialog). The slider is only enabled if stereo mode is set to Oculus Rift, and it will not be shown in the graphic options screen if an Oculus Rift wasn't detected
- Added increasing player-faction relationship and faction boom on trade mission complete and reducing player-faction relationship on mission failure
- Highlight the compass when the navigation waypoint changes to the pad
- L is now default landing gear button for pad schemes
- Docking AI, add action to perform if docking permission is refused, to get AI to hyperspace away in these situations
- In cockpit GUI revamp
- Stop damage decals showing up on cockpit surfaces
- VFX optimisations to missiles - there was no need to have individual detonation, impact and self destruct explosions
- Night sky graphics tweaks
- Changed navigation panel icons to always be legible
- Fixed fire groups numbering issue
- Update shield effects
- Lowered mass of weapons
- Tweaked engine power used for boosting
- Added resending of mission accept requests until we receive a response from the webserver
- Asteroid rendering optimisations
- Prevent belated state transitions from two activities that could trigger one frame into the next state - fixes some very timing-specific game exit bugs
- Allowed client to recover from the available mission list never being delivered
- Fix firegroups not being big enough for the Anaconda
- Disabled depth testing for the landing pad schematic material as its billboard is now partially occluded by the cockpit after the Oculus depth
- Fixed incorrect dependencies for gimbal and turret weapons
- Removed vignette from cockpit services panel
- Changed the appearance of the firegroups panel to make it easier to read
- Max upload rate now capped to 250k bytes / sec by default, to help prevent isp traffic shaping
- Updates to the schematic sobel shader to make them closer to the concept art
- Gamma correction option added
- Rebalance of hyperspace effects
- Removed default option to deploy weapons on trigger press. Now Key_U or a specific joystick button will deploy by default
- Updated market categories for beryllium and gallium to be metal
- Hydrogen Fuel now listed as HYDROGEN FUEL, not HYDROGEN FUELS
- Planet shader now uses gamma corrected surface which reduces over brightening. Also updated earthlike and metal rich worlds
- B type stars slightly less cyan
- Colours of Sudarsky classed giants biased more to their respective ranges
- Adding mission selection about mission giver minor faction types and states
- Replaced the stand-in ships in the showroom with low-poly baked-texture versions
- Reduced the effect of motion lines in super cruise
- Automatically add suitable paintjobs and wear to ships created through the auto-ship-creation-system
- Made cargo hatch a size 1 class 1 module and changed the cargo hatch slot to be of the same size to make the module list cleaner
- When there's an authority conflict happening, do not disable flag on any subsidiary objects that have already been created
- Increase the timeout for EnterLocation's CreatePlayerShip sub-activity from 45 to 90 seconds
- Change the way the camera plane normal is calculated to avoid squaring large numbers multiple times
- Gauges, navigation panel and navigation markers now check with the exploration database which details (if any) are know about a particular astral body
- Make sure we cant equip an item to a slot if that item will violate our main engine's mass constraint
- When disabling Oculus stereo mode, if using Direct Access, make sure the swap buffer gets recreated
- Fix problem in resurrect player where we could remove vital modules like the fuel tank from the ship, all the client does now is tell the server which modules it would like to rebuy, and then the server makes all of the decisions about what to put on each slot. For each module slot that we choose not to rebuy, the server will now fill with the item that comes with the free ship of that type
- Updating planets with improved textures
- In a warzone, set our pilot name to be the initials of our faction, e.g. C.O.Z for Corporation of Zanax, ignoring numbers in the faction name and always capitalising
- Set pirate archetypes to be a criminal minor faction, set police to be the minor faction of the body, set everything else to be a random non-criminal minor faction
- Add chatter text for police reinforcements/investigators arriving
- Improve AI ability to use projectile weapons
- Orbis stations had a bit of a blind-spot with defences along the front third of the station, allowing a player to hide there and attack other player without repercussion. Added in an extra turret to help cover this area
- Adjusted the nav beacon ambient traffic to use the new automated system. Also some adjustments to numbers and spawn times
- Performance fix for planet lighting
- Relighting rich station inner dock interior
- In a warzone, auto-name ships even if the archetype field hasn't been set, if no other name has been given
- Made turrets a little bit better at tracking but extended the time it takes for them to change from focused to confused
- Updated RandomSoloPirate/Trader/Smuggler scenarios to use the new automated system
- Updated NPC chatter
- Move Clear Save over to Options, and give it proper UI
- Adding new assassination scenarios and scenario/tag/player event fixes
- Tweaked the alpha clip value on the GUI to reduce the size of the AA stencil mask, this helps the case where schematics are rendered on top of GUI and loose AA on some edges
- Added a render radius to the trade routes
- Improve the rather severe rubberbanding seen in supercruise, when changing reference body this wasn't being handled correctly on proxies
- Fix over-spawning of type 9s when spawning random ambient AI traffic
- Reduce mission related network traffic
- Don't allow AI ships to hyperspace away when under 2% hull
- Shield status for previous target occasionally overlays new target hologram on central HUD fixed
- Wrapping menu focus was borked due to the VerticleScrollingList remembering the last focus - fixed
- Start point moved to outpost
- Add more miners and reduce pirate numbers in asteroid scenarios
- Fix: Disable FAOff when resurrecting or changing ship
- Mix of changes to help the various spawning-docked softlocks (ED-21617 and others):
- Docking requests in the Transfer state will now time out and cancel after 30 seconds, releasing the authority-side allocation.
- When requesting a bay from EDserver, include any bays we already think are allocated to that ship in the request, so it can re-use a bay if possible.
- When receiving a docking request, if there is already an outstanding request from that source then merge the two so we don't generate a ton of spurious requests from the same ship.
- Extend default timeout from 10s to 15s as we are seeing cases where due to server and network load it can take up to 12 seconds for a response
- Removed the unused economies from the galaxy map filter, and tidied up the whole thing while I was at it
- Oxygen depleted text now added to the info panel, this should now be present on all ships
- You can now get much closer to planets
- Sort completed mission to the top of the list
- Fix the numbers in the bottom right hand panel in outfitting, so that we can see clearly our jump range
- Fix for combat bonds having nowhere to redeem. Now every station has a 'Combat bond store' where you can redeem combat bonds for any minor faction in the local system
- Voice Comms: Conversations with Friends now persist through frameshift jumps and game menus
- Outposts: Soundscapes for all scientific outpost modules
- Outposts: Soundscapes for all industrial outpost modules
- Outposts: Soundscapes for all commercial outpost modules
- Outposts: Soundscapes for all civilian outpost modules
- Outposts: Soundscapes for all criminal outpost modules
- Outposts: Soundscapes for all military outpost modules
- Outposts: Outside reverb around outposts modules
- Stations: Soundscape for Bernal Sphere modules
- Travel: Tidied up audio on frameshift transitions
- Travel: Adjusted supercruise engine behaviour
- Travel: Added elements to supercruise to convey subtle movement of acceleration/deceleration
- Ships: Internal sounds for the ASP ship
- Ships: External sounds for the ASP ship
- Ships: New audio flybys, distant, and close engines sounds rolled out across all “non-self” ships
- Ships: Self Ship engines audio now responds to engine power up and power down (when disabled, damaged, or fuel low)
- Ships: Ship thrusters on self are now audible (subtle), and volume is boosted slightly when flight assist is off
- Ships: Ship thrusters on “non-self” ships is also audible (if close enough).
- Ships: Engine audio behaviour correct, when flight assist is disabled, on all playable ships
- Ships: Frameshift charge up audible on “non-self” ships just before they jump into supercruise/hyperspace
- Ships: Cockpit breach sounds fixed
- Ships: Boost rattles enabled on all ships
- Ships: Audio for the Shield Boosting
- GUI: Sounds added to the Radar, when it’s in focus
- GUI: Updated GUI audio for new Cockpit and Station menus
- GUI: Sounds and ambience for the pre-flight checklist (can turn it off in the right side panel).
- Physics: Boom! (explosions updated).
- Physics: Added a distanced based pause to secondary explosions for delayed aural pleasure.
- Physics: Ice impacts added.
- Weapons: Audio for slugshot added
- Weapons: Audio for Huge Cannon
- Weapons: Updated deploy and stow audio for all hardpoints and weapons
- Weapons: Tweaks and fixes to audio of Pulse laser, beam laser, multicannon, duplicated missile locks etc
- Exploration: Ambient soundscapes added to various types of stellar bodies. (Stars, planets, Stations, outposts, galactic core)
- Exploration: First iteration of exploration audio (more planned!)
- System Map: System map now has interactive stellar ambiences for each stellar body type.
- Music: Added supercruise Music
- Music: Added exploration music
- Music: Improved combat music behaviour
- Mix: Improvements to how bass frequencies are managed (eg, rumble when entering stations, and numerous other places)
- Mix: Distance based sound filtering improvements.
- Mix: General mix improvements


More patches today, hardly surprising. Hats off to 'em though. Hope I get some time to play tonight.

AWith my Star Citizen purchase if I don't receive my very own real life fighter that can cruise around our solar system I'll be sorely disappointed now that they've reached 55 MILLION DOLLARS in funding, jesus fuck.

Coming soon from Roberts Space Industries: Wizard, the small moon you can fly around the galaxy affecting any planets tidal systems or crash into Hyrule. Now for only $999, pre-order now for the special Le Voyage dans la Lune skin.

thanks for the reminders to boot up the launcher and get the new patch. Will give it a brand new spin this weekend.

Seriously debating getting this now or waiting for the full release for 25 bucks cheaper.  Especially if it's coming out later this year.  Yeah, I'm a cheap bastard.  But really wanting to pull my Saitek out of the closet.


Well, they've already announced Beta 3 for the end of this month so it's starting to look like they really are going to get to full release by the end of the year, so I'd recommend waiting a few weeks. If they're moving as quickly as they appear to be moving we can't be far off a final release date announcement.


Well, finally got a chance to dig in to Beta 2.4 last night, and the improvements are legion. In one evening, doing little more than courier missions between 1-jump stations, I managed to upgrade my Sidewinder to an Eagle and equip it with 3 pulse lasers, and still had about 7k credits leftover. That's something that took me many hours to do in Beta 1. Today I hope to get gimbals and maybe a missile launcher. Also gonna try to get to the Sol system...


Really, really enjoying this game. I love being rewarded for exploring new systems. I need to get better at dogfighting, though. Stupid pirates.

AI feel my resolve of waiting for release date slowly cracking.

If 25 bucks is near and dear to you, (as it is to most of us normals, I'd imagine), I'd say wait for release. But as it is, I can honestly say this is the best 75 bucks I've ever spent on a game, not to mention a pre-release game. I dropped 50 on Star Citizen, and the fucking sound doesn't even work unless I drop my unit down to stereo. Shit, I paid near 50 for Watch_Dogs and haven't even touched it. Elite is the goods, and deserves support. These guys have heart, as the Beta 2.0 update showed this week. They were ALL OVER the bugs and fixes needed, working around the clock to get it right.

Sorry if I sound like I'm evangelizing, but this shit is amazing.

ANo way man, you keep on preaching! Im loving hearing that this game is that good.

Originally Posted by Jacob Singer View Post

Really, really enjoying this game. I love being rewarded for exploring new systems. I need to get better at dogfighting, though. Stupid pirates.

I've noticed that pirate interdictions seem to be happening more often. It didn't happen once in Beta 1, but I've been attacked twice so far in this beta (One win, one loss). Love that you can collect exploration data while doing other jobs, and the bulletin board is much improved. it's definitely a much more diverse and productive way to earn credits in the early stages. The only negative is that I'm getting CTDs every now and again, which didn't happen before. Still, the game's good about saving your location and cargo so you never lose too much progress.


Just bought a Viper this evening. Probably should have saved up for a Cobra, but fuck it. Missions actually pay out fairly handsomely now, though they nerfed Cartography with the latest 2.05 patch. I'd love to test out some of the higher-level stuff, but I know I'll just get wiped in Beta 3.0.

Oh well. Still loving it. C'mon Star Citizen, catch up.


Yeah, missions are hugely improved IMO. Now they actually encourage travelling to new systems, which is what you want rather than farming the same old trade routes. I hope they don't nerf the cartography stuff too much in the release version, as I plan to be doing a lot of that stuff.

Have deliberately avoided spending too much on a new ship, but getting a lot of value out of the Eagle. The cargo space sucks and in combat it's marginally better than the Sidewinder but not much more, but it has a better hyperdrive which is perfect for the missions. I'm actually starting to feel the map open up to me now, rather than the narrow channels you're stuck with thanks to the Sidewinder's pissweak drive.


I was two jumps away from SOL earlier today, but with my cargo I had too much mass to make the interim jump. Gotta head back there soon.

The cartography thing is almost certainly a bug. Sometimes I'll scan a planet and it will keep displaying the "You've Discovered A New blah blah blah..." on a loop, as if I were discovering dozens of things at a time. And on a base, half the time the cartography menu won't even find the server. Seems like a new bug, I'm sure they're working on it.


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