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The Ash Vs Evil Dead Thread

I'd like to propose an official thread for this upcoming series where we can discuss the new adventures of Ash as they happen in real time. This is the continuation of a story that so many fans have been waiting for since Army of Darkness, almost 25 years ago. With Starz giving carte blanche to Raimi and his team, I'm expecting the Evil Dead universe to expand the Deadite mythos in a lot of new and exciting ways. I'm hoping that the series can retain the spirit of the movies without feeling like a tired retread or lazy fanboy winking. But more importantly, I'm hoping for new dramatic stakes, bold character development, and fantastical world building--all of which would be very difficult to translate to a single film, so many years removed. Nowadays, I think Evil Dead being on tv is the best possible thing we could ask for! Now I have to go figure out how I'm going to watch it without Starz!


There's actually already a thread here for it.

AAhh phooey! Disregard. My bad
AOh. My. God.

We are in for a treat, True Believers!

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