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Superman Returns - How The Video Game Fell Apart

An in-depth look at the development history.


 "We would send renderings of Superman, and we would get images back from Warner Bros. with his crotch area circled, 'Make this part bigger; make this part smaller.' This went on for months. Somebody trying to get the right balance of, 'Well, I can see he's got something but we don't want to make it too big,'" says the team leader.

For Kurtin, this was business as usual at DC. "I have entire stories of having to do with ... junk. It's just ridiculous."

AI remember seeing quotes in the press on the amount of time it took to get the codpiece that Brandon Routh wore under his Superman costume in a size and shape that Bryan Singer would be happy with.

In hindsight, it's obvious that the game should have had customizable dick size, like Conan Exiles. Every game should have this.
ABaling wire, people. Baling wire.
AI had that game. I played it once, didn't like it and never bothered with it again.
AYou would've liked it more with added Super-Bulge.
ABut yeah, the lack of good Superman games has been a damn shame.

There's a rumour that the Batman Arkham guys are working on a Superman game which hopefully turns out to be true.
AThat would be amazing. Even more so if there are Clark Kent levels, where you gather information through dialogue and subtle power use in order to avoid giving away your identity.

Never played this, but I remember Superman 64 being a plague upon mankind.


Originally Posted by Bartleby_Scriven View Post

Never played this, but I remember Superman 64 being a plague upon mankind.

THE WORST. I couldn't get past flying through all the damn rings. 

As the article mentioned, Superman Returns isn't exactly wall-to-wall action. Was there a mini-game where you floated outside Lois' house, watching her interact with her husband?


I do remember seeing those screenshots of fighting a giant Metallo before the movie coming out and building up expectations...that were not met.

AI was stuck on the first stage in some bullshit arena fight. In the gray suit that he wears at the beginning of the movie. I guess he made a detour on the way home to be in alien cage fights.

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