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20 Years On: Radiohead's OK Computer - The Last Great Rock Album?

Originally Posted by Paul C View Post

The assorted projects of Josh Homme and Omar Rodriquez + Cedric Bixler are the high watermark of 21st century rock IMO.

And that's limiting it to your proper rock rock. If by 'rock' you basically mean popular music with degree of talent and brains there's loads more.

The Mars Volta's Frances the Mute is electrifying, it does to tend to waffle but the opening and closing tracks are tremendous.

OK Computer is the gateway drug for me where Radiohead is concerned, I never much cared for The Bends but it's a good album. I think In Rainbows get's overlooked, it's a tight, focused, back to basics rock album, there's so much energy on that record.


WAIT! Radiohead released more material after OK Computer? I had no idea.

AMuch of their best work in fact! This is your lucky day my friend.

Massive anniversary boxset and rerelease:

A studio version of Lift at long last!


Originally Posted by Paul C View Post

Much of their best work in fact! This is your lucky day my friend.

I respectfully disagree. Other than some random tracks here and there over the years, they effectively ended for me after 1997.


...and I'll take the other view. I enjoy all of their material but find the latest stuff just mesmerizing (I think "King of Limbs" is near perfect from beginning to end!)


The 20th anniversary set is out today including three 'new' tracks, one of which being Lift, a song I've loved for years and years and years! As it turns out, the studio version is almost identical to the live bootleg that's been floating around forever, but it's nice to finally have it.

I always like a bonus disc that's sequenced like a proper album and that's what they've done here. It's basically like a lost 90's Radiohead record, though emphasis on "90's" - while the songs on OKC are timeless, some of the bonus tracks really smack of mid-90's alternative rock, the track Palo Alto especially.

I'm happy they've done it like this, though there's a reason why I've never listened to their b-sides that much. They've always been good at saving their A-grade material for the albums, most of this stuff obviously hasn't been slaved over to the same extent.

As for the album proper, I gave it a proper listen for the first time in some years and while it's too familiar to have the impact it once did, Let Down on good headphones is as close to audio heaven as I'll ever find.

Apparently the box-set version has a cassette with demos and even more rare stuff on it. Roll on that and the Kid A reissue I say...


Thanks for the notification. Hadn't realized they'd be releasing new(ish) tracks for the 20th anniversary set. Will have to pick it up.


Yeah, they've even put out pretty cool videos for two of them:

AOn a related note, Radiohead absolutely killed it at Glastonbury last night. It's on iplayer for those who can get it. Might be on YouTube too.

Yeah, I'm an easy mark for this band but I thought it was superb. All credit to the BBC as well, they put together live DVD-quality recordings of all this stuff on the fly like it's nothing.

The setlist was about as crowd pleasing as you could get while also showing off all sides of the band (the one time I saw them it was a notoriously 'deep cuts' show). It's hard to imagine even the strictest 90's-era fans being too disappointed what with Creep and that brilliant version of Fake Plastic Trees.

Good times to be a fan!


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