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FIRE PRO WORLD wrestling game

Finally started this up this week--I forgot how much of a pain it is to get the grapple timing right. But holy cow it is so much fun to be back into this game series. I got Fire Pro Returns on the PS3, but haven't played in a while, and I used to have a Saturn specifically to play Fire Pro Six Man Scramble. It's $20 in early release on Steam, so it's not fully blown out yet--there are a limited set of wrestlers, but it's the same FP stuff you love, including death matches, exploding rings, and 2D graphics.

AI picked it up a week ago and haven't had much time with it yet. I struggle with the timing, too, and always have with these games.

Does anyone know how to actually get the Steam We workshop wrestlers into the game? I've subscribed to each one I want, but they aren't showing up...

On the fence with this one. I got a game a while back called Pro Wrestling X that really sucked, and the WWE 2K games are fine but wayyyy too repetitive. I'll post my Steam name on here once I snag this.


Once you get in, go to the training stuff. I've done all the 6 or 7 training things so far. The last one was the hardest...throwing your opponent into the corner and then doing a "big" move. It took me forever to get the timing down in the corner. I got to the corner moves/climbing the ropes and stopped there. It just took so long to do the corner/BIG move, I stopped playing. My thumb started hurting too. Lol.


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