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Is Youtube Broken Today?

Look at the recommendations I received today! Usually they're full of movie and videogame stuff (as that's primarily the content I view on Youtube) but today I get this!

How did Youtube know....


...that I've always wondered what was the coolest scene in anime ever???

Aperhaps youtube knows you better than ever?

(the recommendations for my account seem normal... nothing but pop culture video essays... disgusting...)
ACowboy Bebop being in your recommends is a sign you're living life right.

Not just the greatest anime ever but one of the greatest TV shows ever of any genre ever. Fact.

To be honest, I've only ever seen the movie(?) of Cowboy Bebop. I remember liking it, I think. I'm quite tough on anime.

AI'm superduper tough on anime. Can't stand 99.53% of it.

But Cowboy Bebop (with original Japanese voice cast, not the (beloved by many, not by me) English dub) is that good. It's like Firefly, but from before Firefly, but more noir, less Whedon-cute.

(My YouTube recommends are all pretty much in line with the usual stuff I get for what it's worth, so it must be you Mr Saxon. Possibly some bad karma from not loving Blade Runner 2049 enough. Possibly a sign from the heavens that you should better acquaint yourself with Cowboy Bebop.)

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