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REP COMPANY Draft: Round Two - Pither vs. Arjen Rudd
(10-08-2018, 12:43 PM)Pither Wrote:




Directed by Taika Waititi

JANE LEVY as Hermia, daughter of Egeus, in love with Lysander
JOHN BOYEGA as Lysander, beloved of Hermia
LILY JAMES as Helena, lifelong friend of Hermia, in love with Demetrius
NICHOLAS HOULT as Demetrius, suitor to Hermia, approved by Egeus
RUTGER HAUER as Egeus, father of Hermia
JAVIER BARDEM as Oberon, King of the Fairies
MARION COTILLARD as Titania, Queen of the Fairies
AUBREY PLAZA as Puck, or Robin Goodfellow, a hobgoblin in Oberon's service
BRUCE CAMPBELL as Nick Bottom, a weaver; Pyramus in the interlude
ANDRE BRAUGHER as Peter Quince, a carpenter; Prologue in the interlude


The year is 1956. Jeff and Paula Trent attend a midnight spook show, where a psychic describes a series of strange future events: Aliens have been attempting to contact the people of Earth with a dire warning, only to be met with hostility and denials of their existence. As a display of power, two of the aliens enact Plan IX, in which the dead are resurrected as mindless ghouls. The military, the San Fernando police department, and the Trents themselves are all drawn into the escalating chaos.

Directed by David Lynch

JOHN BOYEGA as Jeff Trent, an airline pilot and Air Force veteran. A midair encounter with a UFO sends him looking for answers.
LILY JAMES as Paula Trent, Jeff's wife, and one of the first to notice the strange happenings in a local cemetery.
NICHOLAS HOULT as Eros, an extraterrestrial with a condescending view of Earth and its inhabitants.
JANE LEVY as Tanna, an extraterrestrial and Eros' highly dedicated partner in carrying out Plan IX.
BRUCE CAMPBELL as Colonel Edwards, an Air Force officer charged with covering up the activities of the extraterrestrials.
JAVIER BARDEM as Inspector Dan Clay, a tough cop tasked with investigating a set of strange murders. He falls victim to the undead Mason and Elizabeth Blasko, becoming as they are.
ANDRE BRAUGHER as Lieutenant Harper, the officer who picks up where Clay left off.
MARION COTILLARD as Elizabeth, wife of Mason Blasko. Following her death from a sudden illness, she is revived as a vampiric ghoul.
RUTGER HAUER as Mason Blasko, a wealthy arms manufacturer. He dies shortly after his wife, and in turn becomes a ghoul.
AUBREY PLAZA as the Narrator, a mysterious figure who performs as a spook show psychic.


Near the end of the 16th century, two representatives of the Catholic inquisition arrive in an Alpine community which is from a plague. They have been appointed to investigate simultaneous reports of heresy, witchcraft, and miracles. These claims all center on one woman, the favorite niece of a powerful baron. A powerful force is at work, but is it dark magic, divine intervention, or human folly?

Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos

JOHN BOYEGA as Alberto, a young man raised in a monastery. Though he has not entered the clergy, he is selected to act as a secretary to the inquisitor.
RUTGER HAUER as Father Gregor, the priest appointed as inquisitor for this case.
JAVIER BARDEM as Baron Ambrose Terzano, a nobleman largely regarded as kind and generous, but fiercely protective of his family's secrets.
AUBREY PLAZA as Livia, the baron's niece and sole heir. She is known to engage in peculiar rituals, claims to commune with a spiritual presence, and has begun to draw a following.
MARION COTILLARD as Baroness Judith Terzano, the baron's new wife. She is adamant that Livia is dangerous.
LILY JAMES as Julia, lady's maid to the baroness. At the behest of the baroness, she attempts to ingratiate herself with and monitor Livia.
JANE LEVY as Agnes, a wholly devoted follower of Livia.
BRUCE CAMPBELL as Josef, father of Agnes and gamekeeper on the Baron's estate.
NICHOLAS HOULT as Vincent, a local physician interested in Livia as a potential medical case.
ANDRE BRAUGHER as Simon, a pilgrim who has come seeking the rumored prophet.

(10-10-2018, 06:21 AM)arjen rudd Wrote: ‘I Still Haven’t Figured Out Pictures’


Much Ado About Nothing

Oscar Isaac as Signor Benedick
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Beatrice
Barry Keoghan as Signor Claudio
Corey Stoll as Don Pedro
Kurt Russell as Signor Leonato
Abbi Jacobson as Hero
Jesse Plemons as Don John
Donald Glover as Dogberry
Timothy Chalamet as Verges
Alfre Woodard as Antonia

The Stand

Kurt Russell as Randall Flagg, the Dark Man, the Walkin’ Dude
Donald Glover as Stu Redman
Abbi Jacobson as Frannie Goldsmith
Oscar Isaac as Larry Underwood
Jesse Plemons as Tom Cullen
Timothy Chalamet as Nick Andros
Alfre Woodard as Mother Abigail Freemantle
Barry Keoghan as Harold Lauder
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Nadine Cross
Corey Stoll as Lloyd Henries

The Case of the Sacred Pygmy

Los Angeles, 1948. Private Detective Dixon Hill takes what initially seems like a standard job, tracking down a missing person, only to uncover a massive criminal conspiracy involving politicians, filmmakers, the Irish mob, soviet spies, and a mysterious woman in red. The trail to the truth leads from LA's red light district to the cloistered, sprawling estates of the rich to the corridors of power that run the city, with every clue pointing directly towards a mysterious freighter from the South China Sea, known only as the Sacred Pygmy. Discovering what came in to the Port of Los Angeles on that ship will crack the case wide open, but someone with an enormous amount of influence is trying to make sure that secret stays hidden.

Corey Stoll as Dixon Hill: A WWII veteran and Purple Heart recipient, now working as a private eye. Living job to job (and bottle to bottle). World weary, sarcastic, aching for redemption, though he doesn't know that himself. 
Oscar Isaac as Maxwell Masters: The city's crusading young District Attorney, with an eye on higher office. Famously a bit of a prick. Has a bit of a history with Dixon Hill. Hiding a secret?
Kurt Russell as Calvin Hastings: Movie mogul, entrepreneur, philanthropist. Head of the biggest entertainment conglomerate in the world. Affectionately known as 'Uncle Cal'. Hiding a secret?
Abbi Jacobson as Val Turner: A fleeting glanced woman in a red dress, whose motives and alliances seem to change at random. At one moment a victim caught up in a plot beyond her ability to control, the next seemingly in league with the dark forces at the heart of the plot. Might actually just be schizophrenic.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lenore Jackson: A legal attache working in Maxwell Masters' office, and Dixon's on-again-off-again girlfriend. When push comes to shove, where do her loyalties lie?
Jesse Plemons as Brian 'Tugboat' Maguire: An East Coast mob enforcer, out of place in the City of Angels. Working in the shadows, making witnesses disappear, and running afoul of Dixon at every turn. Who is he working for out here?
Alfre Woodard as Myrlie Winthrop: A well-to-do community leader from San Diego, come to LA in search of her missing son. Discovering how low the glass ceiling can be for a black woman in Los Angeles in 1948.
Timothy Chalamet as Tad: Came to LA with hopes of hitting it big in the film industry, but instead hit the boulevard of broken dreams like a brick through a window. Works in the sex industry, and may have been a key witness to the true contents of the Scared Pygmy's secret cargo.
Donald Glover as Jason Winthrop: A brilliant young man whose unusual intelligence has opened a great many doors not usually afforded for men of his race at the time. It also made him a target, and appears to have led to his disappearance.
Barry Keoghan as Grover Hastings: A scion of one of LA's wealthiest families. Initially seems like your garden variety spoiled rich brat, but he may indeed be something even worse: a sociopath, willing to act on his most violent fantasies.

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