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Weird City
So this was highly recommended by a few friends.  Jordan Peele has some involvement in it, but he hasn't shown up as an actor in any of the sketches I've seen.  This is kind of a comedic riff on Twilight Zone/Black Mirror style anthologies (these are becoming all the rage ....).

I would say it was largely hit or miss for me.  The Cera episode (the second one) had some genuinely laugh out loud moments ... including a sequence with his cell phone that is one of the funniest gags I've ever seen.  The other two episodes I've watched?  Even with the short running time (24 minutes) they dragged.  The one with Al Bundy felt like it could have comfortably been cut down to a 4-6 minute SNL skit.  I gave up on another one maybe ten minutes in.

A little too one-note and WAY too uneven with the humor, but an interesting show.

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