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Final Deadline - 2019 Short Film Fund
[Image: SFF-1200x630-April.jpg]
It's the FINAL CALL FOR ENTRIES for our 2019 Short Film Fund Competition!
Don't miss out - Shore Scripts Short Film Fund offers writers the opportunity to become a produced screenwriter. Shore will be commissioning at least one short film script with a budget up to $15,000.
Screenplay submissions close Midnight 2nd May PT.
JUDGES: The produced Short Film(s) will be sent to 36 OSCAR, BAFTA, EMMY & GOLDEN GLOBE winning Judges.
DEVELOPMENT: The Top 5 Finalists will receive an exclusive feedback report from our judges with suggestions on how the writer can further develop their project.
INDUSTRY ROSTER: The Top 15 Finalists will have their scripts sent to our complete roster of 150+ directors, production companies, agents, and managers.
SUCCESS STORIES: We have also helped 60+ writers gain representation, option, sell, and even have their screenplays produced.
SCRIPT SCORE: You will be able to view your script score. This will be released once we announce our Finalists.
For all the details, go to

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