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THE CLONE WARS - brought to you by Chancellor Palpatine in partnership with DISNEY+
Eh Kennedy's not only got 4 decades of experience as a producer, many of the films she's produced are classics. Filoni's experience is limited to running animated shows, and directing and writing a few episodes of The Mandalorian.

Plus, Dave Filoni's an extremely talented, cool guy, and I'll follow anything he makes with interest, but finale arcs of his shows aren't really representative of the rest of the seasons. A lot of Clone Wars is mediocre (but it's very rarely worse than that, and it's sometimes very very good).
Early on, Clone Wars suffers from what a lot of series suffer from -- the seemingly obligatory 22-episode season. Which leads to a lot of filler along the way. Once they get down to about a dozen episodes in the final two seasons, things pick up. And Rebels and Mando have benefitted from the shorter format too.
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(04-26-2020, 04:09 AM)rexbanner Wrote: Eh Kennedy's not only got 4 decades of experience as a producer, many of the films she's produced are classics. 

And when she finally became top dog she oversaw the creation of a fucking abysmal trainwreck.

Eh, producing a few recent lousy movies shouldn't tarnish a decades long lecacy of producing many great movies, right?

Git' in under mah belly!
Last four eps pretty much nailed it. Last two scenes TOTALLY nailed it.
Yeah, this finale was exactly the shot in the Star Wars arm I needed after Rise of Skywalker. With some trimming, this could have been a fantastic 2 hours 30 film.
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Agreed — I’m seeing lots of sentiment on other sites right now for taking these final 3-4 episodes and releasing them theatrically (or on Disney+) as a “Star Wars: The Siege of Mandalore” movie (making an interesting bookend to the entire series with the 2008 recut pilot-film). Hell, I’d pay to see it on the big screen at least once. That finale was absolutely incredible.
"These guys are pros, Michael. They're gonna push the tension 'till the last possible moment before they strip."

I loved that they resisted the urge to give us a hopeful "Don't worry, Rex and Ahsoka will be back in Rebels!" ending. No hint that they'll keep up the good fight. They're just totally defeated.
Just this guy, you know?
Well that really was an amazing and the perfect ending THE CLONE WARS I could've asked for.

That final shot.

Originally Posted by ImmortanNick 

Saw Batman v Superman.
Now I know what it's like to see Nickelback in concert.

That's my review.
I haven't watched the entire show but did watch the final episodes at the behest of my daughter. Really dug it. Exciting storytelling with heart and weight.
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Watched the last four episodes of Season Seven. Pretty great stuff. Actually got me interested to read up on Rebels and Clone Wars and watch some of the clips of earlier seasons/shows ... most notably Maul v. Kenobi, Ahsoka v. Vader, Sidious v. Maul, and a few others (though I will say that the animation in Season Seven of Clone Wars is light years better than Rebels or earlier Clone Wars).

It's kind of depressing how casually people OTHER than the fucknuts in charge of the DisneyWars sequel trilogy are able to tell quality Star Wars shows. Actually, it isn't "kind of depressing," it's super fucking depressing.

Thanks to those folks (can't remember who) who encouraged me to watch these episodes. Really enjoyed them.

Kevin Kiner really leaned into a Blade Runner 2049 kind of dealio with his score in order to bring those oppressive impending Order 66 vibes. It didn't sound like Star Wars music, but then Kiner has never been afraid to score The Clone Wars in ways which didn't "feel Star Warsy" when something else was called for.
Just finished my watch of the series. I used a couple of different guides and probably saw 70% of the series. It really felt like a slog until season 3. Then it started to click for me and I really got into it. There were several episodes that were absolutely epic and exceeded the prequels and sequels! I forced myself to watch Clone wars as I enjoyed the Mandolarian and wanted to fill the blanks and next up will be Rebels. This really was a great series and I can’t believe it got me to care about the clones! Highly recommend this!
Some ambitious netizen released a supercut of the Siege of Mandalore, the Revenge of the Sith, and a bit of the Battle of Coruscant from the Tartakovsky Clone Wars--I recommend it if you can track it down. I think there are several competing supercuts like this--this is one that's 4 hours, 19 minutes, and has a new opening crawl that mentions Darth Maul's foray into organized crime.

The last season of Clone Wars was like the three main strains of the whole show in miniature: competent action-adventure (the Bad Batch episodes), a dumb-but-ambitious kids' show (the Martez sisters sidequest), and some of the very best Star Wars stuff ever done (the last four episodes, the Siege of Mandalore, Ahsoka freeing Rex, their fight for survival--just fantastic stuff.) And Bucho is correct above, the very non-Star Warsy ominous synth music was excellent.
That final Vader scene was pretty haunting stuff.
I was thinking a bit about how to advise someone who's on the fence how to get into The Clone Wars after yapping with Schwartz and Arjen on their Frame Work podcast.


I admitted to those lads that I probably wouldn't have done it myself if I didn't have a wingman along for the ride, so if there's someone else you know who already knows the show and who's keen to do another rewatch along with your first go that'd probably help. If you can't find a veteran to do the mission with you, find a fellow rookie.

And if you can't find a wingman, find a podcast to be your wingman. I don't even mean my podcast - the Jaig Eyes and Jedi podcast from my pals Hope and Chris is much better than the very time-crunched podcast project I did. The Geeky Bubble podcast is another splendid show and maybe even better than JEAJ if you have less listening time because GB tended to do their eps on whole arcs (rather than doing 1 podcast per Clone Wars ep).


Arjen specifically mentioned this being something of a hurdle when we yapped about it, and I get it. There's a chronological order that's often recommended but it can make it seem like you have extra homework. I did it in this order on the recommendation of my wingman Robby, but after going through it and looking back I don't think you lose anything too significant if you just watch it in Release Order (i.e., as they appear on Disney+). I think the only two eps that could actually be confusing are:

* 216, which flashes back to before the movie (so you hit it near the end of season 2 maybe going, "Wait ... I thought they already won the Battle of Christophsis!??!")
* 301, which flashes back to the training of Fives and Echo (so you hit it at the start of season 3 maybe going, "Wait ... there are two new troopers being trained who have the exact same nicknames as two other troopers we already know!??!")

And even if you do watch the Release Order and find yourself wondering where/when you're at, it's easy enough to dial up the chronology anyway to help you reorient yourself timeline wise if needed.


I think it was Dent who asked in one of the 1138 Star Wars threads we have around this joint if there was a way to watch maybe 15 eps and get something out of it. I reckon, with The Mandalorian in mind, that if you go with ...

* 212-214 (3 eps of Mandalorian intrigue)
* 514-520 (3 eps of Mandalorian civil war + 4 key eps of Ahsoka's journey, drenched in Hitchcockian paranoia)
* 709-712 (4 eps of Ahsoka and Mandalorian civil war intertwined, leading into the tragedy of Order 66)

... you can get a pretty good feel for some of the key moments in only 14 eps.

And if you feel like you want fewer than 133 but more than 14 eps, then consider adding one/some/all of these other eps
(# of * = level of “importance”)

* 101 Clones are people too (feat Yoda)
*** 105 Clones are people too (intro to two important troopers, Fives and Echo)
** 119 Hard lessons for Ahsoka
* 120 Clones are people too, and also racism/speciesism is bad m'kay (cute/touching episode)
* 201-203 The kids' show gets surprisingly dark with bounty hunter Cad Bane
* 205 Putting the WAR in Clone Wars (part of a fun 5-ep arc (205-209))
** 210 Clones are people too (hint: it's called "The Deserter")
***************************** 212-214
* 218-219 Inessential but fun tribute episodes to Godzilla and King Kong
** 301 Clones are people too (the aforementioned flashback training episode featuring Fives and Echo)
*? 315-317 The Force gets trippy (I didn't enjoy these eps but if you're into high fantasy give them a go)
* 321-322 Children are hunted for sport. Children. Hunted for sport.
*** 407-410 Clones are people too - the legendary "Umbara Arc"
*** 421-422 + 501 Maul is back - links into the essential 514-520 run mentioned above
***************************** 514-520
*** 601-604 Clones are people too – Fives
***************************** 709-712

So that’s another 28 eps, taking the total to 42. Or pick and choose according to how many * it has in front. I don’t know, I’m not the boss of you!
If you're looking to get someone to watch THE CLONE WARS, show them this trailer.


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