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You might be a film nerd if ...
#36've become used to that 'are you sure, sir' look ticket sellers give you when you indicate you want to sit in the middle, three rows from the front. Yes, the front.
There are weapons in my hands, my hands are weapons.
(06-30-2020, 08:27 AM)Curiosity Cosby Wrote: ... you kept thinking of Scarlett Johansson as “the other girl from Eight Legged Freaks” even after she started becoming a star in the early/mid 2000’s.

#38 have sung "teal and orange teal and orange teal and orange" to the tune of Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow" at least once. say you're over caring about the Oscars, but there's still that one snub you can't let go.
home taping is killing music
#39 still find yourself wistfully driving past the site of an old movie complex long since converted into something else. (miss you hoyts 8) fondly recall the days of Michael Biehn not only know who Batman is, but also all the other people who could have been Batman
There are weapons in my hands, my hands are weapons.
...when you knew the moment that Vidmark became Trimark and you could watch those films in limited release.
....when you could fast-forward through the credits of a Full Moon flick and watch Charlie Spradling advertise merch plus get a decent making-of the film you just watched.
...when your video store tried some shady shit, like renting out a screener instead of buying an actual copy.
Giving money to the studio that keeps enabling Adam Sandler is morally equivalent to Satanic kitten rape orgies. - Hypnotoad

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