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Twenty Years of Trouble
I was going to post this whole long thing about this place, but every time I sat down to do so, I couldn't really find the words without it spiraling into bullshit. 

The 14th marked my 20 year anniversary of posting on this site. I've had a lot of ups and downs, and I'm pretty sure I've fought and apologized and made up with every one of you countless times over. 

But you guys are family. And I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world.
home taping is killing music
Happy anniversary Boone! I was a long-time lurker before I actually signed up in 2015, so I've been reading your posts longer than I can remember. It's people like you who make this a special place to visit.
Haven't been around quite that long, but you're always engaging to argue with. Glad to have ya!
I’m with Zabu. Lurked a good five yrs before getting the nerve to post in 2011, I think. One day Boone! One day I’ll get you to one of my Brooklyn backyard BBQs!

Or the Slow Apocalypse will take us all before it happens.
If you're happy, you're not paying attention.

Originally Posted by JacknifeJohnny: 
Glad that you guys worked that out amongst yourselves.

I remember the postings of RathBandu, and the brother episode, however vaguely.  

And I feel the same comfort and nostalgia related to this place, even though I was away for a few years in the middle and never posted that much in the first place.

Thanks for keeping it alive Nick!
Happy CHUD, er, Trouble City anniversary, boone! I'm only six years behind you (though I lurked for a good while before ever registering and posting) and I still often feel like one of the newbies.

Glad you're still around and still sharing your cinematic and cultural thoughts and struggles with us.

Also, Neil: dibs on "The Slow Apocalypse" as the title for a debut novel.
"Nooj's true feelings on any given subject are unknown and unknowable. He is the butterfly flapping its wings in Peking. He is chaos and destruction and you shall never see his true form." - Merriweather

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Happy 20th, Boone. Unfortunately we have to Logan's Run you now. On the upside, Jenny Agutter.
On this, your anniversary, I demand that you change the sentence under your avatar back to 'I have a child.'

And congrats! I've got a ways to go yet for my 20 year pin.
Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you've still here.

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