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I Am Now A Slightly Less Broke Ass Ho
It seems like a line of work that would offer a shit-ton of overtime at Christmas, just when I want it most for my own shopping. And driving on my own and dropping boxes off seems like a fine enough way to keep up social distancing while I earn an income.
I hope you aren't working for a subcontracted company for Amazon.  In 2019 one of their white Enterprise vans hit my car so I try to be extra wary of all those type of vehicles now.  Or any white van really, especially when they're too tall.

They hit me in the rear right wheel area but not that hard.  My car was still drivable but the damage to the body was more expensive to repair than half it's value so I cashed in the insurance check and got a new used car at Carmax.

I assume that the girl driving the van lost her job.  Fortunately there was another driver training her so he was able to deal with the situation.

I got a repair estimate.  The company had an attorney that I spoke to once, then I decided to let my insurance company (USAA!) handle it all.
That's exactly the kind of company this is! LOL

These vans are manageable, but they're about the biggest thing I'd ever want to drive.
LOL indeed, to an extent.  I knew it.

Glad you're employed, and I wish you luck.

I have an uncle that's probably 71 now, and when he and his wife (more or less) retired they moved to Northern Alabama, where one of my other uncles lives.  Anyhow, he's been driving for Fedex since before the quarantine and seems to like it.

In the mid to late 1990's I was living in Manhattan and doing freelance PA work on film productions.  This required me to drive 14' cube trucks in Manhattan for pick ups and returns.  I drove other, larger trucks in those years also.  It was always frightening, but if I had a passenger in the cab I always felt safer because they could double check the rightmost lane.  If not, it was pretty scary.
Yeah, I wouldn't like to parallel park one of those sumbitches.
On any proper NYC production parallel parking wouldn't be necessary, because you would have a parking pass from the mayor's office for film production (or whatever it's called) which was in the same bldg as the CBS Letterman show.
Note that, no matter what instructions you put on your order, Amazon drivers and contractor are not allowed to "just yeet that bad boy over the fence."
COVID-19 precautions are making my job a breeze. I have zero contact with the customers at all; I just drop their dildos off on the front porch and run.

I assume every package is dildos.
9 times outta 10...

a dildo

never YOUR dildo
First paycheck is in the bank!

You did it, y'all. You got me through a storm.
(08-08-2020, 09:43 PM)Reasor Wrote: First paycheck is in the bank!

You did it, y'all. You got me through a storm.

Congrats man! Smile
Congrats Reasor, that's amazing
I might have been born yesterday sir, but I stayed up all night!

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