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TENET - Post Release Thread (All Spoilers here)

[Image: local-media712059160668172575.jpg]
"We're not all masters of our souls, Meacham...I learned that on Earth."
that's actually pretty easy to follow since I can hear all the dialogue!
(04-03-2021, 03:16 PM)bailey Wrote: ... and Debicki was... tall.

Wasn't she!?!!?

As tall as she was, she still couldn't reach the brake pedal while she was trapped in that car.
ugh I would climb up those legs if I could.

tall and short hair? FUUUUUCK.

(03-25-2021, 04:36 PM)hammerhead Wrote: but what happens when they poop

"God moves in mysterious ways," they said. Maybe he is on your side, the way it all worked out. Remembering other Christmases, wishing for something, something important, something special. And this is it, baby boy Frankie Bono. You're alone now. All alone. The scream is dead. There's no pain. You're home again, back in the cold, black silence
Saw this a couple days ago.  Loved it.

Is it too loud?  Definitely.  I had to turn this lower than any movie I have ever watched.  The first gun blast was so jarring, I didn't even try and put it louder after that.

Dialogue hard to hear?  Absolutely.  I was turning on subtitles during every exposition dump before I even checked the volume of the dialogue.  I can't imagine watching this in a theater.  Being able to understand what they were talking about definitely helped me enjoy it more.

This is easily Nolan's best looking film.  It retains the same feel as his other movies, but the cinematography was absolutely a step up and gorgeous to look at.

JDW was fantastic as the lead.  This is probably Nolan's funniest movie as well, and that is largely to due to JDW's charisma and laid back/confident line delivery.  I can't remember laughing much, or at all, during a Nolan movie, and there were several times that I was chuckling.  A lot of that has to do with his chemistry with RP, who was great in this as well.

Does it make sense?  Fuck no.  At least not while you are watching it for the first time, though the subtitles were a big help.  The end was so convoluted that I rewound the briefing scene at least three times and then just rolled with it the rest of the way and still had fun with it.  

I think someone else pointed it out earlier, but the effects in this were incredibly seamless.  There were very few times where something was obviously CG.  I'm sure there was a ton, but this might be one of the first special effects heavy movies I can remember where there were very few moments that stuck out like a sore thumb as being obviously fake.

After JDW and RP part ways at the end, I was pretty sure that ED's son was a young version of Neil, and that it retroactively makes the constant talk about him during the movie more relevant and impactful to the story as a whole, but since he didn't have a matching tassel on his backpack in the final shot, I'm guessing it is more like the top at the end of Inception where it is open for interpretation as to if it is him or not.

Either way, I enjoyed this a lot more than I was expecting.

Lastly, that building exploding/reforming at the end was fucking awesome...
(05-04-2021, 02:41 PM)RCA Wrote: Lastly, that building exploding/reforming at the end was fucking awesome...

Such an incredible moment.
If we can dream it, then we can do it.
TENET debuted on HBO broadcast last Saturday night and I recorded it.  Watched it on the following day.

I fully agree that the sound mix was utter shite.  I turned it up a lot just trying to hear the dialogue and turned on the closed captions early.

At this point, I'm kinda tired of Nolan trying to be gimmicky, but I enjoyed the film anyway.  As others have said, having subtitles on helped a lot.

Performances were pretty solid, but I just wasn't that invested because of the plot fuckery, gimmickry.  It was a neat idea, that could be neatly expressed visually but ultimately kind of flat.
(04-05-2021, 02:43 PM)Overlord Wrote:
(04-03-2021, 03:16 PM)bailey Wrote: ... and Debicki was... tall.

Wasn't she!?!!?

Bucho < Debicki < Freeman
3rd watch through, it’s starting to click a bit better, heck even the ending I kinda shat on started to make sense.

I finally understood the reverse entropy part of the film (moving forward in reverse), and how a temporal pincher works (the side traveling backwards can relay information to the side moving forwards, but the splinter unit in the end only got the info).
A My Blu-Ray Movies | er u tang is?
(05-11-2021, 11:30 PM)SAIRUS Wrote: temporal pincher

When you pinch the nips and the booty at the same time
(05-11-2021, 11:30 PM)SAIRUS Wrote: and how a tempura pincher works 

[Image: Shrimp-Tempura.jpg]

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