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An in-depth look at del Toro's Lovecraft dream project.

I enjoyed this script quite a bit.
Brigadier Cousins on PSN
"These creepy critters are straight out of the book, and it would be easy to imagine del Toro’s take on them."

I have a photo of a maquette of a mutant penguin from GDT's museum exhibit; not sure how to attach it in here.
I would actually very much like to see that. The Inset Image tab above only works for online images, but you can add an attachment below, and that should work. You have to use the New Reply button rather than the Quick Reply box.
Brigadier Cousins on PSN
I loved this script too. I would go so far as to say it's my favorite interpretation of this story, and I would kill to see Cruise in what would basically be The Thing.
Aha, there we go!

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Pretty creepy. I wouldn't want to see that thing alone in the Artic. Although I would kill to see Del Toro's concept art for the creatures themselves. That stuff MUST be out there.
That is an excellent penguin monster. I like the pustules particularly! Thank you.

I'm sure it's all out there somewhere. I couldn't find much with google, possibly because del Toro still hopes to make this (but I'm not holding my breath). But they were quite a ways along, and whenever James Cameron speaks about this movie, the first thing he always brings up is the production designs.
Brigadier Cousins on PSN
I bet they're just stunning, in that grotesque disgusting way. The way the script describes them as being basically The Thing but a cruel taunting mean creature is just awesome. Imagine if The Thing was talking shit and mocking you as it chased you for extra salt in the wound.

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