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LINK: Tough decisions are being made for theaters
Oof. It's really hard to watch an entire industry wither and die like this.
I wonder if one of the studios will bring forward one of their films as a sacrificial lamb to keep the infrastructure working.
I posted a lengthy piece on my FB feed about my time working at a Regal theater in college. It wasn't a happy experience, but I got some mildly amusing stories out of it.
Well its official. Closing from Thursday onwards.
Is this entirely Chris Nolan's fault? No.

Is it partially Chris Nolan's fault? Yes.

(10-04-2020, 06:06 PM)JMurdoch Wrote: Oof. It's really hard to watch an entire industry wither and die like this.

This really does feel like living through the advent of a titanic change in the way movies are experienced, like the emergence of sound or of color.

Between this and the constant lies about Trump's health, this 1920s cosplay sucks.
home taping is killing music
It would lessen the hurt if women started wearing flapper dresses again.
It's a bit heart-breaking. This is certainly the longest I've gone in my teenage-adult life not seeing a film in theaters, and I deeply miss it. We can talk about great TVs and Home Theater systems. I have one, and I cherish it. It's still a pale imitation of a great theater experience. I didn't mind watching Bill and Ted 3 on my That's not how I want to experience James Bond or Nightmare Alley.
I'm not Avery.

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