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LOTR Casting Brackets: Bailey v Richard Dickson

Lord of the Rings (1966)
John Huston as Gandalf
[Image: 9c989afe572c649a6688895364ef0e36.jpg]
Paul Newman as Aragorn
[Image: Hombre-inside.jpg]
John Hurt as Frodo
[Image: a-man-for-all-seasons-john-hurt.png?resize=320%2C240]
also starring:
Denholm Elliott as Sam
[Image: 5244-386.jpg]
Leo McKern as Gimli
[Image: IYTqJEo.png]
Michael York as Legolas
[Image: 6564316133e646ccacf37b24ed6ab919.jpg]
Patrick McGoohan as Boromir
[Image: 5342b0688cdd5c162e57d132cb7903a7.jpg]
Richard Briers as Pippin
[Image: the_good_life_tom.jpg]
Corin Redgrave as Merry
and Frank Gorshin as Gollum
Lauren Bacall as Galadriel
Gregory Peck as Elrond
Richard Chamberlain as Faramir
Charlotte Rampling as Arwen
Basil Rathbone as Saruman

Richard Dickson:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=7551]   


[Image: attachment.php?aid=7552]   


[Image: attachment.php?aid=7565]
I wrestled with this a long time. Dickson's draft, for what he was aiming for was executed flawlessly, but if it's close, I'd prefer a straight adaptation. So, Bailey gets my vote.
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With Dickson's draft it really comes down to who's directing, and Richard Lester is already taken. Who could pull it together?

McKern is the best possible Gimli, but...

I go Dickson.
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Bailey. Maybe I'm just not very imaginative, but I don't think the Python style treatment would work well with the source material, and Bailey just nailed every role.
I can't fault Bailey's cast (I'd been wanting to cast McKern myself, and wish I'd thought of McGoohan), but a cast with Cook, Moore, and all the Pythons, and in such well-chosen roles, has my heart. Point to Richard.
I love the creativity and humor in Richard's picks. Just great...

...but like eviltwin, I want a more "serious" adaptation of the books. So: bailey.
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Both are very strong contenders and it's hard to pick a winner when they are so thematically different. In the end, I'm going with Richard for the simple fact that he not only got pretty much every viable British comedian (he lost Benny Hill) of that era BUT he utilized them beautifully. And dammit, I want to see Cooke and Moore as Legolas and Gimli.

I vote for Richard giving Richard the narrow win!

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