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Corman's Fantastic Four
Have you ever seen a seventies/early eighties made for television movie. They are pretty good right...ahem. If you are fan of Corman you may not enjoy this movie either. Pam Grier was not in it and she did not get naked.
How I came to view this movie is kind of strange. A "friend" of mine saw a copy up for auction on ebay, and after a very sketchy transaction received the copy. I am pretty sure you have to watch it in Malaysia, so that is where my "friend" was when he purchased it and that is where I was when I saw it, NOT in New Hampshire.
If you are a Fantastic Four comic book fan you will be happy to know that they stayed relatively close to the original story line. The bad new about this is that the way it was presented did not play well on screen. The way I think of it is, "What would the X-men have looked like had they worn the comic book version of their uniforms." My answer to that is, "pretty cheesy." It is not just the uniforms that I am talking about here, it is the whole atmosphere of the movie. It felt kind of like you are watching a bazaar Brady Bunch episode: Johnny Bravo vs Sam the Evil Cloaked Butcher. Only There is no Marcia and Jan, and Johnny falls in love with Cindy.
As for the special effects, Well... It was a four million dollar movie (maybe it was two million). I cannot recall who the special effects consultant was, but I am sure it was Ed Wood. The invisible woman thing was pulled off well, but that's easy. I could not help thinking about how I would make the whole plastic man, or The Thing thing work. I definitely would have tried a little harder though.
I am very surprised that this movie was made, and very glad that it is being blocked from video stores (it would have been strait to video). I do not know how Marvel let this happen, or how Corman got the rights. If Corman has done anything in his life it was building a reputation as a cheesy movie maker. There have been worse movies, but even Hell Comes to Frog Town beats this movie Hands down. Mostly Because Roddy Piper rules!
Now bring yourself back to the old Planet of The Apes television series and ask your self, "Was that really necessary?"
Have a Nice Day!

It's a communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids!

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It wasn't a four million dollar movie. It was a 1.4 million dollar movie.

Make-up effects concept and execution were done by the top-notch Optic Nerve, and their Doom is perfect. Thing rocks, as well.

I truly believe that if each of these actors were put into a big-buget version of the same film-they would be fine in their roles.

Especially Rebecca Staab-who is fine in any role.

The sets are bare, and the visual effects are shoddy-but since CG was barely happening back then, the production had to use a lot of expensive techniques when they did anything.

It's not the worst movie ever. It's definitely not the worst MARVEL movie ever (that would be Captain America), and it's even kinda' touching when you delve into the story behind it.

The actors and much of the crew worked for nothing. They asked that their fees be used for the production. They were told by Neue Constantin that it may be used as a television pilot, and that the cast would retain their roles. They were told it would be released to video eventually...

Neue Constantin never intended to release the film. It was put into production on the cheap with Roger Corman because NC structured an option deal with Marvel for four years-with the stipulation that they would retain rights for sequels, re-makes and other projects should they put the film into production.

Their option was about to run out, so they had the film made on the cheap-guaranteeing them the rights to the project for far less money than another option would have cost-$5,000,000.

The film was a labor of love. And from it we learn a lesson.

Don't trust a consortium of German Bankers that think they're a movie studio just 'cause they've got a shitload of money.

Oh, and the score for this movie is fucking awesome.
What ever!

It's a communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids!
You saw the trailer on Carnosaur. More Roger Corman dreck.

Hey Captain Dismissive-how's your copy look? Mine looks like crap, but I'd send Zoderick a copy if he could handle a generationally-challenged boot...

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I do not have a copy, but my friend in Malaysia says his copy looks like crap too.
Who's Captian Dismissive?
You. "What ever."
No shit! Thanks for replying though!

If anyone wants a crappy copy of this movie. My friend in Malaysia may be able to rip one out for you.

Regardless of what I have said about this movie. I think it should be viewed by as many people as possible. If not for any other reason than to say "F-U" to everyone that has tried to block it.

Everyone remember even a turd can be a labor of love from the beginning, but I can also be a little hard on movies sometimes.
Btw, I'm in Malaysia. I've seen nor hide or hair of this anywhere. Do you know where your 'Friend from Malaysia' got it from?

He sounds like a spy.

Ebay! I am pretty sure you can buy it legaly anyware that you can get your hands on it, but if you watch it in the U.S. it is illegal.

It's a communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids!
Anyone know where this movie can be downloaded? Its gotta be out there, I just can't find it.
I wrote a feature on this movie for the first proper issue of Movie Insider. Interviewed the guys who played Reed, Ben and The Thing. Even got Corman to give the official version of what happened. Such a weird, sad little story.

And the movie is vastly over-hated.
While I can't really say the movie is good in any way, it's definitely an interesting piece of the Hollywood puzzle.
I loaned out my copy years ago, only to have it disappear into the Negative Zone.

I fear whenever I see the new FF, soon after I'll be somewhere on the Infomation Super-Flea Market trying to secure another copy of the Corman version.

I've got a feeling that old Joe Culp will have utterly and incomprehensively schooled Julian McMahon. We'll see.

Originally Posted by Dan Whitehead

I wrote a feature on this movie for the first proper issue of Movie Insider. Interviewed the guys who played Reed, Ben and The Thing. Even got Corman to give the official version of what happened. Such a weird, sad little story.

And the movie is vastly over-hated.

Hey Dan do you have a link to that story you wrote?

Man I really would have thought this movie would be over the net since you can't find it anywhere else. But i have check on soulseek, isohunt, and bytenova to no avail.

I don't see why this movie is so hated, its clearly a B-movie meant to be taken lightly just some campy fun. Since I do enjoy bad movies this is a move I want to check out, the reviews I read of the movie just sound too funny. Anyway, if anyone knows where to get it on the net please let me know.
i downloaded it the other day, and had to force myself to watch it all the way through. i dont know whats worse, how gay ben grim (in human form) comes across. how creepy a very young harmoney from buffy/angel, as a young sue storm, is saying how dreamy the (alot) older reed is. or how over the top jonny storm is. and whats with that weird lettle guy, who really dosnt do anything in the movie (except for the one part it seems he was created for) the ben grim suit looks ok untill he talks, and he has a mushroom head. it really has no good points.
ive yet to see captain america...and when i saw the punisher as a kid, i really liked it, maybe i remember it being better then what it was...
and the fantastic four copy i have is of ok quality, and is in roughly 2 200meg files, if anyone is intrested contact me.
totally. i was probably 12 when i saw the punisher, and i remember it was a big deal because it was rater R (which is a usa NC17) i hadnt read the comics as a kid, and also still being a kid, i had no childhood to be raped by a crappy adaption. i hardly even remeber it, except for frank getting the crap kicked out of him by a chick on a turning wheel type platform....????
anyway, the new punisher had room for improvement, but i enjoyed it, alot. but i also enjoyed the directors cut of daredevil (im also not a DD comic reader)
I've got a video copy of the FF movie that I purchased at Dragon*Con about 2-3 years ago. Overall, it's not a hugely bad film. The "hug" that Reed gets from Ben when Doom is put in the hospital is definitely a little too long. And Doom and the Thing's outfits look (to me) better than what is in the new FF movie. The Torch didn't "flame on" until the end of the movie, and then he's (literally) an animated character--and not in a good way.

It's not a terrible movie, but you can definitely see the effort to make it into something mainstream wasn't there.

Originally Posted by Martianman

It's not a terrible movie, but you can definitely see the effort to make it into something mainstream wasn't there.

It was made in less than a month for $1.5million dollars, and was never really intended for public release. Considering its origin, I think it's a fun little curiousity - and the cast are still very fond of it.
That article does sound like an interesting read...

I remember reading about this in Comics Scene around 1994 and thinking, 'hey, that Thing suit doesn't look bad at all'. So, I've been intrigued to see this ever since.

In my junior year of college, I knew a coworker who boasted that he had a VHS tape of this and the shelved JLA pilot. But before I got a chance to see either of them, he quit and I never heard from him again.

I'm supposed to get a copy from a coworker sometime this week. He says that this version and the current version (haven't seen that, either) are about the same, budget excepted. So I'm not sure what to expect...
Well I finally saw it, and it was pretty funny. Not as awful as I hoped, but bad enough to enjoy, oh yesiree. Johnny was the most ridiculous to me, his overacting was hilarious. And the scene where Ben Grimm and little Johnny playing videogames was hilarious, Ben was so gay in it.

And what about the way Victor Von Doom idiotically curls his fingers, especially in the very first scene when he is outdoors with Reed after their university lecture. A lecture in which Reed impresses his professor and proves his genuis by knowing the speed of light in kilometers, clearly knowledge only the most brilliant of men know. Funny stuff.
Wasn't Jay Underwood Johnny Storm? I remember reading about it in Film Threat back in the day, and yes I would love to see it, but haven't secured a copy.
Having seen the unreleased film once before on a bootleg VHS some time ago, I just watched the one-two punch of Roger Corman and Oley Sassone's THE FANTASTIC FOUR (1994, blu-ray) back to back with Marty Langford's documentary DOOMED!: THE UNTOLD STORY OF ROGER CORMAN'S THE FANTASTIC FOUR (2014, two-disc DVD set).  It took me quite a while to get around to watch them, having picked them up direct from the filmmakers online, though I think both are now available for free on YouTube for those interested.

Sassone and his team really got a raw deal on this, having even gone so far as to sink some of their own money into going around the country promoting it because they believed in it so much.  Even though the blu-ray of the actual film still looked like the same multi-generational source quality we've had for a while (due allegedly to all negatives and prints being acquired by Avi Arad under the cover of darkness), I still had a fun time watching the unreleased work.  I especially liked the original film score, which you can tell must have been temp-tracked by STAR WARS and SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE at some point or another.  Yeah, it's clunky and all but considering that they had so little time to create anything at all, it's a minor miracle what resulted was as low-budget pure and enjoyable as it was.  It wouldn't have set the word on fire and probably would've been as lambasted by the general public as MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE is now, but I'm still a b-movie loving fan of that one too, so, yeah, I would love to have a properly telecined and restored version of THE FANTASTIC FOUR to see, even now.

And DOOMED doesn't exactly change any of my distaste and opinions on the machinations and self-interest of corporate cinema when it comes to the artists that actually create the work. The doc is solid and does a fine job of not only helping the viewer appreciate the original film but actually does leave you wanting to petition a release of it as a bonus feature on some sort of future Fox and/or Marvel release, if a true print still exists.  I mean, there has yet to be a FANTASTIC FOUR movie that isn't a big old mess in one way or another and the Corman version doesn't exactly pale by comparison to the two Tim Story films (which I can also mostly enjoy) nor the Josh Trank one (which I can't, really).

Seeing THE FANTASTIC FOUR and DOOMED back to back should be required viewing for anyone interested in comic book movies and what they've become over the years.

I donated to the "Doomed" Kickstarter!

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