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So Blofeld...
Are you a Kappa Sig?
AEKDB, my brother.
I did not want to post the super-secret response to that question when it is posed in the ritual ceremony... But if you want me to prove it, PM me the question...
But you'll have to respond in the proper manner, or else I'll KNOW you're not...
No, no, I'm not. But I almost was. I was blackballed. Canyabelieveit?
Frat boyZZZZ...
Stupid blackballing. In my 4-years in the frat house we only blackballed one guy ... for having punched 2 other brothers in the face (while he was a pledge.) The first time we had a long talk, and the blessings of the "victim" we urged him to get some help with his anger issues. The second time.... He was gone. That, I feel, was a justifiable blackballing.
So this isn't a thread for that incredible question: boxers or briefs?

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