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Take the train
<Disclaimer>Graphic details contained herein. New Year's Day,1995.I noticed two cop cars parked near the stairs to the train platform.They weren't waitin' for me,it's just a buncha cops hangin' out at the train station.I walked up to the platform,waiting to join a friend of mine on our way to NYC to see Heat and 12 Monkeys.I waited barely five minutes before an express train flew past,brakes grinding it to a stop about 100 feet past the platform.As I turned back east(where the train came from),a girl in her 20's walked toward me and said,"Dude, did that lady just jump?" Not waiting for an answer the girl walked past me,zombielike,and walked down the steps.I walked slowly along the tracks until I noticed what looked like a pile of clothes laying on the edge of the rail closest to me.Looking down,I realized the bundle was the lower half of a person's body.Both legs were twisted in opposite directions.The right foot was bare, but the left still wore a blue sneaker.Above the left kneecap,the jeans were pushed up and a sharp white bone poked straight up,the skin hanging loose in many folds like a blanket.The body was severed directly above the belly button,and the spilled contents looked like colored yarn and unreal.10 feet away the top half of the body was laying in a heap,chest down wearing a maroon puffy coat.A moment passed before I realized there was no head.The head lay a few yards from the torso, and the hair completely covered the face.I couldn't tell if it was a man or woman.A voice snapped me out of this awful spectacle."What happened?" came the question from a middle-aged man with a woman and small child walking towards me."Don't come over here!",I shouted.He asked again and I yelled,"There's a body laying on the tracks!"They turned away.By now cops had swarmed the platform.As I gave a statement,a voice called the cop who was talking to me over to him.I followed him down the tracks to where a few cops stood staring down.One looked up at me and said,"Stop!"I said,"When am I gonna see this again?"and he went back to looking at the track.As I got right next to the cops,I saw a human heart laying in some snow in the middle of the track,a blood trail leading towards the body.We all stood silently until the heart contracted very slowly.A collective gasp,then 5 seconds later,it expanded.Variations on Jesus Christ and Holy Shit were heard.I was allowed(!) to stand at the opposite end of the platform after explaining I was waiting for my brother on the local train which was due who knows when.Standing there smoking a cigarette,I was visited by a bum who offered to share his 40 ounce with me and told me it was probably a homeless woman who got depressed around the holidays.Next came a local eccentric known for buying crickets from the local pet store and eating them himself.I had last seen him at least ten years earlier at a local store where he would haunt the Gauntlet video game and give you quarters to keep playing with him.He rambled about gory things his Navy Seal uncle had seen.Not listening,I thought about the person whose body lay shredded on the track and how whatever was loved about them was no longer there.The shell remained,broken and torn.All day I waited for the events to really hit me or throw up or something.It never happened.Later I found out it was a homeless woman who laid on the tracks and sat up as the train came in.I wondered how awful life could get to drive someone to that.When I told my father the next day,he said it was too bad I didn't have my camera with me.And people call me weird.The daylight bank robbery in Heat sounded like Vietnam in the Sony theater later that January first,and I was able to put the terrible scene out of my mind and enjoy it,but the memory still lingers.-Jake,New York

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