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Lock up your Thunderdomes! Knowby's back...
Check out this new <a href=";u=00003471" target="_blank">member</a> , last seen calling Spider-Man "a CARTOON" in the main sewer. Familiar, no?
He would've gotten away with it, if it weren't for you meddlin kids.
And the fact that there couldn't possibly be two insane Mad Max fans living in Naples. Could there?
Don't worry, all is well. I wrote Nick an e-mail letting him know what was up.

Thank you. Goodnight.
Maybe all this time, Knowby's brother was posting as him...

Fett of the Uruk-hai:
Maybe all this time, Knowby's brother was posting as him...

Welcome back, Knowby. If you start following the rules and learned a lesson. I've already had to move one of your threads from the main sewer, however...
He's sprouting all over the board like a fucking fungus. I think there may be a shitstorm headed this way...
So, how exactly did he get booted the first time? Was it just his incoherent posts and the inability to place threads in their proper forum? Or did he poop in someone's ham sammich?

Now his Colossus thread pollutes the purity and good intent of mine! Damn him to Hell!
I was banned because I posted a thread on KURT RUSSELL in the general forum, in the right place, where it would fit better: "KURT RUSSELL: UNDERRATED?"

Nick booted me becuase he doesn't like me.
You were banned because you did not learn. You are now once again gone. Email me privately if you want to work things out, otherwise go to another site fuckchef.
Fuckchef! That one's a keeper.
Ah, I love it when Nick gets angry...

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