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Proposed CHUD ELITE mission...
Find the 'Simple Plan' message boards and fucking BOMBARD them with links to some other shitty band's website. We should take a vote and agree on who. Seriously, this shilling shit is getting as old as Abe Vigoda's balls.
I'm all for this. Those bastards are all over CHUD. I'm also all for finding this band and killing them with shards of broken glass and rusty nails.
Okay, I bravely swam through the evil Simple Plan website to come up with some shit to start. Well, no official message board... but I got e-mails.

The Band

The "Web Guy"

An "unofficial" message board

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Create mayhem and have fun.
Did I miss something while I was upgrading?
<a href=";f=28;t=000492" target="_blank">;f=28;t=000492</a>

<a href=";f=28;t=000493" target="_blank">;f=28;t=000493</a>

<a href=";f=14;t=001508" target="_blank">;f=14;t=001508</a>

There's about a dozen more, but I could never find them all.

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