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Taffey_Lewis = Fraud
It's comforting to know that you can hide behind cliched logic, isn't it?

It's always good to know when things get down and you FUCKING LOSE an argument, you can start calling people young. To justify that, of course, you are wiser than them.

Know what? You're a hack. I have doubts that you ever set foot on a movie set, let alone dreamt of being there. If you were who you say you were, you'd be backing your claims up instead of pussyfooting around the accusations of them being falsehoods.

Here it is, fool. Your last chance under the sun to prove to me that you actually know for a FACT that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck DID NOT write GWH. If you can't tell me how then YES, your word is far from good enough. Your word is shit to me until you prove something.

Let's back up here one sec, though, as i'm going to recount the events in one paragraph.

You state that Ben Affleck is a hack and that him and Matt Damon claimed the screenplay of GWH to be their own when in fact someone else wrote it. You say this because a SOURCE in Toronto told you. When asked to get specific and back up the claim, you say drop it. People proceed to call you a fraud, you get upset and sure, you could save face by presenting us with something we could speculate on as being real but NO, you don't.

Here we are. You're still coming off as someone who had nothing better to do.
I wrote it.
Where is the WGA complaint by the real screenwriter(s)?
That "how do ya like them apples" bit was great, you're a good writer.
Especially after they won the Oscar.

Where is the WGA complaint by the real screenwriter(s)?

I can't believe no one had brought that up.

That's why his theory doesn't check out, you see....
Actually, I know someone who was living in Toronto at the time, and cleaning toilets at the Marriott nearby where they shot Good Will Hunting ... I can assure you that the part of Matt Damon was played by Winona Ryder.
They're just about the same build, so yeah I guess that was her, then...
In all seriousness,

I can't think of any instance in which someone would write such an obviously heartfelt screenplay and then not step forward in that instance when someone else was getting credit.

Of course, there are bribes and other such cohersions but I can't think that any writer would accept one.

Besides, you write a script like that, you must KNOW it's gonna be something special. You'd let a studio buy it but not let someone else take credit for your labor of love for christ's sake.
She got away with it because she had stolen his I.D.
Taffy_Lewis is a fraud. He is in fact caramel_melts.

I always believed that Matt & Ben wrote GWH, but then I stumbled across a little book called "Which Lie Did I Tell? More Adventures in the Screen Trade" by one William Goldman.

In the latter section of the book, Goldman says that he wrote GWH. Not doctored it, but did a complete page one re-write. The plan was to front Matt & Ben for a while, then come out with the truth. However, when the movie became a success, King Harvey paid Goldman a sum of money to keep quiet.

Which is why Goldman tells this story from the bank of the Rivera.

Now, I like Goldman. I think he's a brillant, salty old bastard. I think he expects this little tale to be taken with a grain of salt. However, three things spring to mind.

First: When Goldman writes about this in WLDIT, I get a real sense of the anger, even rage, he feels at this whole situation. He thinks it's funny, but I also think he thinks it's another example of Hollywood screwing him.

Second: After reading this story, I went back and watched GWH. To me, Will and Chuckie sound an awful lot like Butch and Sundance.

Third: Goldman says that IMDB had him credited as script doctor at the time of the writing. As of this morning, the only mention of Goldman and GWH is thanks given at the end of the credits.

I like Matt Damon. He has a lot of promise. Ben Affleck can be a real nice action hero.

Take this story for what you will.

Peace, yo.

You're gonna tell me that a 65 or 66 year old man (at the time) wrote that?


And it couldn't have been that drastic a re-write for him to want full credit for it. Even then it was still MD and BA's script.

Rath - I have been racking what brains I have trying to recall what I read about Affleck/Damon and Goldman, and you reminded me.

If memory serves, Goldman makes it perfectly clear later that he is kidding. And anyhoo, surely he'd be keener to have the kudos as a working professional - he's gone through long periods of not getting stuff filmed, and you are only as good as your last picture.

I'm pretty sure Goldman goes on to say something about Affleck and Damon's work and being impressed by it. But I've not got the book with me.

The other thing is, after reading both of Goldman's books, if there was some kind of bullshit element, or his nose was being put out of joint in some fashion, Goldman wouldn't hesitate to say so.

And on a segue - is this guy related to Akiva Goldman?
Akiva Goldman I don't think is related to him.

I've also been trying to figure out whether the Goldman story was bullshit or not, but I've read the book twice and am still confused.

Verbs, don't jump down my ass, I was just relating what I heard about the whole situation.
It's Akiva Goldsman, not Goldman. There's an "s". For "shit". wink
Goldman was kidding. But Verbal, I don't know why since he's in his 60s he couldn't have written it. He can still write.

He says that all he did was meet with them one time, and at that time the script had the government tryiing to capture Matt Damon for some reason, and had some chase scenes, in trying to make it more commercial. Goldman told them to drop that and make it real.

He still knows his stuff.
I don't know, I just thought it all had a very "young" tone to it. Not something he would write, but I could be wrong.

Rath, if I jumped down your ass you'd know it.
Those guys are entirely smart and perceptive enough to pull that script off. And it's not like it's the greatest thing ever written; last I checked, the ending was bullshit ("it's not your fault" was a running gag with my friends for a good year) and, worse, protracted.

As stated, Goldman's pretty clear that he was joking, and since he was the "smoking gun" of the naysayers, I think the controversy has been dead and buried for some time.
No, you see, if you're over 28 you can't possibly write in a young voice or have anything relevant to say anymore, can you?

<sigh> These kids today...

That's not really what I meant, it's just that the script felt so personal that it didn't seem like it could come from him.

Don't make it such a big deal.
I think people are confused because the original draft was so different from what we saw - the original leaned heavily on the whole NSA thing, and was more thrillerish. Affleck and Damon thought they needed more of that to sell the script. Rob Reiner convinced them to change that, and Goldman helped polish the script.

Dan Whitehead vs Candid Gamera:
It's Akiva Goldsman, not Goldman. There's an "s". For "shit". wink

And just think, they've both got Oscars.

It's a mad world, my masters...
You know who I heard doesn't write their own stuff? Film composers. I met a few guys at Sundance in separate occasions who said their job was scoring films under Danny Elfman, John Williams, etc. They said the head composers write the main themes, but they usually have about 4-5 guys under them who write a lot of the rest. Anyone else ever heard this? Sounded weird to me, but when you think about how some of the main composers have scored three or four films in a year, you wonder.
I HAVE to believe that John Williams does all his own writing.

If not, I have been living a lie.

Verbal Runs:
I HAVE to believe that John Williams does all his own writing.

If not, I have been living a lie.

No, he just recycles.

To wit:

Harry Potter theme-Witches of Eastwick undertones

AOTC Love Theme-Hook Love Theme. Direct corallation.

The Patriot-Born on The Fourth of July with Added Violins

But I love him still.

Also, James Horner is another big recycling guy. His Beautiful Mind score sounds a lot like his Searching for Bobby Fisher score. Which sort of makes sense, as one is about a math genius and the other is about a chess genius. And it's said that children with genius abilities reveal themselves in three areas: chess, math, and music. So the three are interconnected, and the man knows what he's doing.
Yeah, a lot of their scores do sound similar, but I don't mind that.

As long as it's original..
Verbal, for proof that an old guy can write gritty stuff, go read:

"Famous All Over Town"

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