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CHAT Last Night
How's it hangin', Timmy?

What's on the menu for CHUDWest '02
DENNIS! Where the fuck have you been man? This is exactly the type of person CHUD needs right now: kind and level-headed. So you all be nice to the Mayor.
Having a 56 k modem sucks ass when trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. As you may or may not have noticed, I didn't make it to chat. I don't really care one way or another for Devin or Will, since I know none of them very well but HAM I knew(perhaps will be meeting up with again if he comes back out this way) and even though he crossed the line this time, I hope he'll be back. I take no one's side since I have no clue as to what started the smack talk between parties. I've never known HAM to ever be that pissed though.....

The real danger here, to me and all of us, is the hacker on the boards.

Sean Winton Django
[- Nick shut down CHUD.
- Nick reopened CHUD after cleaning up HAM's shit.
- Nick banned Will, HAM, and Devin.
- The little people of Stonehendge danced.

Look for shills of all parties involved to continue the fight.

Man, for guys who supposedly "love" CHUD, they sure fuck everything up right good on a regular basis.

All over some mean man on a message board callin' someone names. Grow the fuck up.

I always feel like we should ALL apologize to Nick after this - "Sorry that you have to continually clean up shitstorms caused by people with zero perspective."

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