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How I started on CHUD and where I am now.
After the first couple of days or so of posting here on the mighty CHUD, I posted a thread exclaiming how much I loved it here, how nice everyone was being to me, and how different the tone here was from another film websites talkbacks.
All was going well until I ventured down into the Culture and Free Form forum. Most of you know that all political discussion was formerly housed there. There was a thread all about the idiocy of G.W. Bush or some such thing. Now, being really new here and not realizing how things worked, of course I jumped in with both feet and just let the insults fly. I thought the only way to get yourself noticed here was to become a total ass. It worked. I was a jerk. I didn't go by the live and let live policy that should be in place when dealing with those that you disagree with.

I was a dick. Others were equally mean and stupid. It was vicious circle. And for a while I really enjoyed it. Fighting for the sake of fighting. It was horribly stupid, but it got me noticed. For all the wrong reasons.

As I continued to post I eventually tired of the crap that I brought to the boards. I started feeling like I was contributing absolutley nothing. I was being a pain in the ass of many people here. And whether they deserved it in my mind is not the point. I should have known better.

I'm trying to be a better Chewer now. I'm trying to avoid the conflict and hatred that springs up around here from time to time. I really am just trying to be friends with the people here. It's much easier on the psyche and makes coming here even more exciting and fun.

I'm not really sure what the point of this post is, but i just felt like I should tell my story. Maybe the newer folks here can take something away from my experiences.

More fly's with sugar than with vinegar...that sort of thing.

Anyway, thanks for bothering to read my post. Have a nice day.
I think the problem I had at first was taking criticisms personally. There are a few people here who jump into the discussion and fight a valid point with a personal attack, but those people are few and far between, and usually newbies (sorry, but it's true).

Anyways, good story, Call! Anyone else?
Let it be said that while I disagree with Call on just about every subject politically (well, more or less), I have had ZERO problem with his expression of his views. His arguments are generally well-constructed and he backs them up. (Take notes, please)

I generally just putter along on my oblivious way, contributing (I hope) where it's needed and I"m able; I've been flamed a few times, and at first it got irked me, but to add a counterpoint to Call's "don't be an asshole" advice, here's how to deal with an asshole (or how it works for me):

- a reply stating that a personal attack is hardly a way to sway opinion or get much respect from people here - and usually I'll further explain the point I was trying to make if the person took it wrong

- if the attacks keep coming, don't rise to it; after all, how much does "the bad man on the Internet board calling you names" REALLY affect your life? (Note: if it has large effect on your life, get out more)

- Ignore and proceed on your merry way.

And let me add I find the VAAAAAAAAAAAST majority of CHUDdites to be as cool as the other side of the pillow - sure, there are some heated discussions/debates, but that's one of the things I live for, and I predict with the absence of the 3 main pot-stirrers, the Political board will be more fun to be in.
I was speaking with another Chwer on the phone recently and was commenting on this particular dynamic that is so unique to internet messageboards. It's interesting, when you're reading a post -the text of which may be particularly inflammatory or contrary to your belief systems- it happens to surround your life. You're caught up in the images or text on this little screen in front of you.

Then when you take your son or daughter out to kick the soccer ball or ride your mountain bike until your lungs collapse things seem to come back into perspective. The "Real World" is that which matters most. If this messageboard -not the meat of CHUD which is the main news page- is what matters most to you, and you're not being paid for it to matter most to you, you're in drastic need of a good walk through the park or a ride on your mountain bike -if you don't have one I suggest getting one- because your life is slightly out of balance.

I love posting here. Several times in a day I have the priviledged opportunity to post here. I even get into my office early just to check the boards early -also I don't like traffic, so I get out way early.

I am publicizing a gathering we've dubbed CHUDWEST because I prefer meeting people face-to-face. This is happening regardless of what happens here...did you know that?

But the moment I start dwelling on the hurtful things said to me I need to unplug this computer and never post again.

And the hurtful things have been said by people who do dwell on this place.

This place -and the people who occupy it- cannot hurt me. And yet I've been helped more often than not here.

You benefit from the positive things and not the negative.
Well, I started out here on the wrong foot. I came and immediately started arguments.

If you go and look at the old threads I bumped up in Culture/Free Form, you will see how amazingly stupid I acted. Some of you believe I still am stupid and childish, but that's OK.

It's just that.....I get sort of antagonistic sometimes. I'm just argumentative by nature. To me it's fun sometimes.

If you want to believe i'm a loser and that I live to troll and can believe that. But i'd like to think I don't troll as much as I used to, or don't troll at all anymore.

I do, however, love discussing film on here and want to reduce my level of conflict in the future for the sake of the boards. I don't want to go the way of HAM/Will/Devin.

I will, however, argue and if it gets personal i'll constantly try to keep it in PMs.
Yes, kudos to you Verbs on taking it to PMs, that's wicked cool of you.
Here's the way it should be...

Chewer then:
<img src="" alt="" />

Chewer now:
<img src="" alt="" />
Kronos, did you see that Discovery Channel special where they built that bike (and a super-huge bike for Shaq)? It was awesome.

And to keep this bastard on track, I think I've remained relatively the same. Mostly keeping in the background. And I don't have hate for anyone here, really. Except Verbal, I'd like to curb that fucker American History X-style.

Just kidding, of course. I see everyone else taking jabs at the guy and don't want to feel left out. I like reading what Verbal has to say. always entertaining and interesting, which is more than I can say for myself.
Billie, I've been a big fan of Jesse James' work for a few years now. One of my goals is to have enough disposable income to have an El Diablo built. About $60k.
I started an asshole and I'm currently an asshole. The only difference is along the way I changed names and became an asskicker of the people as opposed to just plain ass.

But I'm really beginning to regret ever registering...
Shouldn't you be writing?
I know what you guys mean. In the old days sometimes I'd find myself still simmering about some stupid thread a good hour or more after the fact. Usually it's because I'm not really very good at articulating my thoughts at the keyboard, and I'd always remember some point I had wanted to make but forgot, slapping my forehead and yelling D'OH!
Finally I realized I was just an idiot, and decided to grin and bear my idiocy as best I could, and not let the one or two chewers who were always able to get under my skin disrupt my (usually) good mood.
There are some amazing folks around here, and a few tools as well, but the good far outweigh the bad.
As my post total indicates, I've been around here a while, but don't post nearly as often as a lot of others. That's probably a good thing.
I allowed 500 posts before I started being an asshole.
At which point, I changed my name.

I changed my anonym to my actual name(the login name for this account is different), since I felt uncormfatable arguing under a moniker.
I came in regarding a Star Wars item on the main page, stuck around for the movie draft and, well, it's pretty much been all downhill since then....

Honestly, I don't think I'm really all that different than I was in the beginning. Except maybe a little more willing to smack the newbies around. wink
I started sweet, loving, and Innocent and have stayed that way.

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