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Happy Birthday to the Girlcreeture's huge, hairy balls!!
Girlcreeture! Sort of CHUD's Sylma Heyek. (sp)
So, GC, what size Tshirt do you wear?
<img src="" alt="" />
Happy birthday, creetchpants!

Put on some gloves in case your palm starts blinking red.
Creetch! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And I hope you have the spookiest summer and a great year!
Hey all! Thanks again everyone for the happies!

T'was a good year, aside from my new doll, me Mum bought me a kick ass kimono with an obi, and adorable zori sandals with lucky kitties on them (though they're small and I will prolly have to sell them ).

I also bought myself a bad ass new sewing machine (I'ts Hello Kitty pink! Rawk!) and I got lotsa free dinner and more this weekend, life is good

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