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Am I the only one who thinks...
...that thread titles that don't say what the thread is about are annoying?
No. I've long been temped to create a new thread of "What," followed by the message "really irks me is thread titles that don't tell me what the thread is about." My curiosity will only go so far. And I'd lump movie threads with titles that consist of an obscure quote from the movie in the same category.
I've clicked on this fucking thread twice thinking it was something else.
Damn you and your clicking spasms, Brian!

Seriously, people, use the subject line to give some idea what the thread is about. People might actually read it that way.
I mind sometimes, but it is also fun to click on really weird ones to see what the subject is.

However, I really hate it when the title of a thread discussing a movie is just an obscure quote from that movie. If I'm searching for it and I don't recognize the quote, I can totally miss long threads discussing stuff I'm interested in.
I feel the same way about article titles on the main page, actually. I enjoy wordplay, but sometimes the references are too obscure for my feeble trivia knowledge to pick up on and I'll skip over a story I otherwise would have enjoyed.

These days I just click on all of 'em, even if I'm SURE I know the subject matter doesn't interest me. That's right, I overcompensate for my own ignorance.
Vague thread titles are really really annoying for sure. You should be able to know what the discussion is about by the title of the thread. Yeeah, like that'll ever happen.

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