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Being 18 wasn't really much at all...
To start things off, I completely forgot that today was my 18th birthday...

I didn't remember until I got to school and checked my mail on the computer, there was a auto-send email msg saying "Happy Birthday"

I was like, "oh ok..."

I then truck myself over to the DPS at about 1 o' clock to get my license crap worked out. I have to come back tomorrow morning to take the driving test...but that's not the point

My observation was that when I signed up for the license and all, the notary asked me if I had signed up for selective service yet. I answered no, and she said that she could do it right there. I, of course, thought that was a good plan. I say yes and she just types something and that's all I hear about it.

The selective service act...isn't that supposed to be a big deal? I it's about drafting...why wouldn't there be something for me to fill out...or a physical or something...aren't I supposed to sign somewhere???

(the sig has no relevance...I want $10)

+~~Do I smell like fish?~~+

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