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No mentor for me…
Right now, I am in my Junior Year of High School and starting this year, juniors have to pick a mentor for Senior Project next year. My True mentor is my Freshman English Teacher. Since freshman year I wanted him to be my Mentor for my Senior Project. I was going to ask during my sophomore year because he is a very popular teacher but people kept telling me to wait until the spring of Junior Year. A couple of days ago I decided to ask a bit early and it turns out I was too late. 6 Kids had already asked him and he could only pick two. God dammit! I really had my heart set on him! I should have asked earlier. It pisses me off. My mentor just had to be so damn popular! Damn him and his popularness!

Well, anyways I must dry my tears (I do have true feelings for the guy so it pretty much broke my heart) and look for another mentor. Which is hard. Because he is the only one who interests me…

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